There Have Been A Lot Of Tara Lipinski Plastic Surgery Rumors After She Announced Her New Born Via Surrogacy.

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People have been asking about Tara Lipinski plastic surgery as she welcomed her newborn baby via surrogacy. But even though it is in speculation, she hasn’t said anything about the rumors. After her miscarriage, she decided to opt for surrogacy.

Tara Lipinski is synonymous with elegance and grace on the ice – she is an American former professional figure skater, sports commentator, actor, and documentary movie producer. An eminent Olympian, Tara Lipinski won the 1998 Olympics and became the world champion in 1997. Tara was the youngest single skater till 2019, who won the US National championship, and also the youngest professional in figure skating to have won the Olympics.

An epitome of brilliance and finesse, she won each and every figure skating competition she participated in, during her career, and retired in 1998. The 41-year-old former Olympic champion became NBC’s primary figure skating commentator along with fellow figure skater Johnny Weir and sportscaster Terry Gannon. She has very recently been in the headlines after becoming a new mom on October 25, 2023, which we shall talk about later in this post.

Why So Many Tara Lipinski Plastic Surgery Rumors? Has She Ever Opted For Cosmetic Enhancement?

Though Tara Lipinski is not as famous as an actor, speculations about her going under the knife are no less rife than any actor or personality from Hollywood. Changes in her appearance over the years have generated much curiosity among her fans and followers, who cannot help but suspect that she must have opted for some cosmetic enhancements.

Many people want to believe that she has gone for Botox injections to get rid of crow’s feet or fine lines and wrinkles which are the most common signs of ageing. Apart from that, they also suspect that Tara might have also gone for lip and cheek fillers, upper eyelid surgery i.e. blepharoplasty, along with a facelift, nose job, and breast augmentation. Her remarkably stretched skin and youthful appearance are what set the rumors mills rolling.

Tara Lipinski Transformation In Years

People have closely compared her before and after photos, commenting that her fresh and innocent face now looks dramatically stiff and stretchy, which can only be blamed on a facelift. They feel that she has every facial feature touched up to achieve a flawless look, but it cannot be denied that her face looks somewhat stiff, losing its natural suppleness. While her skin looks flawless, she might have had too much Botox, which causes the stiffness.

The change in her nose shape is also easy to spot – it looks way more refined than before, which is a clear giveaway of the fact that Tara has also undergone rhinoplasty i.e., a nose job. If you see her earlier photos, you can see her nose which was kind of bulbous and bigger than it is now – this can only be possible when one undergoes plastic surgery.

At present, her nose looks quite slimmed down and pointy, but it beautifully blends with her face, so it has not really ruined her face. Apart from her facelift and rhinoplasty 

People suspect that Tara Lipinski has also undergone breast augmentation surgery, or maybe fillers since her bust line appears much fuller than before. But there are no statements or pieces of news to back any of these claims and suspicions raised by the public- so these are simply rumors.

Her Newborn Baby Via Surrogacy

Tara Lipinski is now a new mom – she announced the birth of her daughter, her first baby, with her producer-director husband Todd Kapostasy. Tara and Todd welcomed their baby daughter, on the 25th of October 2023, through surrogacy, and named her Georgie Winter.

In an interview with “People” magazine, Tara shared her experience of life with her infant daughter and has also opened up about the struggles she had to go through until this joyous day. She said that Georgie’s arrival in their lives has been a painful and long struggle through a 5-year-long journey of infertility. Lipinski mentioned that she suffers from endometriosis which led to miscarriages four times, and after 5 long years of struggling she decided that she wanted to share her experience with her fans.

Tara Lipinski With Her New Born Baby

She did that via her podcast “Unexpecting” in August 2023 and posted on Instagram that despite feeling comfortable sharing her life with her followers, she had to keep this secret for the last 5 years. It has been a very strange experience of heartbreak for her, and being all alone on this journey isolated her to an extent while she tried to cope. Her life had turned “upside down” and they were engulfed by their devastating and heartbreaking infertility journey.

Her journey has also been excruciatingly painful physically, not just emotionally draining, but she is now ready to talk about it, for which she and her husband created this podcast. After her last miscarriage, they decided to explore other options to become parents, and that is how they opted for surrogacy, which changed their lives.

Their Journey Of Parenthood!

Here’s wishing Tara and Todd the warmest wishes and congratulations as they embark on their exciting journey of parenthood.

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