Hardwood Tonic Reviews. Red Boost Powder Ingredients, Side Effects, Benefits And Price.

Key Takeaways

Recently there has been a lot of buzz about Hardwood tonic on the various social media platforms. Hardwood tonic has been helping plenty of men improve their bedroom life. Created from all-natural ingredients this method and have no side effects.

Are you experiencing a crash in your sexual hormones? Or are the muscle tissues not working the way they should? Then you might need assistance. The sexual performance suffers due to the age factor. Men in their older age are not able to perform well. However. These scenarios can change just with the help of a supplement. 

1 scoop a day keeps erectile dysfunction at bay” should be the tagline of the Red Boost nutritional supplement as delivers phenomenal results. But is it the right pick for you? Possible side effect threats and we’ll unravel everything about this ED support supplement in this article.  

What Causes Poor Sexual Health in Men?

Although poor sexual health is a byproduct of aging, there are several other factors that can amplify its impact. 

  • Low Testosterone Levels: One of the most crucial male sexual hormones- testosterone, is responsible for sexual health. Apart from that, it also plays a crucial role in the overall health of a male. If the testosterone count of an adult is less than 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) then poor sexual performance is certain.
  • Restless Legs Syndrome RLS: RLS is often associated with anxiety and restlessness, but the studies suggest that it could be an early signal of ED. Men with RLS are 50% more at risk of developing ED. 
  • Mental Issues: In the urban world, the mental health of men is often neglected. Mental issues like depression, stress, and anxiety are primary sources of poor sexual health. It was also found that antidepressant tablets could be a cause of low libido. 

There are a few more entries on this list like chronic illness, poor sleep schedule, and aging. 

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What Is Hardwood Tonic? Red Boost

The above-mentioned symptoms can take away the spark from your love life. But the Hardwood Tonic, also known as Red Boost supplement is at your rescue. The nutritional supplement is a natural composition of strong, effective ingredients that have been in use for ages. The powder-form supplement can counter the underlying issues that cause ED, low libido, and low stamina. 

The reason behind it hype is due to the Hardwood Tonic System, which allows older men to improve their sexual performance. Red Boost will provide you with endless benefits even if you’re not following the system. 

Red Boost is one of the most efficient ways to improve smooth muscle functioning and get strong erections. Smooth muscles are found in the pelvic which is important for better sexual performance. 

Red Boost supplement also improves the blood flow in the body, making it an overall health supplement. The improved blood flow maximizes the number of nitric acid molecules in the blood vessels which provides energy to organs. 

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Changes You’ll Notice After Regular Use of Red Boost-

Red Boost is a supplement high in nutritional content. Regular use of it brings in several positive changes that could improve your daily life. The recommended one scoop with a beverage of your choice is good enough to keep your energy bar full. 

Raging High Testosterone 

As we already know that low testosterone level is a hurdle between you and your healthy sexual life. With the powerful blend of natural herbs, Red Boost will increase testosterone levels within a few months. 

More Testosterone More Energy

High levels of testosterone are often associated with higher energy levels. Both are directly proportional. You’ll notice that all the fatigue and exhaustion is gone and the youngster in you is back. 

More Energy More Stamina

Once the energy graph is escalating, you can feel the endurance improve. The stamina shoots up and your libido is back to normal. 

Better Sexual Experience

The sum of all gives you an enthralling experience in the bed. All the age-related issues vanish and you’ll be able to relive your youth. 

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Possible Side Effects Of Hardwood Tonic

Although Red Boost is a completely natural product, here are a few cons that you might experience:

  • One of the common issues faced by consumers is palpitation or increased heartbeat. The reason behind that is it contains ingredients that increase the quantity of nitric acid. Nitric acid creates space in the arteries and the blood flow is improved. However, the heart responds with an irregular circadian rhythm due to the sudden flow of blood. Thus, if you have any heart condition, consider consulting a specialist before using the product.
  • We all are built differently and our bodies respond in a unique manner to everything. Therefore there is a slight chance that the result may vary from person to person. The extent of the result may vary too. You might experience headache or nausea which is not concerning and is normal. It’s suggested to consult a physician if you have pre-existing health conditions. 
  • There’s a reason it is called a “supplement” as it can supplement your life quality. But a strong base to living a healthy life comes from a balanced diet, and regular exercise. If these two factors are not on point, no supplement can fix your problems. 
  • The product is only available on the official website. Any other similar product you see on Walmart shelves is a cheap copy with harmful effects.

Ingredients of Red Boost

The handpicked ingredients are strong, natural, and effective. They are backed by medical studies and practical results. Here is a quick description of all the ingredients used in the supplement:

Red Boost ingredients


Red Boost is packed with 500mg of high-quality horny goat weed. Not only the ingredient is a traditional herb, but it is also backed by scientific research. Regular consumption of horny goat weed can give you a longer and stronger erection. The effect of this ingredient was discovered by a goat herder, who noticed a mysterious energy among the flock after grazing it. 


L-Citrulline is crucial to boost the creation of Nitric Oxide in the blood vessels.1Trusted Source✅ | PubMed Central| Trusted Data From The National Library Of Medicine (Government Authority) Go To Source The supplement has 500 mg of L-citrulline which is later converted to L-arginine. The process helps in widening the arteries and clearing up the clogging. It’s healthy for the heart and smooth muscles. In a mild case of ED, you can see results within a few weeks, as the arteries open up the erection becomes stronger. 

