Christina Aguilera At Grammys 2024. Weight Loss & Plastic Surgery Speculations


If you belong to the 90s era, it is highly likely that you already know who Christina Aguilera is – after all, we loved her “Genie In A Bottle” soundtrack, one of the major hits back then. Often referred to as the “Voice of a Generation”, Christina Aguilera is one of the best-selling musicians of all time, known to have sold more than 90 million records globally. She is hailed for her talent as a singer with an incredible vocal range spanning 4 octaves.

Born in December 1980 in New York City, this American singer, songwriter, actor, and TV personality also gained extensive recognition for incorporating themes related to sexuality, feminism, LGBTQ, and sex positivity into her musical contributions. Owing to her varied contributions to the Walt Disney Company, the iconic singer has also been honored as a Disney Legend. She shot to stardom back in 1999 by launching her debut album, with chart-busting tracks like “Genie In A Bottle”, “Come On Over Baby”, and “What A Girl Wants” featuring in the list of US Billboard Hot 100.

Named among the greatest vocalists of all ages by leading publication platforms such as “Consequence of Sound” and “Rolling Stone”, Christina Aguilera is also a five-time Grammy Award winner. She also has six ALMA Awards, two Latin Grammy Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, and a Guinness World Record, among other accolades.

How Did Christina Aguilera Lose Weight?

In one of her older interviews, Christina Aguilera mentioned how she “hated being super skinny“, i.e., when she was new to the music industry. After that, over these many years, we have seen how her body weight fluctuated from being petite to overweight, with the birth of her children. But the singing sensation has kicked off this brand new year 2024, looking super slimmer than ever before; so much so that she looks practically unrecognizable.  

The “Dirrty” singer blew away her fans with her brand new body at the launch of her Las Vegas residency in December 2023. She looked stunning in a super body-hugging costume, after reportedly shedding almost a whopping 40 pounds. 

According to reports, the major weight loss that she underwent back in 2013 following the birth of her son Max, she has been maintaining her slim and svelte figure by sticking to a balanced, healthy diet and a rigorous workout routine. In an interview, Christina said that she followed the “Rainbow Diet”, choosing food items of specific colors each day, based on their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. She also gorges on chicken salad loaded with veggies, rice, and fish, and nutritious snacks, with sweet indulgences in strict moderation.

Along with following a strict diet, she also exercises religiously, engaging in yoga, strength training, and cardio sessions.

Did She Use Ozempic?

Having lost a massive 40 pounds, it was very much expected that Christina Aguilera would trigger rumors of Ozempic as soon as her latest photos came out on social media. And that is what exactly happened at the Grammy Awards 2024 night, but she, of course, is not new to people commenting on her body weight. Over time, as she went from being petite to curvy after giving birth twice and through her personal setbacks and professional milestones, Christina has frequently been a topic of discussion.

This time, seeing her frame shrunken beyond recognition, the public seems to be having a tough time believing that she has achieved her weight loss goals simply by following a stringent diet and exercise regimen. They have bombarded her photos on social media with comments on her suspected use of Ozempic, the infamous drug, to attain that enormous scale of weight loss. As such, while the award-winning singer has been talking about a healthy diet and regular exercise, Netizens are going on about pharmaceutical options, namely Ozempic.

Ozempic, the drug that the FDA approved for use by diabetics in controlling high blood sugar, has also been used by many celebs to achieve weight loss. We must mention here that this medication is not permitted by the FDA for use in weight loss, though many Hollywood celebrities are rumored to have used it for that purpose.

However, Aguilera has issued no official response or statement to either deny or confirm the Ozempic speculations.

Rumors About Plastic Surgery

Along with Ozempic rumors surrounding her massive weight loss, the legendary singer-songwriter has also been bombarded with plastic surgery speculations. Plastic surgery rumors intensified after she was announced as the new ambassador of the brand Merz Aesthetics and Xeomin, which is famous for manufacturing injectables to treat fine lines. 

Christina Aguilera commented that she has always been “a pretty open book” about embracing her own body, and she has nothing to hide from her followers and fans. There is nothing wrong with opting for plastic surgery and anti-aging treatments, but she confessed to being afraid of losing “authenticity” as a result of cosmetic procedures. She does not want to have a “stoic, still face” while singing, because her “expressive face” is all about emoting freely while she sings. What matters the most to her is bringing her “realness to the stage” while looking her best.

Christina Aguilera At Grammys 2024

The 43-year-old singing sensation wowed the audience and her fans once again, with her appearance last night at the 66th Grammy Awards, in the most unanticipated, genie-inspired attire. Christina Aguilera amazed the audience as she stepped onto the stage alongside Maluma, to present the award for Best Musica Ubana Album.

The diva looked stunning in that icy-blue gown with long sleeves featuring its genie-inspired floor-grazing hemline and high neckline. The draped gathers at the hip flattered her frame beautifully and she wore her signature icy blonde hair pushed back and straight, accessorized perfectly with oversized diamond earrings and rings from the house of Bucherer Fine Jewellery.

Aguilera has donned some of her most memorable attires at the Grammys, but her soft yet spectacular look at the Grammy Awards 2024 is a major shift from her typical bold costumes replete with latex, bare skin, and corsets.

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