Sarah Shahi Weight Loss. Diet, Workout, Eating Disorder & Anorexia.


The Internet people became curious about Sarah Shahi weight loss after watching her latest Netflix show. People were doubting her health after seeing her so thin and slim. Sarah lost a few pounds in her recent appearance but not due to some health issue or illness but intentionally using a healthy diet and with a proper exercise routine.

Netflix’s Sex/Life’s second season was released on the 2nd of March,2023. The show has gained immense popularity from its audience. The lead woman of the show Sarah Shahi who plays the role of Billie Conneley has gained a lot of attraction from the viewers not only for her acting skills and steamy scenes but also for her health.

Many are doubting that the “Sex/Lifeactress has lost some weight. Even some are doubting that the leading lady might be suffering from Anorexia. So, we as a woman health promoter have found out some details about Sarah Shahi’s weight loss. How she lost weight, which diet and workout routine she follows, and whether is she really suffering from Anorexia. Let’s talk about Sarah Shahi weight loss details.

Sarah Shahi Weight Loss

There is no doubt that Sarah looks amazingly fit and healthy in her new season. But Srah Shahi’s transformation is not new but she always maintains her fitness. “The L Word” and “Person of Interest” has motivated many women to look after their health with her stunning physique.

Sarah takes great care of her fitness. Regular workouts in the gym and eating always a balanced and healthy diet is her day-to-day routine. But in the second season of the show, she looks slimmer than in her previous appearances.

This might be the reason behind her steamy Netflix series where she has given many hot scenes with her real-life boyfriend Adam Demos. To look more appealing in the scenes, Sarah Shahi might have lost a few pounds of weight. She keeps her fitness her main priority.

In 2017 with the help of a high-protein, medium crab, and medium fat diet she lost 12 pounds of weight within 10 weeks. She also started her cardio training at that time to boost her weight loss journey.

Sarah Shahi Weight Loss Transformation

Sarah Shahi Diet

Sarah Shahi follows a strict diet to maintain a lean body. Sarah’s trainer Phil Catudal who is a famous celebrity fitness trainer said about Sarah that her body biological can handle more carbs than any other body type. That’s Sarah follows a diet plan with “50% protein + 25% carbs + 25% fat“. This meal plan should not contain more than 1800 calories.

This is the simple diet that Sarah Followed in 2017 to lose quick weight. Sarah has to follow this diet plan 5 days a week and on the weekends she can have cheat days and can have some ice creams and some fun.

All these disciplined lifestyles is the reason behind Sarah Shahi weight loss.

Sarah Shahi Workout Routine

The reason behind Sarah Shahi weight loss and amazing fitness is that she keeps moving. She works out hard in the gym. you can also follow Sarah Shahi’s intense exercise routine. She is quite a disciplined person in terms of following her exercise routine.

Sarah does weight training three times a week for an hour. Apart from high-intensity weight training, Sraha also does some cardio exercises like kickboxing, running on the treadmill, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT) 2 to 3 times a week.

Sarah Shahi begins her workout with three to five minutes of rope jumping. here is the detailed workout plan she was following previously. This workout plan was created by herself and before meeting her trainer she followed this exercise routine.

  • Begin with jumping rope for 3-5 minutes,
  • After that 20 resp of squats,
  • Later after arming up her body, Sarah did 20 reps of tricep extension,
  • Then 60 lunges per leg,
  • 20 Reps of crunches, and
  • Finally 20 reps of dumbbell curls.
Sarah Shahi Working Out In the Gym with Ex-Husband Steve Howey

Sarah Shahi Eating Disorder And Aneroxia

There are a lot of rumors about this healthy woman’s on-screen fitness. Sarah Shahi looks exceptionally slim and fit at the age of 43 has raised the bar of rumors. As a simple explanation, we would like to say that no, Sarah Shahi is not suffering from any eating disorder or anorexia instead she has been working hard to maintain a slim figure.

Going to the gym and eating a healthy balanced full of all nutrition diet is the reason why Sarah Shahi is looking so fit.

Fan Reaction To Sarah Shahi Weight Loss

Fans have been admiring Sarah for a long time for her amazing fitness and Sarah Shahi weight loss in her recently released show. She was already fit and still, she lost some pounds to look even more slim and fit. There are a lot of reactions from people across social media channels on her weight loss transformation.

One user wrote,

"Sarah shahi is def giving me motivation to lose weight and work out #maybeoneday"

Another user wrote,

"What happened to Sarah Shahi's body?? She looks very sickly compared to last season. Me and my wife were both like wtf happened to her!?"

Another one wrote,

"Are my eyes playing tricks on me, or is Sarah Shahi looking way thinner in season 2 of Sex/Life? #Netflix"

There are a lot of different people and a lot of different reactions to Sarah shahi’s weight loss. Some are praising her weight loss and some are questioning her fitness routine. But in the end, Sarah is pretty much happy with her new slim and fit body.


Sarah has many steamy scenes in her Netflix show Sex/Life. To look more attractive in some scenes, Sarah lost a few pounds of weight. To lose weight Sarah Shahi followed a strict diet routine and also did workouts in the gym.

This all helped her in her weight loss transformation.


How Sarah Shahi Lost Weight?

By Following Her 50% Protein + 25% Carbs + 25% Fat Diet, Limiting Her Calorie Intake To Only 1800 Calories A Day, And By High-Intensity Workout Routine, Sarah Shahi Lost Weight.

How Much Weight Sarah Shahi Lost?

In 2017, Sarah Lost 12 Pounds In Ten Weeks With Her Strict Health Plan.

Is Sarah Shahi Have Cancer?

No, Sarah Shahi Is Totally Fit And Healthy Not Suffering From Cancer.

Is Sarah Shahi Suffering From The Eating Disorder Anorexia?

No, Sarah Shahi Looking Thin Is Not Due To Any Eating Disorder Like Anorexia But Due To Her Intentional Weight Loss.

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