Chad Kroeger Plastic Surgery. Truth Revealed About This Controversial Rock Singer.

Key Takeaways

The lead vocalist from the veteran rock band Nickleback, Chad Kroeger, has always been in the trending news. But this time everyone is talking about Chad Kroeger plastic surgery topic. Nickelback vocalist had a hard childhood and life full of ups and downs.

However, the artist has had a controversial career, his songs have been on the top charts for a long time. The band, Nickleback is often described as a band that everyone loves to hate. The band sold 50 million records, but still people never back off from bashing them. 

The vocalist is in the news yet again, however this time it is due to speculation spreading like wildfire on the internet. Fans are convinced that Chad has undergone plastic surgery to get the desired look. However, the truth is far more peculiar. In this article, we will look at some other aspects of Chad’s life along with an in-depth analysis of the cosmetic surgery rumors.

The Nickleback And Backstory

The 48-year-old vocalist has seen all the rough patches in his personal and professional life. The Canadian music creator had a sketchy childhood as his father left the family when he was just 2. Later during his early teenage days, Chad was accused of stealing regularly. You can hear the childhood hardships in his popular songs like Photograph. 

His raspy range of vocals has helped him create some of the best masterpieces like Rockstar, How You Remind Me, etc. He has had a deep passion for music since an early age. Once he started playing guitar at the age of 13, and later went on to form several bands. Initially, Nickelback was not appreciated enough by the listeners, however, the breakthrough album came in 2001. Silver Side Up was the album that kickstarted the enthralling musical journey of Chad Kroeger and his band. The love for their music was worldwide as they were able to sell 50 million records throughout their career. 

Despite such love, they received ample hatred from the music lovers. Let us discuss some of the reasons behind such hatred and disliking. 

Reason For Wide Hatred

During the initial growth phase of the band, people enjoyed their music and lyrics, however, with time people got fed up with the lyrical scheme. Apart from this, some were disappointed because of the behavior of band members, especially the lead guitarist- Chad Kroeger. 

The hatred was so great that 50,000 spectators at the Detroit Lion’s Annual Thanksgiving match signed the petition to stop Nickleback from performing during the halftime break. Some of the music lovers believe that he dissed his listeners with his song Rockstar, Kroeger believes that “Rockstar” and “How You Remind Me” were highly misinterpreted by the viewers. 

Musician Chad Kroeger

People also dislike the arrogant behavior of the rockstar, as once he made a statement during an interview in which he praised his own band and called it one of the best. However, even the negative comments made him feel that he secretly liked Nickleback and their music, thus they were able to sell endless records. 

One of the biggest complaints of his listeners is that Chad recycles his lyrics and tries to fit them into every song. Critics have been pointing out the lead vocalist’s limited range and ability. Even the lyrics are bold and strong and it can easily offend anyone. 

Apart from the musical criticism, Chad got trolled for his physical appearance as he got the 6th spot in the list of World’s Unsexiest Men by Boston Phoenix. Thus, it is evident that people dislike the band and the lead vocalist. 

Chad Kroeger Plastic Surgery Speculations

The speculations of Chad undergoing plastic surgery to uplift his physical appearance are making the top picks. Plenty of people believe that Chad has opted for a nose job to get a sharper and better-looking nose. Some also believe the artist is trying Botox to look younger than his age. 

However, the reality of these speculations is still debatable. The lead vocalist has not acknowledged any of these rumors. Even the picture comparison doesn’t give you any idea about the speculated nose job surgery. Thus we can easily conclude that there is no solid proof that Chad Kroger has undergone any cosmetic surgery.

Nickleback Vocalist Chad Kroeger

The Cyst Surgery

When Nickleback released their 8th album in 2014, they got a positive response. However later during a tour, the lead vocalist and guitarist lost his voice under certain circumstances. The entire European leg of the tour was called off. On medical inspection, it was confirmed that Chad is suffering from Cyst and there must be surgery to remove it. Throughout the process, he was not able to talk at all and thus the process of writing lyrics was disrupted. 

Later a team of trusted doctors performed the surgery to remove Cyst and he got his voice back. 

Chad Kroeger’s Divorce

After getting married to a Canadian Rockstar, Avril Lavigne in 2015, the couple was living a beautiful life. However soon after the marriage, speculations of the couple going apart started trending. The rumor was true as they got divorced in 2015. Some still believe that the couple is in touch but there is no proof of it. 

Final Words

The rockstar has seen all the backlash and success in his career, however, we must acknowledge the fact that he created one of the finest bands in Canada and was able to rule the musical charts for a long time.

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