Joanna Gaines Plastic Surgery. Details About Thyroid And Cancer Rumors.

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People are speculating a lot about Joanna Gaines Plastic Surgery. Especially about her nose jobs and breast augmentation. Fixer Upper’s co-host has been a true believer in natural beauty and denies all the speculations about cosmetic surgeries.

Joanna Gaines, one-half of the dynamic duo behind the hit TV show “Fixer Upper,” is known for her unique rustic design style, warm personality, and undeniably good looks. 

With her rise to fame, the inevitable tabloid rumors and speculations about whether she has undergone plastic surgery to enhance her appearance have followed. So what’s the truth here? Are these just speculations or there’s some hidden truth? Let’s find out! 

Joanna Gaines Plastic Surgery. Did She Undergo Any Plastic Surgery?

The internet has been abuzz with whispers and speculations that Joanna might have undergone various procedures. Nose jobs and breast augmentation are among the most frequently mentioned here. 

While some observers claim to see subtle differences in her before-and-after photos, others feel that it’s merely the natural progression of aging and changes that come with different makeup and styling techniques.

As of now, Joanna has not publicly confirmed any plastic surgery procedures. Celebrities often face immense pressure from both their industry and the public eye to maintain a particular image. 

However, Joanna, with her grounded persona and advocacy for natural beauty, seems to be one of the few who remains true to herself. While she might be a fan of home renovations, she hasn’t given any indication that she feels the same way about personal cosmetic enhancements.

Joanna Gaines Transformation

Is Her Nose Job Rumor True?

When it comes to Joanna Gaines, the talented co-host of “Fixer Upper“, rumors about her appearance have floated around for quite some time, particularly regarding her nose. The question that arises frequently is: Has Joanna Gaines had a nose job?

The Nose Ring Story

Before jumping to conclusions, it’s worth noting that Joanna did get her nose pierced. She embarked on this unexpected adventure after being inspired to try something new. This move was admittedly “way out of [her] comfort zone,” as Joanna is known for her inclination towards the safety and predictability of life. 

In contrast, her younger sister, Mikey, who also got her nose pierced, has always been more spontaneous, embodying a wild and free spirit. While filming for “Fixer Upper,” viewers noticed Joanna sporting a nose ring in the fifth season. 

She wore it for a week, creating a buzz among fans. Joanna has revealed that getting her nose pierced was a symbol of breaking out of her mold, and her husband, Chip, played a significant role in encouraging her to take such leaps. 

Furthermore, she can’t help but feel a profound connection between her nose ring and the memories of her sister, Mikey, especially given that both of them wore nose rings during the same period. 

While her choice to pierce her nose was driven by a sense of dissatisfaction and desire for change, it’s crucial to distinguish between getting a nose piercing and undergoing rhinoplasty. Joanna never confirmed undergoing any surgical procedure to modify her nose’s structure. Any perceived changes might be attributed to factors like makeup, lighting, or natural aging.

Rumors About Thyroid Cancer Are Fake

While many focus on her fantastic interior design abilities, the aesthetics of her personal appearance have also been a topic of discussion. A tweet from the user “Sanderson Sisters” ignited a new round of speculation. The tweet read: “Watching the new “Fixer Upper” and spotted a thyroid surgery scar on Joanna’s neck. Did I miss something?”

After this tweet, several fans and followers began speculating about Joanna possibly having undergone thyroid surgery. While many people did note that Joanna occasionally sports scarves, linking it directly to covering a thyroid scar seemed speculative.

Given the visibility of the supposed scar and the implications surrounding thyroid surgery, some even raised concerns about the possibility of thyroid cancer. Thyroid surgeries, including total thyroidectomy or partial removal, are commonly associated with thyroid cancer or non-cancerous growths causing symptoms.

As of the last update, Joanna Gaines has not provided any public statement regarding the speculations about thyroid surgery. Without confirmation or a statement from Joanna or her representatives, these claims remain speculative. 

Joanna Gaines’ Microdiscectomy Surgery

Sharing a series of candid photos on her Instagram back in December 2022, Joanna revealed she underwent a microdiscectomy — a surgical procedure aimed at removing the damaged part of a disk in the spine. While many might associate her injuries with the physical demands of her job, the origin of her back problems dates back to her high school years. As a cheerleader, she had an unfortunate fall during a basket toss stunt which led to her first injury. 

The journey with her back problems has spanned years. She reminisced about her first microdiscectomy in 2001, which caused her to cancel her second date with her now-husband, Chip Gaines. Just two weeks before her recent post, she had undergone the same procedure on another disc. With her signature humor, she noted how her back seems to choose the most inconvenient times to act up.

What stood out in her post was not the fact that she had to undergo surgery but her perspective on it. Joanna shared images of her recovery, surrounded by the love of her children and the warmth of her home. 

While surgery and the holiday season might seem like a chaotic pairing, she took it as a blessing. Joanna expressed gratitude for the enforced rest during what is typically a bustling period. 

Rightfully in her words, it was a “gift to simply stay put, stare at the wonder all around, and just be still.” Her sentiment of “embracing the wonder of the here and now” rings especially true during the holidays and resonates with many who have faced unexpected challenges.


While the rumors around Joanna Gaines’s alleged plastic surgery might keep tabloids busy, it’s essential to remember that the essence of Joanna’s appeal lies not just in her appearance but in her genuine passion, talent, and the values she stands for. 

Whether she has opted for cosmetic enhancements or not, it’s her prerogative. So let’s keep the primary focus on the remarkable work she does and the positive impact she brings to the lives of many through her designs and shows!

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