Is Joyce Meyer Accepted The Rumors Of Plastic Surgery?

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Are Joyce Meyer plastic surgery rumors true? The popular religious teacher has come under public scrutiny for her appearance recently. But her back surgery was misinterpreted by many as plastic surgery.

When the things around us get messed up, we all turn our heads towards the god. If you’re religious and follow biblical teachings, then Joyce Meyer must be a familiar name. She helps people to get closer to Jesus, and be gritty in any adverse situation. 

The author of several books was also picked by The New York Times as a bestselling author. In the name of god, she runs a non-profitable organization, that helps people around the globe. Despite all the charity and religious work, she became a trending topic due to a cosmetic surgery rumor. We’ll clear all the clutter and chaos, in this article.

Joyce Meyer Ministries- Closer to Jesus

Joyce Meyer Ministries is a non-profit organization by Joyce Meyer. The popular religious teacher has her own way of explaining the word of god and helping others to implement every word in their regular life. 

Joyce Meyer had terrible past experiences that led to her turning towards Jesus. She uses all her experience and a flawless communication style to connect with the audience. Joyce helped millions of people to apply the biblical learnings to their daily life events. 

Joyce Meyer

Joyce Meyer is the voice of the popular show Enjoying Everyday Life, which can be seen on various online platforms and television. Apart from the digital media, her words are present in print media as well. There are almost 130 books written by Joyce, that are translated to more than 155 languages. 

The organization has several missions and campaigns going on that do humanitarian efforts to bring peace and prosperity to the world. These programs are feeding people, providing medical help, and helping women and girls. 

Rumors Of Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery- Busted?

The rumor of Joyce Meyer’s cosmetic surgery is a trending topic. Whether or not she has been under the knife is a question mark. Here’s what we know about the alleged surgery-


The most common allegation for anyone undergone cosmetic surgery is a facelift. This procedure is popular among middle-aged women, who want to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. Facelift is known to enhance the beauty of women. 

Lip Augmentation

Another popular procedure is to uplift the chin and give the face a proper definition. People believe that the plastic surgery went wrong for Joyce, messing up the proportions. The unnatural appearance could be due to an injection fault. 

Joyce Accepted Going Under The Knife?

Although people believe that Joyce has been open about the surgeries, the reality is that she was not talking about any cosmetic procedure. Joyce has had several health conditions that resulted in surgery. People got confused between healthcare surgery and cosmetic surgery. 

So does this mean Joyce Meyer has never been under a knife? The truth is a little more peculiar than it looks. If you take a closer look at some of the older pictures of Joyce, the difference would be clear. Her face looks different now. However, the counter-argument could be that now she is in her 80s and physical changes are natural. Thus, it is not yet clear whether Joyce ever opted for plastic surgery or not. 

The Actual Surgery- Joyce Took a Fall?

Author and religious teacher, Joyce Meyer has been surrounded by health issues. She always shares everything on her social media, and in one such video, she was seen discussing surgery and recovery. Although she was talking about a back surgery, people misinterpreted it as a cosmetic surgery. 

She took a fall a few months back that resulted in a broken ankle and some back issues. With growing age, Joyce had to face gait & balance issues that caused the unfortunate incident. Doctors assessed a blood clot in one of the legs, which was treated later on. 

The fall was so terrible that Joyce had to spend a few weeks in a wheelchair. Finally, the orthopedic gave her a green flag to walk on her own. She can walk and bear her full weight without any issues. In June of 2023, Joyce turned 80 and was grateful to God for her life. 

She was also suspected of being a part of Finance fraud in 2007. Televangelists like Benny Hinn, Paula White, Creflo Dollar, and Kenneth Copeland along with Joyce Meyer had to undergo a financial investigation. However, There was no evidence found against Joyce Meyer’s Ministry. Since then she has been away from any finance-related activities. 

She Is Doing A Wonderful Job!

Joyce Meyer is doing a great job as she helps people restore hope in life and faith in god by using biblical teachings. You can also visit the official website of her organization which has been helping people worldwide. 

In the end, there is no proof of her plastic surgery, thus due to no conclusive evidence, we can say that Joyce Meyer has never undergone any cosmetic surgery.

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