Kirsten Storms Weight Gain. Is Maxie On General Hospital Pregnant In 2023?


The character Maxie Jones on General Hospital is loved by everyone. But people have noticed a slight change in the actor’s appearance. Lately, people have been talking a lot about Kirsten Storms weight gain. She bulked up in recent years due to her brain surgery.

Kirsten Storms is an American actor who garnered major recognition and popularity after playing the character of Zenon Kar in the trilogy of “Zenon”. Her roles as Emily in “Johnny Tsunami”, Isabella Black in the NBC drama “Days Of Our Lives”, and Bonnie Rockwaller in “Kim Possible” also brought her extensive fame along with a huge base of fans and followers. Many people will also recognize her from “General Hospital” and “General Hospital: Night Shift”, the ABC soap operas where she played the role of Maxie Jones.

Kirsten has been interested in soap operas ever since her childhood and knew that she wanted to become a soap opera actor from the very beginning of her career. She started her acting career by playing roles in commercials but later switched to TV soap operas to become a household name quickly. 

Kirsten Storms Weight Gain. How She Bulked Up And What About Pregnancy Rumors?

Kirsten was quite lean when she first appeared in “General Hospital“, back in 2005, but recently, she has been a target of intense speculation by the public after people realized that she had put on some extra pounds. When she appeared at the season 59 premiere of “General Hospital“, her fans and followers noticed that she had gained weight and the rumor mills started rolling immediately. 

People started wondering if Kristen Storms’ weight gain was due to pregnancy or not – there was another time back in the year 2021 when there were similar rumors after her character Maxie was pregnant on the show. There was no evidence to suggest that Kirsten Storms was pregnant in real life, too, but the audience continued to speculate despite that. And now that she has gained weight, people cannot stop thinking if she is expecting a child this time. Kirsten Storms already has a beautiful daughter named Harper Rose Barash with her former husband Brandon Barash.

The actor responded to comments on her weight gain, saying that it is disheartening to see people focused on her body weight. It is shameful that whether it is losing or gaining weight, people are always judgmental – the fact is she feels good and healthy is what matters to her the most.

Details About Her Brain Surgery

Many people have attributed her changes in body weight to her surgery – Kirsten had to undergo brain surgery in 2011, for which she had to take leave from the sets of “General Hospital“, temporarily. Later on, she declared in a public statement that she was suffering from endometriosis, and due to some complications owing to this painful condition, she was advised to undergo brain surgery to remove a cyst

It was during an MRI session that she was prescribed for investigating severe neck pain, that her doctor discovered a sizeable cyst formed in the lower part of her brain. She clarified at the very onset that the cyst was not cancerous so that Netizens would not fall apart with crazy rumors about her health. 

Kirsten’s operation went through successfully, and though the situation was extremely severe, the cyst turned out to be benign, thankfully. While she healed and recovered from her operation, she kept sharing updates about her health with her fans and followers on social media. She kept thanking her family, friends, and “work family”, for their unwavering support as she underwent rehabilitation after her brain surgery.

Her Health Update

Kirsten Storms has been pretty candid about her struggles with her health challenges – she talked about struggling with endometriosis and then shared news about her brain surgery.

After her surgery, as she recuperated, Storms kept posting updates about her progress with her fans and followers on social media. She said that she was sensing a “noticeable difference” in terms of her health, and could feel her symptoms improving after getting operated on. Today, she is perfectly healthy and feels the same way too, which she says is the most important thing to her.

Her Role As Maxie In “General Hospital”

Maxie Jones is a highly multi-dimensional and multifaceted character, played by Kirsten Storms in the iconic soap opera, “General Hospital”, for which she received various accolades and major recognition. 

Maxie is characterized by her feisty persona; she is the daughter of power couple Felicia and Frisco Jones. This character had been portrayed by at least five other actors before, but finally, Kirsten Storms was the best fit. Since 2005, she has been playing the role of Maxie, much to the satisfaction of the audience and her fans. When Storms took a break owing to her brain surgery, she was temporarily replaced by Jen Lilley.


The way Kirsten Storms has handled comments about her weight gain shows that she is not just a powerful actor, but also a strong and confident woman. She can truly be an inspiration to all of us.

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