Grace Lilly’s Recent Weight Loss After Pregnancy


To all the fans of Bravo television, Grace Lilly of “Southern Hospitality” fame, is no stranger at all. Recently, Grace Lilly has been a hot topic of discussion after “Southern Hospitality” fans noticed her dramatic weight loss. 

“Southern Hospitality” is a hugely popular American reality series that has been broadcast on Bravo TV since November 2022. This show, which is touted, as a spin-off of another popular reality show, “Southern Charm”, follows Leva Bonaparte along with the staff members of her bars and restaurants. This series chronicles the personal lives and careers of Leva Bonaparte’s staff and is primarily focused on her restaurant Republic Lounge & Garden, though it also features Bourbon & Bubble Restaurant & Bar.

The second season of “Southern Hospitality” started airing in December 2023 and features its original cast members including Grace Lilly, Bradley Carter, Joe Bradley, Maddi Reese, Leva Bonaparte, and Emmy Sharrett, along with Trevor Stokes (who is Maddi Reese’s boyfriend) as a recurring member of the cast. One of the main characters in this reality series, Grace Lilly works at Leva Bonaparte’s Bourbon & Bubbles restaurant as the VIP concierge and host. As part of this show, Grace Lilly is embracing new things and new beginnings in her life, by bidding adieu to people who did not bring any value to her life. She finally started dating Liam, her new boyfriend, and together, they became parents to a baby cat named Fergie. 

Who Is Grace Lilly?

Grace Lilly is one of the core cast members of “Southern Hospitality”, the smash hit reality series on Bravo TV, who has been making waves since Season 1. Grace was formerly an employee at Leva Bonaparte’s nightclub Republic but is currently working as the VIP Concierge at Leva’s other property, Bourbon & Bubbles. 

25-year-old Grace Lilly is a fashionista and model, who was born in Kentucky, but was raised in Charleston. Though she is currently employed as the VIP Concierge at Bourbon & Bubbles, the nightclub owned by Leva Bonaparte and her husband, Grace chooses to describe herself as a fashionista, model, and wanderer on her Instagram handle. As per reports she currently lives with her mother whom the audience got to see in the show premiere; Grace’s mom is a doting parent. 

Going by Grace Lilly’s bio or profile for Bravo TV, we came to know she believes that South Carolina is not big enough a city for her. Her bio says that Grace is a quintessential Southern girl who was born in Kentucky but shifted to Charleston when she was in grade school. We saw her bedroom decked up in youth-oriented fashion with dream-catchers hung around her room, a testimony to her beliefs in mysticism.

Her bio portrays Grace Lilly as a vibrant and ambitious woman, whereas the trailer and previews of the series “Southern Hospitality” show her in a pretty different light. We also come to know that Grace is guided deeply by her beliefs in mysticism and astrology, and feels that Charleston seems too small a city to her. She has spent the majority part of her last two years traveling around the world and partying in diverse countries. Now that summer has arrived in her place, Grace has plans to “earn big tourist tips” and aims to be included in all the social events and outings hosted by Republic.

In one of the previews of the show, co-star Maddi Reese says that she and Grace Lilly were the best of friends when both of them worked together at Bourbon & Bubbles. However, she later on got a promotion and started working at Leva Bonaparte’s famous nightclub called Republic. 

How She Lost Weight

People have always been highly curious about the personal matters and private lives of the celebs and stars they watch regularly on TV. Whether it has something to do with their romantic affairs or something as natural as weight loss or gain, the public cannot contain their excitement about it. And the watchful eyes of the public are also accompanied by the rumors that they start spreading about whatever they see.

Now, Grace Lilly has been quite a sensation ever since she first appeared in the first episode of season 1 of “Southern Hospitality”. Though her bio on Bravo TV projects her image as that of a highly professional person with high ambitions, her image on screen is quite a deviation. Anyhow, Grace describes herself as a model and fashionista on her social media handles, and given the fact that she is already into modeling, it is natural for her to keep a watchful eye on her weight and health.

Grace is blessed with an enviable figure and looks stunning, the way she carries herself and her sense of style is something that might turn her haters jealous, but she is hard to ignore! She has always been upbeat about working out and maintaining her physique since she is a model, so there is nothing new to suggest that she has recently lost weight. Even if you try and compare her before and after photos, you will find that she has always been the sizzling hot and stunning woman you cannot take your eyes off, for sure!

Her Pregnancy

There has been some buzz on social media surrounding rumors about Grace Lilly expecting a child. We tried searching the length and breadth of the Internet, with the hope of finding some information in that direction. However, we did not come across any verifiable evidence or news or even the remotest images that suggest that “Southern Hospitality” star Grace Lilly is pregnant.

It is unknown what kick-started the speculations about her possibly being pregnant because nothing about her looks suggests that she is soon going to become a mom. 

But yes, Grace did become a mother, to a lovely furry kitten whom she lovingly calls “Fergie”. She and her current boyfriend Liam have now become cat parents – so yes, you can always congratulate these new pet parents on her little furry baby!

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