Is She Still On MSNBC? Speculations About Stephanie Ruhle’s Illness


Born in December 1975, Stephanie Ruhle is a senior business analyst working with the NBC News channel and also the host of MSNBC’s hit talk show, “The 11th Hour With Stephanie Ruhle”. Before she started working with NBC, she used to work with Bloomberg, as the editor-at-large of Bloomberg News channel and managing editor and news host of Bloomberg TV.

Many people remember Ruhle as one of those three Bloomberg correspondents, who revealed the story of the London Whale that exposed the trader responsible for the JP Morgan Chase loss in 2012. Born and raised in Park Ridge, New Jersey, Stephanie Ruhle graduated from Lehigh University in 1997, with a bachelor’s degree in international business. She then traveled and studied for her majors in Italy, Guatemala, and Kenya and returned to Lehigh in 2017 to offer her commencement address.

Before her professional association with the Bloomberg network, Stephanie worked in the finance industry for almost 14 years, working with leading institutions like Credit Suisse, and Deutsche Bank. Stephanie Ruhle garnered widespread fame and recognition for her sharp knowledge of the finance industry and exceptional news reporting prowess. During her association with Bloomberg Television, she was also known to have co-hosted hugely popular shows such as “Market Makers”, “Inside Track”, and “Bloomberg GO”.

Is Stephanie Ruhlee Suffering From Any Illness?

People who follow Stephanie Ruhle on social media have recently posted various comments indicating that something might be going on with her health. There have been questions people have posted, enquiring about her illness, which brings us to the topic of whether she has been unwell or not.

So, let us make things clear by saying that Stephanie Ruhle is absolutely fine in terms of her health – there is no report or any piece of news that suggests that she is suffering from some known medical condition now. She has not addressed any of the comments or questions posted about her health on social media, so we can safely conclude that she is safe and healthy.

For the records, Stephanie was unwell a few years ago – the COVID-19 infection has taken in her and her family, but that was back in 2020. She posted a video via her social media account, addressing all her fans and followers, saying that she and her whole family had tested positive for COVID-19. She went on to say, in that video, about the challenges one can expect to face while managing the infection and the importance of following safety guidelines. 

In the video, Ruhle mentioned that in the morning just before Thanksgiving Day, her husband, Andy Hubbard, had tested positive for COVID-19 after exhibiting symptoms such as a minor sore throat and headache. So the first thing they did to safeguard their children was to put them into their residences, to keep them away. During that time, to prevent the spread of the disease, while Stephanie remained in New Jersey, her husband lived in New York City in their apartment. 

While she was recovering from this disease, she urged everyone else to take the ailment very seriously, since COVID-19 vaccines were not yet available at that time. Apart from this report of Stephanie Ruhle suffering from the coronavirus infection, we have not come across any other news about her illness or health.

Is She Still On MSNBC?

Some time back, some rumors were doing the rounds about Stephanie Ruhle quitting the MSNBC network, which created quite a buzz among the regular viewers of her talk show. 

Ruhle became a household name once she started hosting the show titled “The 11th Hour“, which aired on MSNBC every weekday during prime time. The show was hosted by Brian Williams from September 2016 to December 2021. Stephanie Ruhle replaced him and started hosting it after the announcement in January 2022. The first episode that she hosted was telecast back in March 2022, and since then she has been hosting it till date. 

There had been some speculations and suspicions that Stephanie was about to discontinue hosting the show – some people also started believing that she would probably resign from the MSNBC network. However, later on, when she was announced to be the new permanent host of “The 11th Hour” in January 2022, it was evident to all that she was very much here to stay.

If you check Ruhle’s bio on ‘X (previously Twitter), it says that she is the host of “The 11th Hour” show that is aired on MSNBC every Monday to Friday at 11 PM EST.


Stephanie Ruhle is one of the most prominent American writers, newscasters, and senior business analysts in today’s times, who is recognized for her sharp and powerful insights into the finance industry. She is currently based in Manhattan, where she resides with her husband, Andy Hubbard, and their three kids.

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