Dana Perino Nose Job Truth Unveiled. Has she Undergone Plastic Surgery?

Key Takeaways

The speculations of Dana Perino nose job and being under the knife are always trending. Viewers of The Five believe that she has undergone several surgeries to get that look. But no matter what changes we notice in her facial appearance over time, there has been no confirmation on the topic from the journalist.

Dana Perino, the famous political commenter on American Television, is under suspicion of plastic surgery. The veteran Fox News anchor has ample experience in journalism and is known for her thorough, unbiased analysis of political scenarios. Her unique anchoring style is what makes her an integral part of the News team. 

However, the speculations of plastic surgery have been trending for a long time. Let’s take a deep look at all the rumors and find out the reality. 

And Dana Perino Nose Job And The Cosmetic Surgeries

The mainstream political analyst has been part of Fox News for a long time. She also served as secretary to the White House, under George W. Bush for two years.

Such close association with politics and the White House gave her ample experience as a political analyst. It helped her to land the role of a political commenter on the famous News broadcasting house, Fox News. Since then she has been co-hosting two of the mainstream shows The Five and Americans Newsroom with Bill Hemmer. 

Journalist Dana Perino
Journalist Dana Perino Image: Instagram/Dana Perino

The profession requires her to look perfect on the camera. Thus, she has been watched by millions of people during the telecast of these shows. It gives the anchor the urge to look perfect and match the beauty standards even at this age. Although cosmetic surgeries are often associated with the entertainment industry, Dana might be the recipient as well. However, the answer is not that straightforward, as sometimes a natural change causes an effect of plastic surgery. 

Since Dana has been part of the News industry for such a long time, even a small change can’t go unnoticed. The fact remains that over a period, there has been a significant change in her looks. However, we all can’t look the same always, as age and other factors have some impact on the way we look. 

Despite the natural change, our noses can’t get slimmer without the hindrance of any cosmetic procedure. Her slim and sharp nose is the reason behind such rumors and speculations. Over time, the size and shape of her nose have changed significantly, which put her under the suspicion of being under the knife. 

Dana Perino Enjoying Her Vacation
Dana Perino Enjoying Her Vacation Image: Instagram/Dana Perino

The counter to this argument could be the use of heavy makeup and covering by contour. However, the chances of that look slim as even makeup couldn’t have such an effect. The two sides are divided by their opinion and it is tough to take a stand. She has never been open about any cosmetic surgery and there has been no comment on the spurring rumors. 

Another speculation is about her eyelid surgery. The space between the eyelids has seemed to grow in a matter of few years. There is no possible explanation for this change except for an eyelid surgery. 

She is also a suspect of going under the anti-aging treatment or Botox. In her late 30s, Dana had some fine lines and wrinkles around the crown area. However, the skin is glowing and smooth, which is not possible naturally. In a natural aging process, the wrinkles grow around the face and make you look old. The Botox makes her look like in her 30s while being in her 50s. The Botox might be the reason that her skin is not sagging. 

However, people tend to overlook the fact that someone might be following a healthy lifestyle and diet to counter the effects of aging. A fibrous, protein-rich diet alongside vitamins can help you restrict the effects of aging on your skin. Along with a healthy diet, an active lifestyle is also crucial. You can add workouts or cardio to get the best results. 

Thus, at the end of the day, all these speculations are nothing more than a rumor as there is no clear evidence to conclude Dana Perino’s cosmetic surgery. 

Dana Perino With Her Dog Percy
Dana Perino With Her Dog Percy Image: Instagram/Dana Perino

Dana Perino’s Recent Remarks

Dana Perino on her show rants about Biden not mentioning enough about Israel in the ongoing conflict. After he visited Israel, Biden went to attend a press conference which left the Fox News anchor, Dana Perino rather disappointed. Dana asked the President to talk more about the other prominent topics rather than talking about Ukraine alone. 

Perino was asked by the panel of Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum to express her views on the current situation. Dana believed that the President is yet to have a strong take on the current warship condition. 

Final Words

All these speculations and rumors can’t overshadow the fact that Dana Perino is a strong individual with a strong opinion. Dana’s experience in the political world makes her a top-notch commenter and presenter. Despite all the speculations, she has a long way to go ahead. 

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