Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss 2023. Diet, Workout, And Gastric Bypass Of The Fluffy.

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Gabriel Iglesias weight loss is an inspiration for many people. Struggling with Type-2 Diabetes and weighing around 450 lbs and then losing more than 100 pounds Fluffy has come a long way in terms of his health. A strict diet, regular workouts, and DDP Yoga have helped Gabriel Iglesias a lot in his weight loss journey.

Gabriel Iglesias is a big and well-known name in the realm of comedy. People have always appreciated him for his humor, charm, and positive approach towards life. However, behind the laughter and the stage lights, the beloved comedian faced a personal battle that threatened his existence. 

In this article, we will dive deep into the inspiring journey of Gabriel Iglesias weight loss as he took control of his health and life, losing over 100 pounds and overcoming the obstacles that once seemed insurmountable. 

How Gabriel Iglesias Lost Weight?

Gabriel Iglesia transformed his health by losing significant weight recently, and he has been open about it. However, things were not that pleasant to begin with. One of the major highlights of his entire journey was when he had to face an extremely sensitive situation where a doctor informed him that he could live no longer than 2 years. This news was a significant wake-up call for Gabriel, who realized that his unhealthy habits had endangered his life. 

Gabriel was morbidly obese and suffering from diabetes, which caused poor circulation in his legs, leading to skin cracking and bleeding. His vision and kidneys were also affected by his unhealthy lifestyle. At this time, Gabriel Iglesia was 445 pounds (202 kilograms) heavy.

To avoid the adversity this situation could possibly bring, Gabriel finally decided to take control of his life and start his weight loss journey at any cost. He even managed to go to 320 lbs from 437 lbs losing around 117 pounds by making small and significant changes in his life, including diet and overall lifestyle.

Nevertheless, it is also important to note that several people believe that his transformation might not be achieved only through diet and exercise. This is why, while there have been many conversations around whether or not he went through weight loss surgery. 

But he made some major progress during this time as his symptoms related to diabetes improved, and he also experienced better circulation in his legs. 

Gabriel Iglesias Weight Loss Diet And Workout

When we talk about someone’s weight loss journey, the major changes they bring in their diet and regular exercise play an important role. Talking about Gabriel’s journey, one cannot deny but agree that he has always been extremely open about his personal experience with the massive changes he brought to his diet. 


One of these changes was cutting bread from his diet. Yes, it has always been an item that he could never skip for many years, making it extremely difficult for him to cut off bread from his diet. 

But since he was determined to accomplish what he started with, he was always determined to make this healthy decision and finally made it happen. Gabriel also gave up whole cakes, which had become a signature part of his diet as a comedian.

However, this decision to completely cut off from bread and cake was definitely not easy, but a major and necessary change that he needed to bring so that he could achieve his health goals. 

While he has always been a person who wanted to share everything, he went through his journey with people around him. He was not as forthcoming as people expected him to be about his part in the 2015 movie “Magic Mike XXL.” 

Gabriel has credited his girlfriend with helping him to lose weight and start eating healthy. She has always been a tough support throughout his weight loss journey since she first identified that his weight had become a real health problem, and he needed it to make some changes. 

His girlfriend also worked with a trainer, who eventually became Gabriel’s trainer as well. With her support and guidance, Gabriel was able to adopt a healthy lifestyle and lose over 100 pounds!


The major changes he made in his exercise routines also played an important role in shading such a large amount of weight with consistency, especially when he first started. He described how on day one, he wanted to give up, and he found the physical pain, sweating, and soreness frustrating. 

He also admitted that his experience had taught him how people usually give up the moment they start weight loss journey just because they cannot bear the extreme pain and discomfort that comes with this huge change. But he knew he needed to put in more effort and push through even further if he wanted a second chance at living his best life. 

He also shared about his friend Martin, who is also a stand-up comedian and travel companion. Martin helped Gabriel maintain a healthy lifestyle by pushing him to exercise regularly. When they were on the road, their goal was always to find a gym, and they would go together.  

Did Cardio Help Him?

While Martin preferred lifting weights, Gabriel had to be cautious about doing any type of cardio because of his weight. He admitted that cardio exercises took a toll on his knees and therefore opted for low-impact workouts like DDP Yoga

In fact, he found it to be extremely helpful only when he gave it a chance and started since it had a low impact and his joints did not have a lot of strain on them.

He also used several things to support his exercise regime, like a chair that can help him lift from the floor. However, he improved a lot with time and, at 1 point, was successfully able to do the exercise without any external help. Gabriel noted that his knees still hurt, but he was able to do push-ups and get back up without help.

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Did Gabriel Iglesias Undergo Surgery?

Whether Gabriel Iglesias underwent bariatric surgery or not remains a mystery, as he has not publicly confirmed if he went through with the procedure. 

Although he mentioned going to an appointment as a candidate for bariatric surgery in one of his stand-up routines, he has not confirmed if he followed through with it.

Nevertheless, one cannot deny that the entire progress he achieved during this time is quite impressive, specifically managing to cut off such a huge amount of weight for which he went through a tough diet and exercise routine. 

Not only this, but Gabriel also took many other steps, like cutting off completely from consuming alcohol which further added to the success of his journey.  Gabriel also publicly admitted that the adversities and challenges he faced during this entire time made it difficult for him to literally cut off everything he was into, be it his regular lifestyle and diet. 

Since he was used to drinking alcohol at least four times every week, it was a huge challenge. However, with the right support, he was finally able to distance himself from these harmful habits completely. 

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Gabriel’s weight loss journey is a remarkable story of resilience, hard work, and the importance of prioritizing one’s health. Despite the challenges and uncertainties that clouded his path, Gabriel remained steadfast in his commitment to change and ultimately emerged victorious. 

His openness about his struggles and achievements offers hope and inspiration for those facing their battles with weight and health. 

So if you are looking for a reminder that two matter how worse the circumstances are, this story is a perfect example that it is never too late to start again and get a good grip on your life.

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