Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery. Thyroid Cancer, Neck Scar, And Her Partner.

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Recently there has been a lot of buzz about JAG actress Catherine Bell plastic surgery. Her skin looked smooth lately and that made people think that she might have undergone a knife for skin enhancement. But all these just seem like rumors.

If you have ever watched the smash hit TV show “JAG”, you will easily remember Catherine Bell for her utterly pretty face and stunning body. With her stunning looks and physique, which is the dream of every woman, Catherine has captivated her audience and wowed her fans for years. 

Lately, there have been rumors doing the rounds in the entertainment industry, about this sultry actor undergoing plastic surgery. Keep reading this article to find out if there is any truth to back these rumors, but first, let us get to know more about Catherine Bell.

Born in August 1968, Catherine Lisa Bell is a famous British-American model and actor, who is widely recognized for playing the character of Lieutenant Colonel Sarah MacKenzie in the hugely popular television series “JAG” that was aired from 1997 to 2005. Catherine’s portrayal of Denise Sherwood in the series “Army Wives” and Cassandra “Cassie” Nightingale in the movie series “The Good Witch” by Hallmark, also brought her extensive fame and recognition. She is not just a pretty face but also a very talented actor, who is also known for her role in the movie “Bruce Almighty“. 

She was born in London, but when she turned 2 years old, she and her Iranian mother, Mina Ezzati, relocated to California. Catherine’s debut in the entertainment industry happened pretty early when she was just a little girl and took part in various TV commercials.

She even got admission to UCLA to study biology and pre-medicine, but she soon dropped out of that course and decided to pursue modeling in Japan. She returned to the world of acting with a Mexican advertisement for American Express and even became the body double of Isabella Rossellini in the film “Death Becomes Her” in the year 1992. 

Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery. Did She Really Undergo Any Surgery?

Over the years, Catherine has been bombarded many times by the public, with allegations of undergoing cosmetic surgery to enhance her appearance. 

Recently, viewers seemed to notice some changes in her facial features, when they compared her before and after photos. In recent images of the 55-year-old actor, her facial skin seems incredibly smooth without the slightest wrinkles or lines. At her age when a few natural lines and wrinkles, especially on the forehead, cannot be spotted, and the skin appears unusually taut and smooth, it has to be Botox or a facelift, suspects the public.

People also feel that she might have had blepharoplasty, along with a facelift, to enhance her facial features. They also seem to have noticed some differences in her nose shape, especially the nose bridge that clearly appears narrower than before, doubting that she must also have done a nose job, i.e., rhinoplasty, to achieve a slimmer and sharper nose. 

As if that was not enough, the public also seems to suspect her of getting breast implants to improve her bust line. In some photos, her bosom appears saggy, while in others, she looks busty and firm. This difference has made them believe that Catherine must also have gone under the knife to alter her bust. However, there is no statement or news to support these speculations about Catherine Bell plastic surgery.

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Okay, Let’s back to the topic.

Did She Suffer From Thyroid Cancer?

When Catherine was only 21 years old, her uncle, a dentist, detected a swelling on the side of her throat and recommended investigations that revealed that she had thyroid gland cancer. Consequently, she underwent surgery for the total removal of her thyroid gland.

Starting from the diagnosis, to undergoing an operation for gland removal – the whole experience proved to be quite life-altering for the model-turned-actor. At a time when she was confused about what to pursue between modeling and acting, she got a newfound perspective in her life and chose to pursue her acting career with utmost dedication.

Interestingly, in an interview, she revealed that she has never bothered to hide her surgery scar on the neck, not even before any public or TV appearances. Many people who are unaware of this fact about the gorgeous actor have often mistaken the scar on her neck as a tattoo. But Catherine does not seem to fret at all, instead, she thinks that her scar is cool, which is quite courageous and inspiring as well, for many people experiencing similar circumstances.

Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery
Image Credit : Instagram / Catherine Bell

After undergoing thyroidectomy and radiation therapy to eliminate any remaining traces of cancer, she now lives cancer-free. However, she chose to turn her experience into a strong point and became a spokesperson for the Thyroid Cancer Survivor Association. A thyroid cancer survivor and a devoted advocate of the association, Catherine has garnered much respect and love from her fans worldwide.

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How Her Skin Looks Amazing?

We have seen many of Catherine Bell’s videos on her social media channels about makeup tutorials. She even has her own YouTube channel for makeup tutorial videos. So, Catherine is very aware of her skincare routine and she even owns and promotes her skincare brand EVR Beauty.

Who Is Her Partner?

Catherine Bell married Adam Beason in 1994 after they met in 1992, on the sets of “Death Becomes Her“, where he was an actor and production assistant. The couple had two children together – Gemma and Ronan, but their marriage lasted for about 17 years, after which they finally divorced in the year 2011. 

After their split, Catherine was rumored to be dating Brooke Daniels who is a professional party planner, photographer, and Scientologist. Speculations about them say that the couple have been living together since 2012 and have been through uphill struggles with their families vehemently opposing their relationship. Reportedly, both of their parents did not accept same-gender relationships and never supported their love for each other. However, there are no statements from either Catherine or Brooke on this matter – they have strictly maintained privacy in their personal lives all through.

The couple is happily into the seventh year of their relationship and are very happy with each other. Their determination to live life happily and to the fullest has won over their fans and followers, who simply adore the gorgeous couple.


Catherine Bell is the perfect example of a woman with grit, grace, and exceptional beauty and talent. Plastic surgery or not, we cannot deny that we can learn a great deal from the way she carries her life experiences and balances her personal and professional lives.

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