Sarah J Maas Weight Loss And Speculations About Being Zionist


Sarah J Maas has been in the news recently, talking about her brand new novel titled, “House Of Flame And Shadow”, which was launched on January 30th, 2024. This book is the newest addition to the trilogy by Maas, which is named “Crescent City”, and also happens to be one of her chart-topping fantasy series. Known primarily for her female character-centric novels, Maas is the master of creating characters that cannot be confined to any definable segment as such. 

Sarah has always drawn inspiration from Disney’s world of “Fantasia”, which enchanted her even when she was a 16-year-old girl in the busy Manhattan bustle. She would embark on her imagination which would float and take her away to distant places of her imagination, leaving behind the buzz and hustle of the big cityscape. Sarah could never stop thinking about the fairytales and Cinderella especially caught her fancy – she has always believed that Cinderella could be more dangerous or maybe slightly more complex. And that is how young Sarah J Maas started writing her book inspired by Cinderella’s tale, named “Queen of Glass”. 

Throughout her teenage years and then through adulthood, young author Sarah J Maas kept working on her ideas, feeling inspired; she drafted about four or five books in a series. However, she ultimately did not go ahead with them and decided to scrap them all. But she never quite gave up the idea of writing her book of fantasy or fairytale – she said that even if she turned 90 years old, she would still want to publish at least one book of her own. However, Maas did not have to wait for that long a time, because, the bestselling fantasy author has already sold more than 30 million copies of her books and she is only 37 years old. 

Who Is Sarah J Maas?

Born in March 1986 in New York City and raised in Manhattan’s Upper West Side, Sarah J Maas is an American fantasy author. She garnered extensive fame and recognition for her fantasy novel series namely, “A Court Of Thorns And Roses”, “Throne Of Glass” and her latest launch titled “Crescent City”. As mentioned before, she is a bestselling author who has already sold more than 30 million copies of her novels and her books have been translated into at least 37 other languages as well.

Maas has featured as the fifth most popular author on the very popular online book reading platform “Goodreads”, between the years 2016 and 2021. 

She completed her graduation magna cum laude back in 2008 from Hamilton College which is located in Clinton, Oneida County located in New York. She was a major in creative writing and religious studies was her choice of minor subject. 

As of now, Sarah J Maas has been happily married to her husband Josh Wasserman since the year 2010, and the couple have two beautiful kids, a son and a daughter, Taran and Sloane, respectively. 

Sarah began composing her debut novel, “Throne Of Glass” when she was just 16 years old – she used to call it “Queen Of Glass” back then. After composing several chapters of this novel, she decided to post them on the website “”, and it gained tremendous popularity in a very short time, becoming one of the most popular stories on that platform. However, when Maas decided to officially publish her debut novel, the story was removed from that website.

The most intriguing thing about the compositions of Sarah J Maas is that they are heavily inspired by the fairytales we read as children, but with a very different perspective or touch. For instance, her “Throne Of Glass”, which draws inspiration from Cinderella, encourages the reader to wonder if Cinderella was an assassin and not a servant.

Her second series, which is titled “A Court Of Thorns And Roses”, is loosely based on the famous fairytale “Beauty And The Beast”. Her latest launch which goes by the name “Crescent City”, is her first adult fantasy series, which Sarah J Maas had announced back in May 2018. 

Maas confirmed that she was working with writers and the show-runners on her second fantasy series, “A Court Of Thorns And Roses”, which is being adapted into a TV series. The author is reportedly working as the executive producer of this project, and this series will be aired on Hulu, as per “The New York Times”.

How Did Sarah J Maas Lose Weight?

Though she is widely hailed as the queen of fantasy, Sarah J Maas has not gone without experiencing her share of controversies. Like many others, she has become a topic of gossip on social media because of her alleged weight loss. 

However, there are no reports or any verifiable information on the internet, which talks about her shedding weight. Even if you try comparing her before and after photos, it is tough to comment on whether she has lost weight or not. The fact that people feel that she has lost weight, is either due to her outfit or makeup or maybe the lighting when the photograph was shot.

So, as of now, we cannot confirm or deny if famous fantasy author Sarah J Maas has lost weight or not.

Is She Zionist?

Zionists believe in the philosophy of Judaism and consider it as a religion and nationality. Zionism refers to the nationalist movement of the Jews and has existed since the establishment of the State of Israel, back in 1948.

Sarah J Maas has frequently received hate from the public for allegedly being a “Zionist” because her father was a Jew and she was raised Jewish. As per reports, having a Jewish father, Maas had visited Israel with her grandmother at some point. 

When the Israel-Palestine war was at its peak, a few months ago, Sarah J Maas was bombarded with insensitive comments, though she has never posted or commented on anything remotely related to the topic.

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