Miss America (2024): U.S. Armed Forces’ Madison Marsh’s Weight Loss And Fitness Journey


In an extraordinary achievement, Madison Marsh, who is a US Air Force pilot, has created history by becoming the very first on-duty officer from any military branch, who has won the “Miss America” title. Her motivating journey is a testimony to sheer resilience, shattering hurdles, and proving to the world that dreams can fly high.

Madison presented the judges with her audio piece about acquiring her pilot’s license when she was only 16 years old; she always dreamt of becoming a pilot. She got ample support from her parents, who even sent her to a space camp to nurture her dreams when she was barely 13. She shared with her followers on Instagram that flying became her “escape from real life on the ground” and that it was a lifesaver, and she is extremely passionate about it. Nothing can beat the experience of being thousands of feet up in the air.

According to Madison Marsh, beauty pageants are now transforming in many ways, including “what being physically fit means to women”. Her decision to try competing in pageants was for her interest in extracurricular activities while she was working with the US Air Force Academy. She says that she enjoys taking part in such contests and pageants because these include certain “community service aspects” and their emphasis on public speaking. 

Who Is Madison Marsh?

Born in August 2001, Madison Isabella Marsh is the winner of the Miss America pageant this year – she has been crowned Miss America 2024. The first ever participant from the United States Armed Forces to take part in any beauty pageant and win Miss America – last year she was crowned Miss Colorado 2023. 

Currently serving as a second lieutenant in the US Air Force, Madison was born and raised in Fort Smith, Arkansas. Her mom passed due to pancreatic cancer when she was only 17, which is why Madison became an active advocate for generating awareness about pancreatic cancer and its prevention. Madison is also the founder of the Whitney Marsh Foundation in 2019, in her mother’s memory, which helps raise capital for cancer research. 

Madison Marsh showed a keen interest in science since her childhood; she always wanted to become a pilot and attended various flying lessons and space camps as a child. After earning her pilot’s license when she was 16 years old, she enrolled in the US Air Force Academy, which is located in El Paso County in Colorado.

From there, she graduated with a degree in astrophysics in 2023 and then decided to study for her master’s degree in Public Policy, and secured admission to the Harvard Kennedy School through the Civilian Institution Programs offered at the Air Force Institute of Technology. Besides pursuing her studies, Madison will also be working with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, along with a professor from Harvard Medical School, for her research on early detection of pancreatic cancer.

When it comes to her achievements in pageantry, Madison won the title of Miss Academy 2023 – a contest that is conducted for women who attend the US Air Force Academy. After being crowned Miss Academy 2023, she became eligible for the Miss Colorado 2023 pageant and eventually won that too. Thereafter, Miss Colorado 2023 Madison Marsh, went on to compete at the national level of the Miss America pageant and became the first-ever “active-duty military officer” participant in the contest. 

Madison Marsh Miss America

The Miss America beauty pageant was conducted on January 14th, 2024 in Orlando, Florida, where Madison Marsh was crowned the winner this year. For the record, she is a second lieutenant in the United States Air Force and the first-ever officer on active duty to have participated and won the title of Miss America.

As per the “New York Post”, she had to go through 3 prelim rounds during the beauty contest, to reach the final round which consisted of 11 contestants. During the discussion round, Madison talked about her mom’s battle with pancreatic cancer, which inspired her to found the Whitney Marsh Foundation. 

The US Air Force has recognized her stupendous achievement and posted on platform X (formerly known as Twitter), congratulating her on this terrific feat. In the post, the US Air Force congratulated their very own “airman”, second Lieutenant, Madison Marsh, the former Miss Colorado 2023, for being crowned Miss America 2024. They also added to the post that “Marsh is the first active-duty servicemember to ever win the title.”

Miss America 2024, Madison Marsh, is an outstanding example of sheer dedication in her military career as well as for her academic brilliance and of course her philanthropic endeavors. Her journey from the US Air Force Academy to being the first actively serving “airman” in the US Air Force to the world recognizing her as Miss America 2024 is an incredible illustration of her passion, determination, strength, and pledge to creating a positive influence on society.

Apart from her interest in taking part in beauty pageants, Madison aspires to become a “Top Gun” fighter pilot in the future.

Has She Lost Weight?

No information is publicly available; that offers any indication that Madison Marsh ever underwent a weight loss journey. 

Madison is an active service member of the United States Air Force, so she already has to undergo rigorous training to maintain her physical fitness. The 22-year-old is a second lieutenant Air Force officer who had also won the Miss Colorado title in 2023 before being crowned Miss America 2024 on 14th January. So it goes without saying that staying active, physically fit, and healthy is already her focus area, given her professional and extracurricular interests.

She said in an interview that the Miss America pageant has been especially great for her because it is essential for her to stay physically fit and hit the gym for the military, and that coincides with the training for this pageant.

Some people are indeed spreading rumors about her weight loss; however, given Madison’s professional background, these are nothing but baseless statements.

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