Jorja Smith Weight Gain 2023. Pregnancy Rumors And Her Before After Pictures.

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As the singer’s album Falling or Flying is set to release in September this year, people are asking more questions about Jorja Smith weight gain than her upcoming album.

Should the netizens cross the line and pass judgmental comments if the American Singer gains weight? The picture the singer posted on Instagram only 4 weeks ago. That no wonder attracted a lot of judgmental netizens.

There was clearly a difference noted as the American singer and songwriter flaunted her beauty on the stage. She held her hand over her tummy which made her fans more suspicious. Should that by any chance confirm pregnancy? What’s just happening? Let’s dive deep in.

Jorja Smith Weight Gain. How Did She Gain?

What is really not known to the public is if the award-winning Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter turned pregnant. She is always known for her healing and soothing voice and powerful vocals but looks like of late the entire conversation around her seems to be only and only of her weight gain.

While it is unsure what the reason for her weight gain is, it should be understood that it’s her life’s choice in the end. Though there are speculations that the 26-year-old singer could have been diabetic too, it is advised that we simply live and let live. Jorja Smith however did not make any official statements about her weight gain or pregnancy rumors so far.

Jorja Smith Before After Transformation

Shouldn’t We Let The Singer Live In Peace?

Jorja Smith responded to the comments which were flooding her Instagrams. The American singer who has around 3.6 million followers on her Instagram was taken aback when her fans poured out their doubts in the comments. Looks like this pattern disturbed Smith and hit her really hard.

Although her fans assumed that she would never read the comments, Jorja proved them wrong. She went the extra mile and responded to the rolling stream of comments and stood her ground. Users were commenting on various things in her pictures and some of these comments are very harsh and only targeted the singer’s weight gain.

 One user wrote, “[Wait] a minute is my girl Jorja expecting???...” 
 Another user responded, “No, she’s just eating too much!”.

No, the negative trolls did not just end there. Body shaming came into the limelight too. Following this string of comments, there was a slew of comments like: “Nah she’s just fat!” These also continued on TikTok and Twitter.

Nonetheless, the truth that must be considered is that these hurtful comments and assumptions by her fans would have definitely hurt the singer. These are derogatory and must not be promoted on social media.

What Did Jorja Smith Reply About Her Weight Gain?

Though Jorja really tried to keep her calm initially and not be carried away by these rumors, the truth had to set everyone free! The “Be Honest” singer during an interview in the Elle Magazine in 2019 admitted that she would read every comment that her followers post. She said,

“People think that, because I have loads of followers, I don’t see things online”

She also addressed the followers’ concerns by cutting her way through. And the singer further added,

“One thing that used to happen was, because my tummy isn't flat if I wear tight things, it sticks out a bit” 

The Singer Is Currently Humming…

Jorja Smith became popular with “Lost and Found”, which was released in 2018. Her latest musical album  “Falling or Flying” is going to be released on September 29th, 2023. The long due wait would finally be over.

When asked about her thoughts on the album, the singer said,

“I don’t slow down enough, this album is like my brain. There’s always so much going on but each song is definitely a standstill moment.”


Confidence is something every woman should wear with pride. At times, body shaming and victimizing can go out of our hands. Some words might leave permanent scars. Only people who accept themselves the way they are turning their scars into beautiful stars.

Jorja Smith struggled since her schooling with her weight issues and now she must have finally accepted to be comfortable in her own skin. How much can those extra inches of tummy fat weigh before the confident and dazzling smile that this American songwriter has?

Recalling an incident from her schooling with pride, Jorja Smith shares her experiences in the BBC 1XTRA interview. She said,

“In school, all my friends were white. All my friends were skinny. I wanted to be skinny. I ran so hard and didn’t eat that much because I wanted to fit in. But now I’ve finally realized that you are you for a reason. You look like you, cuz you do, you can’t look like anyone else.” 

True that, just a little bit of self-love can help us go a long way! So choose to love yourself too!

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