Eric Trump Plastic Surgery Or Weight Loss? The Real Reason Behind His Appearance Change!

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Eric Trump is an American businessman – he is the Executive Vice President of the Trump Organization and son of former US President Donald Trump. His recent appearance change has made people speculate a lot of things about his new look from Eric Trump plastic surgery to his weight loss a lot of rumors have been circulating online.

The second son of Donald Trump and his first wife Ivana, Eric Trump is also one of the most notable activists in the USA and is also a prominent ex-reality TV show host. He is also the trustee of his father’s Trump Organization and oversees its operations along with his brother Donald Trump Jr. Apart from that, Eric Trump is also engaged in various philanthropic endeavors and established the Eric Trump Foundation back in 2007 to raise money for terminally ill kids at the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Tennessee.

Eric Trump has frequently been in the news headlines – sometimes by getting dragged into controversies surrounding the fund usage by his foundation, while sometimes promoting conspiracy theories while trying to overturn the presidential election in 2020. He is also a known game hunter and has been criticized by PETA in 2010 for killing leopards and elephants during his African safari with his brother. Recently, he has again shot to the headlines, after people started suspecting him of going under the knife.

What Are The Speculations Around Eric Trump Plastic Surgery?

Controversies and speculations about prominent public figures and celebrities have always been very common, the most common gossip being about them going under the knife. While many celebrities have addressed various speculations about their alleged plastic surgery, most often they choose not to share anything and turn a blind eye and deaf ear to all kinds of public suspicions.

Eric Trump is no stranger to controversies, even about his physical appearance – yes he has also been a frequent target of the public bombarding him with rumors about opting for plastic surgery to change his appearance. Well, we cannot deny that Eric does have many haters around him, mostly resulting from all the controversial stuff that he has been into. 

Eric Trump With Father Donald Trump

The Trumps, as a whole, have garnered many haters over time, and the public has never been mellow when it comes to this particular family. Many news sources have alleged that every member of the Trump family, including the former President of the United States, Donald Trump, has undergone plastic surgery – some of them have perhaps undergone multiple rounds of cosmetic enhancements.

As for Eric Trump, people feel that his face looks like the creepy uncle of Draco Malfoy, a character in the Harry Potter movie, who enjoyed telling stories about the length of his tail he got during his entire Hogwarts time. The public suspects that Eric Trump went for the same kind of plastic surgery as his brother, Donald Trump Jr. According to some critics, unless one checks out both of their pre-surgery photos, it is impossible to say that both of them are related by blood.

Is Eric’s Weight Loss The Reason Behind The Change In His Appearance?

Eric Trump’s face seems to be a matter of great disinterest among most people – but the internet has been abuzz about why his face looks the way it looks. While some of the comments are actually mean, many of the explanations offered by the public are outright hilarious!

The air is rife with suspicions that the change in Eric’s face most certainly has to be a result of liposuction and nothing else! After comparing his before and after images, people seem to be certain that the plastic surgeon has carried out liposuction on Eric Trump’s face, which has got rid of all the fat that used to be there, and gave him a chiseled sharper jawline.

Next, they also suspect that he has gone for a smile correction procedure in an attempt to enhance his smile with dental veneers. As if that was not enough, Eric’s nose also looks pretty much changed from how it used to be earlier, so allegations of a nose job, i.e., rhinoplasty, have also been tagged to him. His nose looks much thinner than before and pointier, thanks to an expert nose job.

Eric Trump With Brother

Eric’s previously thinning hair has also got a new boost, as people observe, which suggests the possibility of him going for a hair transplant procedure or something similar that results in fuller hair. But some people feel that his hair now seems thicker maybe because he has changed the parting of his hair, and not because of some hair transplant.

Final Words About Eric’s Look Change!

Eric Trump might not be as outspoken as his brother Donny Jr. nor as glamorous as his sister Ivanka, but that has not stopped the public from dragging them all into controversies and rumors about getting plastic surgery. While the outcome has been quite glam for some of the Trumps, Eric’s altered face is definitely not among theirs. And in line with the varied controversial acts he has been a part of, he is certainly not a fan-favorite.

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