Selling Sunset: Nicole Young Plastic Surgery And How She Looked Before With Some Before-After Pictures.


Nicole Young Plastic Surgery. Nicole Young shot to stardom after she appeared in the sixth season of the Netflix show “Selling Sunset” in 2022, and wowed the audience with her screen presence and personality. Nicole has been one of the top real estate agents with Oppenheim Group since December 2014 and joined the popular show on Netflix in its sixth season.

Ever since she debuted in this show, she has been successful in forming a solid impression on the viewers, as she took on head-to-head with her fellow real estate agent Chrishell Stause. She has also been pretty thick with Mary Fitzgerald, her co-star, and even chose to officiate Mary’s wedding that took place back in 2019.

Since 2007, 37-year-old Nicole has lived in Los Angeles with her husband and two dogs, and she credits her husband for motivating her to sign up and join the cast of the show “Selling Sunset”. She shifted base from Minneapolis, her hometown, and went to Waco in Texas, where she attended Baylor University. She earned her degree in Public Relations and kick-started her career working as a marketing consultant while she was in her senior year of college. Nicole Young has been the star luxury estate agent of Oppenheim Group since 2014 and earned a goodwill and reputation for her “unwavering integrity and candor” and landed huge sales for the company.

Nicole Young And Selling Sunset

Though Nicole made her first appearance on “Selling Sunset” in its sixth season that aired in 2022, according to “Young” magazine, she was enlisted to appear on the show in the first season itself. But when she was approached to join the cast of the first season of the show back in 2019, she was highly reluctant and backed out.

Later on, when she was why she had backed out, Nicole honestly admitted that she had developed cold feet just before they were slated to begin the filming for the show. She said that she was not quite ready to open up her entire life before the world and more so her business and clients. She added that she is super protective about her business and clients and about exposing her whole life to the world outside, which prompted her to turn down the offer initially.

However, over the last four years or so, she changed and evolved professionally and personally, to a great extent, which also changed her perception of things around her. She realized that joining the other cast members of “Selling Sunset” and starring in the show would be an incredible opportunity, something like a “rise-to-the-occasion” type of moment. As she evolved, her mindset about the whole thing transformed over the years and she finally decided to be a part of the show.

Nicole Young Plastic Surgery

But Nicole emphasizes her husband’s role in convincing her to be a part of the hugely popular show on Netflix. Nicole’s husband is Brandon Young, the director of music affairs at Activision Blizzard; the two got married in 2017. Brandon has been extremely supportive and encouraging of Nicole to accept the offer and finally join the show in Season 6. 

When she joined the show in 2022, Maya Vander, Christine Quinn, and Vanessa Villela had already bid adieu to this smash-hit Netflix reality show. As soon as Nicole joined, she captured the audience with her feisty personality and her feud with Chrishell Stause her co-star, with Nicole alleging Stause for taking undue credit for many of her past real estate listings.

Speculations About Nicole Young Plastic Surgery & Some Before-After Pictures

After making waves on “Selling Sunset” season 6, Nicole Young has again become a buzzing topic of discussion – but this time it is for allegedly going under the knife.

Nicole Young Before After

The air is rife with rumors that Nicole has resorted to various plastic surgery procedures, starting from a nose job and boob job to Botox injections and even buccal fat removal. These speculations started doing the rounds once the audience noticed how different she looked when she joined “Selling Sunset” in its sixth season.

Nicole Young Before Selling Sunset

By comparing her before and after photos, people believed that her extra pronounced facial features and her wrinkle-free tight skin were a bit unusual for her age. They feel that her facial features appear to be “manufactured” and lack that natural appeal, which is only due to undergoing too many plastic surgery procedures.

They also noticed her more sculpted and thinner-looking nose and somewhat “hollow” cheeks, which are suggestive of cosmetic procedures. Her slender physique and her full bust also appeared to be somewhat incongruous with the critical eye of the public, which strengthened their beliefs that she must have been under the knife.

However, there are no news or concrete statements available from Nicole or a source close to her to confirm any of these speculations. So these allegations are at best baseless, and unconfirmed as of now.

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