Greg Gutfeld Illness. Is He Hospitalized? Suffering From Cancer?

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A lot has been talked about and speculated about Fox News’s Greg Gutfeld Illness. There were lots of rumors and endless speculations about Greg Gutfeld after he was absent from the show for a week. Many speculated that he might be hospitalized and even some speculated he might be suffering from cancer but all these are just rumors. He is healthy and enjoying his vacation.

Those of us who closely follow American politics and news must have already heard of “Gutfeld!”, also known as “The Greg Gutfeld Show” that airs on channel Fox News. This late-night talk show is hugely popular because of its political satire genre and discussions on American news, and also because it is presented by none other than Gregory John Gutfeld.

Born in September 1964, Greg Gutfeld is a highly popular American comedian, TV presenter, and author, as well as a libertarian political commentator. His atypical conservative slant and indirect comments at both Republicans and Democrats, helped Greg appeal to a larger mass of audience and connect with them easily. As such, with his witty comments, perfect comic timing, and unique perspectives Greg Gutfeld has become a household name in the space of late-night comedy talk shows. And “Gutfeld!” has experienced skyrocketing popularity leading all other talk shows with a whopping 2.5 million viewership in 2022!

Before launching his own talk show, Greg Gutfeld was already a Fox News star, with major popularity as a cohost on the popular daytime talk show called “The Five”. He is also known for his comedy background – Greg was a writer with regular comedy publishing on “The Huffington Post” and a host of “Red Eye” which is another one of Fox News’s satirical news shows.

With his extensive background in comedy, Greg Gutfeld has gained a loyal base of followers, who have been pretty unfazed and focused on him at all times.

Recently, news of Greg Gutfeld suffering from some kind of ailment has hit the headlines, causing much stir among his fans. Let us find out what has happened to him.

Greg Gutfeld Illness. Is He Hospitalized? 

Now, something has triggered some speculations about Greg Gutfeld being unwell and being taken to the hospital. However, there are no reports about Greg Gutfeld being admitted to the hospital. Nowhere in social media is there any news about the star TV presenter suffering from any kind of known health condition. And Gutfeld has not shared any details or dropped hints anywhere that even remotely indicate such possibilities. In fact, he has been pretty active on Instagram, posting pictures with his beloved pet dog. 

Greg Gutfeld With His Pet Dog
Greg Gutfeld With His Pet Dog Image Credit: Instagram / Greg Gutfeld

The rumors started when he mentioned something about the sick leaves of an employee. Greg said that feeling sick should not keep someone away from working. He then went on to say that he knows how people call in, to say they are sick and will not be able to work, with a “sick voice”. Greg feels they should just call in to inform that they are sick and will take the day off, without putting on their sick voice, because that makes people appear kind of shrunk. 

These comments are pretty much indicative of the fact that he himself is not sick or suffering from any sort of ailment. So chances are high that rumors about his ill health and hospitalization are just another round of celeb illness hoaxes that are common on social media.

Is He Suffering From Cancer?

Greg Gutfeld began his career at the American Spectator, where he worked as the assistant to R. Emmett Tyrell the renowned conservative writer. He also served as an editor at the Prevention Magazine and went on to work as an editor for multiple magazines belonging to Rodale Press. He also was an editor at the Maxim magazine in the UK from 2004 to 2006 and then became the host of the late-night talk show “Red Eye” in 2007. His own show “Gutfeld!” was broadcast on Fox News channel from 2015 to 2021, a glorious six years, and topped all the charts as the most popular late-night comedy talk show in the US, notably overtaking the ratings of “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, too.

With a stellar presence on the screen and his knowledge about world affairs, Greg has not only gained prominence but immense favoritism among his fans and followers, and even his peers. So the slightest stir about his health is bound to create a major buzz among people, who all want to see more of him. 

But there is no source that is credible enough that says that yes Greg is actually suffering from a serious health condition like cancer. The lack of any evidence, or official statement from Gutfeld himself, indicates that the star presenter of Fox News is all hale and hearty – he is not afflicted by cancer or any illness, serious or not!

Is He On Vacation? Why Is He Absent From The Show?

Viewers of America’s late-night talk shows are puzzled because their absolute favorite, Greg Gutfeld, will reportedly be away from his show. His colleague, Dana Perino, will be filling in for him during his absence. Dana Perino is also noted for her sharp sense of humor and lively on-screen persona; her quips about Greg while maintaining a composed demeanor, are sure to keep the audience of his show captivated for a while.

But the main question is – where is Greg? What suddenly happened that he had to disappear from his own show?

Well, going by Greg’s latest tweet on August 29th, 2023, he is currently enjoying his vacation. He informed all his followers that he was already on vacation and enjoying his drinks. His Instagram posts suggest that the “Gutfeld!” host is currently enjoying quality time at home. He is married to Elena Moussa, who is a renowned fashion stylist born in Russia and associated with multiple luxury fashion houses. The couple married back in 2004 and have been together since then.

Now, his colleagues have been playfully teasing him for his absence, saying things like he is off because he is taking time “recovering” from being THE Greg Gutfeld! But some followers are spreading rumors that he is away because of some family loss. However, these rumors are unfounded, as usual!


With Greg Gutfeld away from his show, his fans are surely missing his characteristic quips and sharp wit. And we can only hope that fan-favorite Greg returns to his talk show as soon as possible and continues to entertain us like before!

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