Elise Finch Illness, Cause Of Death, And Heart Attack Rumors.

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WCBS’s Meteorologist Elise Finch Illness is the talk of the town. People were shocked to know about her sudden demise in July 2023.

Elise Finch was no stranger to all those who closely follow the morning news on CBS New York. She had joined WCBS in the role of a weekend meteorologist and became a prominent face in the morning daily news. As per her station biography, her association with WCBS goes back to 2007, and since then she has been with the channel for 16 years, till her sudden demise in July 2023.

Finch had worked as a journalist for many years and quickly rose to the scale of fame and success owing to her tremendous dedication and hard work. She was immensely popular among her peers for her perseverance and wit, and quickly garnered an enviable base of fans and followers from being a morning newscaster. Finch had also won various accolades for her coverage of weather and her insightful reporting, including multiple prestigious Emmy Awards.

Before joining WCBS, she used to work with NBC in their meteorology team. She was born in Mount Vernon, New York, in the year 1972, and is survived by her husband Graig Henriques, and their beautiful daughter, Grace.

Her colleagues remember Elise very fondly, saying, that she was their bright morning light. Her cheerful personality, dedication to her work, and friendly demeanor made her not only an excellent coworker but also a great friend and team member. As a professional, she was gifted and thorough, and she was also an exemplary leader in the community, and her birthplace Mount Vernon. Apart from her career, Elise was particularly interested in the entertainment industry and proudly called herself a fan of singer Janet Jackson. 

Every day used to be cheerful with Elise Finch on the team, and her untimely passing has left everyone shocked and speechless.

Elise Finch Illness. Was She Suffering From Any Illness?

Finch, an award-winning American journalist, even went on air just a few days before her passing. That is why her sudden loss has left her family, friends, and everyone in the New York news community devastated and shocked, to say the least. She passed away on the 16th of July 2023, leaving behind her daughter and husband in bereavement, and everyone else wondering what went wrong with her health or if she was suffering from any medical condition.

As the news of her untimely death spread, all her friends, colleagues, peers, and followers grew concerned if there was any underlying health condition she was suffering from. Everybody wanted to find out the cause of her shocking death, and whether any underlying ailments were to be blamed. However, WCBS an affiliate of CBS New York, where she worked, did not offer any specific details of the entire matter.

Elise Finch

Till now there is no official statement available, that talks about or indicates the exact reason for her death. There is also no available statement that tells us if she was suffering from any kind of known illness. Also, quite understandably, her family seeks privacy in this time of mourning, so they were unavailable to comment or shed any light on this context.

As such, we cannot really comment on anything about what might have caused her death. And this lack of any piece of evidence has made the air thick with rumors about her health condition before her unexpected demise. Now, while it is natural for people to feel curious about her health condition that possibly led to her passing, it is outright disrespectful to conjecture any possibilities or spread baseless rumors about what might have happened. The least we can do is show respect to the deceased and her family in their moment of misfortune and allow them space.

Did She Suffer A Heart Attack?

Elise Finch was a highly accomplished journalist and meteorologist who started her educational journey as a student of Mount Vernon High School at Mount Vernon, her place of birth. After completing her schooling, she went to Georgetown University, completing her Bachelor of Science degree from there, and even earned the prestigious President’s Award while she was a student there.

From there, Elise secured her admission to Syracuse University and completed her Master of Science in broadcast journalism. After her Masters, she successfully completed a program in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University, owing to her deep interest in the subject, and even received the American Meteorological Society’s honored Seal of Approval.

She met Graig Henriques, a photojournalist with CBS, when she joined CBS New York, back in the year 2007, and the couple got married after that in a beautiful ceremony at Untermyer Gardens. They had been happily married for ten years and were proud parents to a lovely daughter.

Finch was born to African-American parents, James Finch Jr. and Charlotte Finch, and grew up alongside her sister Kiya. She had always chosen to keep her personal life away from the public spotlight despite being a high-profile newscaster with CBS New York.

Elise’s death was absolutely untimely, at the young age of only 51 years, which has caused widespread shock and devastation to all those who knew her closely and loved her for the person she was. She died at a local hospital in New York City, but the exact cause of death was not shared with the public immediately.

According to some news sources, she might have suffered from a major cardiovascular ailment, such as a heart attack or stroke, which caused instant death. Some sources close to her are said to suspect that it might be a stroke or a massive heart attack that claimed her life.


As soon as the shocking news of her death reached people in the USA, they poured out their hearts in mourning the loss of a beloved friend, colleague, and icon and flooded social media with support and condolence messages.

The church live-streamed her funeral service on its Facebook page and received over 4500 views and 800 comments, proving how beautifully Elise Finch had touched the lives of people, far and wide. Elise will be lovingly remembered, forever, for being the wholesome person she was.

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