Why Sudden Rumors About Kali Uchis Weight Gain? Rumors About Pregnancy And Plastic Surgery Decoded.

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Being a celebrity always has pros and cons. With fame and money, a lot of public eyes stay on your every action all the time. A slight change in your appearance becomes a big matter of talk for people. The same has happened with musician Kali. People have been talking a lot about Kali Uchis weight gain.

The Colombian-American Pop star, who is topping the musical charts with every release is under suspicion of plastic surgery. Kali Uchis, the recent musical sensation is famous for the unique flair she brings through music. Uchis is a multi-talented artist who can write sensational lyrics, compose music, and direct top-class videos. All these aspects play a crucial role in her super-hit songs. Every music video that she drops on YouTube gets millions of views. 

Kali caught every music lover’s attention in 2012 when she released her mix tape “Drunken Babble.” However, the rise to stardom was not an easy journey for Uchis as her life was filled with constant hardships. Despite her pop music and talent, people are raising eyebrows about her recent transformation, and speculation of plastic surgery is trending on social media. We’ll answer all the questions hovering around the pop star. 

From Living In A Car To Living A Dream 

Before diving into the realm of stardom, Uchis saw the struggles and hardships of real life. The star was born on July 17 1994 in Virginia. Her parents were stringent as she got kicked out of her home at the age of 17 for violating the night curfew regularly. With no roof above her head, she was forced to stay inside her car, work at a store, and survive. The adverse situation in her life is what gave her that different flavor and flair along with a bold personality. 

After the blast of her debut mix tape, Drunken Babble was highly regarded as a musical masterpiece. It has elements from the early 2000s which made it stand out. The next big advent in Kali’s life was when she worked alongside Snoop Dog and dropped a banger called On Edge. 

Kali Uchis Posing For Pepperazi At An Event

Since her debut, Kali has been loved by millions and her every music video gets over a million views. She stood beside several renowned artists like Gorillaz, Tyler, The Creator, etc. Ridin! Round and Know What I Want got more than 10 million views on YouTube. Now, she is a global star with a massive fandom. With people chanting her name wherever she goes, and her Instagram being flooded with comments of her fans, Kali Uchis has certainly earned more than just a few million dollars.  

People Are Sure About Kali Uchis Plastic Surgery

The award-winning pop star is now the talk of the town for some other reasons. There is a full-fledged debate online about Kali’s appearance. People believe that she has tried plastic surgery to enhance the way she looks. 

However, she has not confirmed anything yet but speculations are going around a nose job. In older pictures, her nose looks round and big, but recent pictures reveal that it is slimmer and sharper. Although a lot of filters on Instagram and iPhone also tend to slim down the facial structure. Thus, confirming a nose job would be tough. 

The symmetry on her face also looks suspicious as there is a chance of face fillers. A fuller look on her face is what makes people believe in plastic surgery. However, the recent weight gain might be the real reason. 

Scene From Kali Uchis' Music Video

The Instagram comment section of Kali Uchis is also filled with people doubting her covers as she flaunts them freely. However, Kali has never been slim and thin, she was always curvy, and speculating a plastic surgery is nothing more than stupidity. 

A few changes on her face are quite evident, but calling it the work of a surgeon is unjust as there are several reasons out there that could change our facial symmetry. The recent culture in the entertainment industry has forced people to think this way.

So we can conclude that there are no clear signs of Kali Uchis plastic surgery. 

Kali Uchis Weight Gain Transformation Over the Time 

Kali Uchis has gained some extra pounds in recent times. Kali Uchis fans are eager to know the secret behind this sudden transformation. Fans are always intrigued by even the slightest change in any of the celebrities. They tend to forget the fact that after all, they are also humans just like us who undergo different phases of life. Similar was the case with Kali as there was nothing different she was doing and the recent weight gain could be an outcome of a slight change in her lifestyle. 

Even a slight change in outfit, lighting, and camera angle can change one’s perception. Thus, it’s better to not create juicy rumors just by looking at a single picture. 

Kali Uchis

Relax, Kali Is Not Pregnant

Although Kali is open about her life with her fans. As she came out as Bisexual. But rumors of Kali being pregnant are spreading like wildfire. However, the speculation is completely false and Kali is not pregnant. 

TE MATA Is Already A Hit

The recent fierce track of Kali Uchis is trending on YouTube and it’s already a hit. It is the first single from her Spanish album Orquideas. Te Mata is a representation of her gloomy past and the transition of her life from darkness to light.  You can hear it on YouTube if you haven’t already. 

In the end, we can see almost every rumor that goes around about any celebrity is nothing more than gossip which makes no sense.


  1. Is Kali Uchis pregnant?

    No, she isn’t pregnant.

  2. Is Kali bisexual?

    Yes, she has accepted that she is bisexual.

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