Apart from that, it also helps in physical workouts providing support to muscle growth. 

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Nettle Root

One of the most researched ingredients that can fix hormonal imbalance, ED, and low libido is Nettle Root. The anti-inflammatory properties can help people with prostatitis and reduce inflammation. It improves prostate health, sperm count, and overall vitality. Due to the hormone-balancing quality, it can amplify testosterone production while regulating androgen. It lowers the DHT receptor cells so that the probability of ED is low. 

Tongkat Ali

Another naturally extracted herb- Tongkat Ali is a traditional medicine that makes you an aphrodisiac. The shrub is rich in nutritional content like quassinoids, alkaloids, and other bioactive compounds. It has been in use for ages as a treatment to improve dull sexual life. It can increase the fertility rate, improve libido, and cure ED. 

Apart from sexual health benefits, it is found to improve mental health as it alleviates stress. Regular consumers of Tongkat Ali experience better bone density and increased muscle mass. Thus, the supplement will not just give your vitality back but it’ll also support muscle growth.

Maca Root

Maca Root Powder is a famous ingredient for vitality. Studies are proof of maca root being an absolute game changer in improving sexual desires.T2rusted Source✅ | PubMed | Trusted Data From The National Library Of Medicine (Government Authority) Go To Source Regular intake of maca root improves the sperm count in males, increasing fertility. The creators of Red Boost consider maca root as a natural anti-depressant with no side effects. Apart from this, it can improve the blood pressure in older individuals. A pack of Red Boost comes with 300mg of maca root which is enough to elevate your energy levels. 

Other Ingredients

Along with the blend of these natural ingredients, there are a few other entries. Vitamin C  which is used as ascorbic acid ensures the proper functioning of our body. It increases the red blood cell count, improving the blood flow. Vitamin C is also proven to strengthen immunity. The health benefits of vitamin C are endless. 

A proprietary blend which is a concoction of natural ingredients like beetroot powder, cherry fruit powder, lemon juice powder, etc. The blend is found to improve vitality, alleviate ED issues, and fix overall sexual issues. Unlike other supplements, Red Boost is completely transparent with the compounds used in its proprietary blend. 

Last on the list is 9 strain probiotics to make it an overall impactful product. These strains can strengthen immunity and it can improve the gut health. 

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Pricing, And Refund Policy

1 scoop of Red Boost daily will bring back the vitality. The ingredients used in the blend are completely natural and of high quality. Despite the high-quality content, Red Boost comes at an affordable price. On top of that, you can avail discounts and bonuses from the official website. 

The serving size is one scoop which weighs around 4 grams. One bottle of Red Boost contains 30 such scoops, packed with vitality and masculinity. 

  • The Starter Pack- The retail price of one bottle is $297, but you can get it for $69 + shipping charges. 
  • In-Demand Pack- The retail price of a pack of 3 bottles is $891, but you’ll get it for $177 ($59/bottle) + shipping charges. It’ll save you a total of $714.
  • Super Saver Pack- The retail price of a 6-bottle pack is $1782, and you get it for $234 ($39/bottle) with zero shipping charges. You save a total of $1548. 

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Red Boost is certainly the only brand offering excellent results at such a reasonable price. You can visit the official website to avail the offers. 

The creators have so much confidence in the supplement that they offer a 180-day guaranteed money-back if the product doesn’t work for you. The satisfaction of the consumers is high enough to make the creators offer such cashback. If you don’t get the desired results from the product, you can file for a money-back even on an empty bottle. The money will be returned within 48 hours. 

Red Boost powder can boost testosterone and you can rely on the authenticity of this product. The product is manufactured in the USA therefore, shipping is free all over the US states.  


  1. Where can I buy Hardwood Tonic- Red Boost Powder?

    The authentic product is available on the official website. You can avail of daily discounts on the website.

  2. How Many Bottles Should I Order?

    The effects of Red Boost can only be seen if you’re using it regularly. Thus, a pack of 3 bottles or a pack of 6 bottles is ideal to start the journey to a better blood flow. 

  3. Is My Card Details Safe?

    The website is fully secured and cares about your privacy. The banking details are encrypted and safe. You don’t have to be worried about it while ordering the Red Boost supplement.  

  4. Does it Support Weight Loss?

    The ingredients present in the Red Boost powder boat the weight loss. Since the testosterone levels improve, you can put on a good amount of lean muscle mass instead of a layer of fat. 

  5. How to File a money back?

    The official website offers a 180-day money-back back. If your order is within the 180-day threshold you can email the invoice details to support@hardwoodtonic.com and the money will be returned to the account within 48 hours. 

  6. Can it be mixed with any beverage?

    You can mix one scoop of Red Boost with a beverage of your choice. It’s better to consume it with your breakfast as it will charge you up for the entire day. 


Red Boost blood flow support supplement is an authentic product. However, the results may vary for everyone. The product is a great choice at this price range. The natural blend makes it a unique pick. Combine it with healthy habits and your vitality and stamina will skyrocket.

Disclaimer: This article is only for informational purposes and not medical advice. Please read the full disclosure at the bottom.

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