What Happened To Vanessa Williams? Why Is She So Skinny, Is She Sick?


Vanessa Williams garnered global fame and recognition after becoming the first African-American woman to be crowned Miss America in 1984. However, owing to some media controversy related to her nude photos being printed in the “Penthouse” magazine, she then renounced her title of Miss America. Around 32 years later, she was offered an official public apology for those events during the Miss America pageant in 2016. 

Though she gave up her Miss America 1984 title, Vanessa Williams went ahead to chart out a successful career as an actor and singer; she also came to be recognized as an accomplished dancer, producer, and model. Born in March 1963, Williams launched her debut album titled “The Right Stuff” back in 1988, and the track called “Dreamin’” shot to the top 8 in the USA in 1989. While her first studio album saw moderate success, she gained greater popularity after the release of her second and third studio albums, namely, “The Comfort Zone” and “The Sweetest Days”. As such, she received several nominations for the Grammy Awards, especially for her signature song which was a smash hit, and US Number One, “Save The Best For The Last”. 

Vanessa enjoyed tremendous success as an actor, both on screen and stage, after she marked her Broadway debut with the play called “Kiss Of The Spider Woman” back in 1994. She received a Tony Award for the segment Best Actress in a Musical, for playing the role of The Witch in “Into The Woods” revival. She has also starred in numerous TV serials and dramas with her iconic roles being Wilhelmina Slater in “Ugly Betty”, for which she received three nominations for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress In A Comedy Series. She also portrayed the role of Renee Perry in the sitcom “Desperate Housewives” between 2010 and 2012.

Williams also launched her own apparel lineup in March 2016, and called it “V. by Vanessa Williams”.

What Happened To Vanessa Williams?

Fans and followers have deep admiration for Vanessa Williams for her profound talents as a singer and actor, and she has delivered some mind-blowing performances too. However, she has recently shot to public discussion forums for her sudden weight loss, which has sparked rumors and triggered concerns among the public.

When beauty queen Williams posted some behind-the-scenes photographs of her photo shoot for “Photobook” magazine, instead of noticing her glamor, people started talking about her thinness. The 60-year-old former Miss America posted on Instagram, some pictures of her dressed in animal print outfits with famous photographer Mike Ruiz. But people started bombarding her pictures with comments about how frail she was looking and began spreading rumors. While some of her fans showed concerns about her health, others went straight up to suspect her of using Ozempic, the infamous weight loss drug.

Vanessa Williams indeed looks extremely thin now; the difference is all the more stark when you compare her before and after images. Her weight loss transformation is far from minor – it is practically impossible to ignore that she has shed body weight considerably. While there is no information available yet, about why or how she lost weight, it has clearly not gone down well with the public. This can be primarily because people have already seen her before and how fit and gorgeous she looked in her younger days – they firmly believe that Williams does not need to lose the slightest amount of weight. People are saying things like she appears to have dried up from within, and it might be due to some medical condition that she is suffering from. 

Why Is She So Thin?

Alarmed at the beauty queen’s dramatic weight loss transformation, and not being able to make sense of it, her fans have started rumoring about its possible causes. From Ozempic to some unknown health condition, they have not ruled out any option that might have caused Vanessa Williams to lose weight drastically. However, the singer-actor has not yet issued any public statement or reaction, in response to the various speculations about her that have flooded social media platforms. 

Some people have drawn references to actor Chadwick Boseman – he had also grown enormously thin before his demise, due to suffering from cancer. The public feels that Vanessa was not required to shed weight at all, so might it be due to some underlying serious illness that we are not aware of?

But we cannot also rule out the possibility of a strict diet and exercise routine that she might have adopted recently. In one of her interviews, Vanessa had talked about the time during the mid-90s, when she was asked to lose weight for her role in the film “Eraser”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. A mother of three kids at that time, she had to go on a diet and even considered going in for liposuction since she was asked to shed a lot of weight for that film.

Is She Sick?

Despite being bombarded with concerns about her noticeable weight loss, Vanessa Williams has been professionally active. However, very recently, we have come to know about a report of her canceling her concert in Florida’s Clearwater, citing illness as the reason. This is the only mention related to her health that we have come across in recent times; otherwise, she has been engaging normally with her followers via public appearances and social media.

As of now, there are no official reports or any verifiable information to deny or confirm any rumors related to her sickness.

In her interviews, the former beauty queen talked about sticking to a well-balanced nutritious diet and regular workout routines to maintain her physique. She mentioned that she enjoyed doing Pilates, cardio, strength training, and yoga as well as hiking and dancing. Williams also talked about mixing her routines and even tried Zumba, spinning, and boxing to stay fit. While she completely avoids processed food and refined sugar, she sticks to eating five small meals to maintain her energy levels and metabolism.

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