David Gregory Illness And Health Update 2023. Where Is He Now?

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Many are speculating about David Gregory illness as he made a decision to leave NBC. But let us clarify that the former “Meet The Press” anchor is fine and not suffering from any illness.

David Gregory, one of the famous names in the political world, has been doing shows for a long time. His blunt political views and precise political analysis made him a top presenter. He is counted among the best news presenters because of his dedication and work ethic. 

However, since his departure from NBC, he has been a trending topic. In today’s topic, we will decipher his exit from the news broadcast and what he is up to now. Also, we’ll have a look at his recent health update. 

Where Is David Now?

The American celebrity was born on August 24, 1970. He was a popular face on the Sunday morning show “Meet The Press” on NBC. During his reign, he did several insightful interviews with political leaders and experts. His expertise in the field made him a crucial asset to the team of NBC. 

However, his time with NBC came to an end, as he moved ahead with his career. He joined CNN as a political analyst and since then has been a key part of the team. He is known to do an in-depth analysis of the ongoing political tussle and use his expertise to simplify the political issues to the viewers. 

David Gregory Illness

Since the start of his career, his commitment to the work has always been commendable. However, his exit from the NBC was a huge moment in his career. He opened up about this incident in an interview. People believed that NBC had a toxic work culture since the news presenter said– “I Don’t Miss NBC, as the atmosphere was not right for me.” He somehow felt that the entire situation could have been avoided if the news network had been a little more considerate. The entire topic was in the news for a while, even before the official exit of Gregory. President of NBC Deborah Turness was turning down all the rumors of David leaving the network. David said that he doesn’t want to put the news network through another “Ann Curry Moment” 

David also claimed that NBC deliberately leaked the info about David leaving so that all the chaos could be avoided. He also said that NBC was not able to provide him with any surety and that he was suffering without a reason. He added that although he shared a decent bond with people around him, some people were more than happy to see the struggle. 

Although the entire incident was unfortunate, it left David with plenty of questions. There were also random rumors about his declining health due to the stress. 

David Gregory Illness. What Actually Happened To Him?

Are all those health rumors true? Although David was blunt about his exit, he never shared any information about his health concerns. As per our research, the political analyst is doing completely fine and doesn’t have any health issues. Even on his social media handles there is no evidence of his illness. 

Thus, David Gregory is not ill and is doing fine with his family. 

“How’s Your Faith?”- David Gregory

After all the mess in his career, he went on a path of spirituality. He wrote a book about spirituality and god- “How’s Your Faith”. He said, “That moment was a real test, I asked myself, what do I want to be for my kids?” He tried to understand the reason behind all the chaos and what exactly god wants him to be. He also gives credit to his wife, Beth Wilkinson, who despite his Jewish background helped him to attain religious knowledge. 

His wife helped him to go deeper into the realm of faith and belief. She told him that you need a clear answer to your faith in order to be free. He then did everything to gain a deeper knowledge about god and spirituality. 

The paperback edition of his book is available now. You can check it out as he talked about his personal experience with god. 

David Gregory’s Recent Remarks

He recently had to face a lot of backlash due to one of his remarks. The CNN political analyst and former Meet The Press anchor made a comment online that people were not happy about. A question was asked to Gregory about the differences between houses to name a speaker. It was asked because of the ongoing conflict between Hamas-Israel and Gregory replied he couldn’t explain it. 

He said that this is yet another failure of the Republican Party as the world is in utter chaos and still we can’t make a decision about our leaders. On a Friday afternoon, Gregory was a trending name on the online platform X. The Democrats were rather upset that Gregory balmed them too. Democrats believed that this was solely the Republicans’ fault as they failed to choose. 

David had to bear all the online heat. But as an experienced journalist, he was able to handle it without much issue.

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