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Josh Mankiewicz, born Joshua Paul Mankiewicz, is an American journalist who has been the correspondent for “Dateline NBC”, the primetime show that has been running for the longest time in the history of NBC. Josh also worked as a reporter for many other NBC shows, including “NBC Nightly News” with Brian Williams, “The Today Show”, as well as “Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly”.

Before working with NBC, Mankiewicz was associated with ABC News as its reporter and producer. He used to be a political reporter for the “Front Page” magazine of Fox Broadcasting Company, and before that, he was a political correspondent for KCAL-TV in Los Angeles.

Born in August 1955 in Berkeley, California, his father, Frank Mankiewicz, was the press secretary of erstwhile US president Robert F Kennedy. Josh Mankiewicz graduated from Haverford College in Haverford, Pennsylvania, and started his journalistic career as a reporter in 1995.

He garnered widespread recognition for contributing diverse news analyses, breaking news stories, and investigative news reports to the broadcast. Since a few years ago, around 2020, he has been reporting the podcast “Dateline: Missing In America, Motive For Murder And Internal Affairs”.

Mankiewicz is one of the most revered journalists in the USA, having reported on a range of stories, which includes the Jonestown massacre, the 25th anniversary of the OJ Simpson Bronco chase, and the investigation of Jon Benet Ramsay. Interestingly, he has played a pivotal role in exploring the dynamics of story selection and biasedness in journalism when it comes to cases of high-profile mission persons. Under his leadership, “Dateline NBC” became the first news platform to cover such controversial issues. 

Though he earned much eminence for covering an extensive range of news stories, he is best recognized for his story published in “Dateline NBC” about the very popular Atkins Diet. 

How Did Josh Mankiewicz Lose Weight?

In his NBC story about the Atkins diet plan, which catapulted Josh Mankiewicz to major heights of fame, he chronicled in detail his progress while following that diet. It must be mentioned here that Josh Mankiewicz lost up to 47 pounds, or 21 kilograms, by stringently following this Atkins diet. This report is a highly compelling case that he puts forward in favor of the Atkins diet after transforming from being fat to fit.

One of the reasons behind the tremendous popularity of this story is, the fact that viewers were left spellbound to see how Josh Mankiewicz shed a whopping 47 pounds after he religiously followed this low-carb diet regime. It is generally presumed, by people all over the world, and especially Americans, that people grow fat by consuming food that is rich in fats. However, this “Dateline” NBC story shattered this idea and proved by example how this is a misconception that people tend to harbor.

It has been around 20 years since Josh Mankiewicz published his story about following the Atkins diet to achieve his weight loss goals. But the way he documented it and presented it to the viewers, caught them deeply fascinated by the chronicle and they still talk about it. The outcome of his weight loss transformation was amazing, and practically incredible to witness as he progressed from fat to fit. It has not only shattered misconceptions about our diet but also given hope to millions of people worldwide who are struggling to shed all those unwanted pounds. 

Josh Mankiewicz started slimming down and now if you compare his before and after photos, you can tell the massive weight loss that he has undergone by following this diet. As such, his story on the Atkins diet came as a major source of inspiration to all those who have been trying to lose weight.

Details About His Diet And Workout

The diet routine that helped Mankiewicz shed up to 47 pounds is called the Atkins diet, after Dr. Robert Atkins, who devised this plan. This is a low-carbohydrate fad diet plan launched during the 1970s and claims that it is crucial to restrict our intake of carbohydrates to lose weight. 

The Atkins diet offers a high-calorie method to stay thin and gained rapid popularity in the early part of the 2000s. However, it was drawn into controversies at the time when it was reported by Josh Mankiewicz because it was said to encourage unlimited consumption of saturated fat and protein which can lead to heart ailments. But once the NBC report reached the public, it banished all myths and impressed the masses. It was liberating to unlearn that you get fat by eating fat, and it offered hope and inspiration to all those who were fighting their will to lose weight.

While it advocates that we can consume fat but still stay thin, the actual goal of the Atkins diet is to help us change our diet pattern such that we can shed weight and keep it off. 

A couple of years ago, the internet was rife with rumors about Josh Mankiewicz suffering from some serious health problem. Social media users started spreading speculations that Josh had most likely suffered a stroke, which is why he decided to lose weight and get fit. However, there are no reports or any evidence available to indicate if the famous NBC correspondent had had a stroke or not. So, quite obviously, we cannot confirm or deny the public’s suspicions about his health status.

In one of his stories, Josh Mankiewicz says that Americans, in general, do not prefer to count calories when they are eating, because they like to eat. And, the Atkins diet plan which advocates to go low on carbohydrates, still allows us to consume calories without bothering and still lose body weight. This is why this low-carb diet routine got enormous acceptance among food-loving Americans.

Here it is crucial to mention that before embarking on his Atkins diet journey, Josh Mankiewicz had consulted with his doctor. In other words, it is extremely vital to check with your doctor before going on any kind of diet.

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