Brian Stelter Weight Loss. Has He Really Lost Any Weight?

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Brian Stelter weight loss. The journalist is said to have lost around 75 pounds using his “TWITTER DIET”.

When he was barely a freshman at 18 years of age, Brian Stelter started a blog where he used to publish posts anonymously for fear of losing readership if they came to know his age. It was back in 2004, and he was studying at Towson University, soon after a few months of publishing his blog site, it got a mention in a brief article in the New York Times. It had already become hugely popular among the public and had captured the interest of the top executives and journalists on television. 

After his identity was revealed and Brian Stelter received massive recognition as the mastermind upstart blogger, he developed a ubiquitous presence in America’s news. At only 21 years of age, he became a news correspondent with the Times. A couple of years later, he was recruited by CNN as their senior media reporter and also started hosting a weekly show every Sunday. As years passed, Stelter, the chronicler of media, became the one chronicled by media, because the public felt a stronger sense of interest in his life beyond the media scoops he shared. He took it upon himself and went on sharing bits and pieces about his personal life and talked about many things, including his weight loss transformation.

Who Is Brian Stelter?

Born in September 1985 in Damascus, Maryland, Brian Patrick Stelter is a reputed American journalist, who is best recognized as the principal media correspondent for CNN and the host of “Reliable Sources“, a hugely popular show on the same channel. When he was an undergraduate student at Towson University, he started “TVNewser”, a TV and cable news blog that rapidly gained immense popularity. Later on, Stelter sold his blog site to Mediabistro and it came under the ownership of the Adweek blog network.

At 22 years of age in 2007, Stelter was the youngest staff member and reporter in The New York Times. A few years later, he was appointed the new host of the CNN show “Reliable Sources”, and also assumed a role as their senior media reporter for CNN Worldwide in the year 2013. He held these roles for a few years until CNN canceled their show “Reliable Sources” in August 2022, and Brian Stelter quit the news network after the last episode was aired. 

During that time, CNN and its parent companies Warner Bros and Discovery, were cutting down on costs, and the decision to cancel that show was also part of their cost-cutting strategy. However, this move enraged Brian Stelter, who voiced his criticism saying, “It’s not partisan to stand up for decency and democracy and dialogue”.

In September 2022, he joined a program, Walter Shorenstein Media and Democracy Fellowship, at Harvard Kennedy School. In January 2023, he hosted a panel discussion at the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum that was held at Davos.

Brian Stelter Weight Loss Transformation

Brian Stelter has been very open about his personal life and has talked to his fans and audiences candidly about his weight loss. Purportedly, Stelter lost almost a whopping 75 pounds in 6 months, an outcome that he attributes to recording his meals on Twitter. A collection of his before and after photos that Stelter posted on Tumblr show clear signs of his transformation over time.

Stelter has been keeping track of his weight loss goals on Twitter and has meticulously documented all that he eats every day and night, which his followers can easily go through. His “Twitter diet” has become insanely famous and interestingly many others are also seen to be documenting their physical transformation goals on their Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

Brian Stelter And The Morning Show

Brian Stelter is also the producer of Apple’s marquee series, “The Morning Show”, which viewers can watch on Apple TV+. This show draws inspiration from a book authored by Stelter, known as “Top Of The Morning: Inside The Cutthroat World Of Morning TV. 

Stelter’s book is said to be based on the very popular NBC show “The Today Show” and explores the interesting power dynamics that exist between women and men in the modern workplace. It also delves into various aspects that are not generally talked about, which include things such as sexism and ageism. The story is conveyed from the perspectives of two very complex female protagonists played by Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. Steve Carell is also a part of the cast along with other notable actors like Mark Duplass, Billy Crudup, and Karen Pittman.

Many have called it an “unapologetic drama” that was heavily inspired by the #MeToo movement and at a time when American news anchor Matt Lauer was charged with allegations of sexual assault. However, some critics say that this show is not a true story directly taken from the news headlines, like some other shows.

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