Has Shea McGee Used Ozempic For Weight Loss? Chipped Her Teeth In Accident.


Shea McGee is an expert interior designer who shot to fame after appearing in the reality series called “Dream Home Makeover” which airs on Netflix. This reality web series chronicles how Shea and her husband Syd McGee help real families attain their dream home renovations in their unique style and touch.

Shea McGee, along with her husband Syd McGee are the joint owners of their bespoke interior design firm named Studio McGee. She has captivated the audience with stunning interior design solutions for her clients, right from the very first episode of season 1 of Netflix’s “Dream Home Makeover” – currently, this series is running its fourth season. It will come to many of her fans as a surprise, but Shea McGee who is based out of Salt Lake City, did not study interior design for her college degree. She studied to earn her undergraduate degree in public relations, and later on attended interior designing classes at the community college in her hometown. She picked and chose from among those programs that would help build her understanding of the detailed technical aspects of this field of work, and also enabled her to gain confidence.

And taking confidence from her studies and combining hard work, experience, and passion, Shea charted out a successful career in interior designing and launched Studio McGee in Salt Lake City, with her college sweetheart and husband, Syd. She began by remodeling their first home together, and showcased it on Instagram; that is how she started building her portfolio and taking on more client projects. Today, Studio McGee has garnered more than 3.6 million followers on Instagram, an exclusive lineup at Target, and their own hugely popular YouTube channel. 

How Shea McGee Lost Weight?

Along with Shea McGee’s sheer brilliance in artistry and creativity, social media has been abuzz with her fans talking about her weight loss transformation. Her fans and followers, who have been watching her since the very first episode of “Dream Home Makeover”, have been shocked by the drastic weight loss she has undergone. As a matter of fact, they are not wrong at all, for Shea has reportedly shed more than a whopping 20 pounds!

The interior designer powerhouse has been pretty much candid when she was asked about her weight loss journey. She said that she gives full credit to her new exercise and diet routine, for helping her shed all those unwanted body weight. She juggles her roles as a creative director and dedicated worker in her firm, which means Shea’s workday schedule is almost always very hectic and packed with activities. So she makes sure to adopt a holistic approach to her wellbeing and health that aligns well with her professional commitments and dynamic lifestyle.

Though she openly claims that she is an absolute foodie, Shea also makes sure to balance her eat-outs by regularly hitting the gym and sweating it out during her daily workout sessions. Her mornings begin by drinking a plain and ordinary protein shake and running around after her kids, offering her some additional dose of workout too. She sticks to home gymming and swears by Courtney Fisher’s dynamic exercise regime and the Ladder app to maintain her fitness. As part of her daily workout, she makes sure to include strength training, Pilates, and cardio for holistic fitness and has also started playing tennis recently.

Shea McGee has also talked about her dietary choices that complement her exercise regimen – she strictly adheres to a diet plan that contains plenty of protein. Surprisingly, she has also credited Diet Coke for helping her in her weight loss journey, along with her well-balanced diet and exercise routine.

Has She Used Ozempic?

Shocked by her massive weight loss, fans and followers of Shea McGee have not gone without voicing their thoughts and suspicions about her major physical transformation. Though she has talked openly about her weight loss journey in interviews, sharing her diet and exercise details, the public does not seem to be fully convinced.

Given the fact that Shea McGee has lost more than 20 pounds, which is certainly not a mean feat, the rumor mills have started rolling, talking about the secret Ozempic factor. They have flooded social media platforms with their comments on her pictures, suspecting her of taking weight loss drugs to aid her in this journey.

However, as of now, there are no verifiable news or statements available that indicate, even remotely, the possibility of McGee resorting to weight loss drugs like Ozempic to achieve her weight goals. So we can neither deny nor confirm the comments that people have been bombarding her ever since they found out that she has lost weight significantly.

Her Teeth

Apart from speculations about Shea McGee’s weight loss and people alleging her use of Ozempic, there has also been a lot of buzz surrounding her teeth. Actually, the audience has been swooning over not only her ethereal interior design projects but also Shea’s perfect sparkling teeth. And it has got them talking and wondering about whether she has ever had some dental enhancements to get such a perfect set of pearly whites.

The reality is that Shea McGee had chipped her teeth in an accident when she was a high school student, so she later on got veneers to fix them. She says that it took her quite long to decide on getting veneers, but she is happy that she finally got them. She even tried braces to straighten her teeth but ended up chipping another tooth. The dentist had to file her teeth to fix them, and as such they kept getting shorter, which made her so self-conscious that she could not smile with confidence. 

But when she came across the veneers, she instantly realized, that that would be the perfect solution to all her teeth problems and she went ahead. And she has never been happier, now that she can flash her bright white smile with confidence, and her fans cannot seem to get enough of her beautiful pearly whites.

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