Maria Bartiromo Weight Loss. Her Illness, And What Say About Her Weight Gain.

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People want to know more about Maria Bartiromo weight loss. There were a lot of rumors that she might be ill or fighting some illness, and that’s why she might have lost some weight, but all these just seemed rumors.

Maria Bartiromo is one of the most widely appreciated and talented American journalists. She mainly works in financial journalism and hosts several TV shows as an anchor. She has also authored several books, including The 10 Laws of Enduring Success and The Weekend That Changed Wall Street. 

Recent speculations regarding Maria Bartiromo suggest that the TV host has recently lost significant weight. Being a television personality, she is constantly in the limelight, subjected to undue scrutiny and criticism. Because of this, the slightest change in her appearance fails to go unnoticed, and various speculations arise about the matter. Stay tuned to know more about these speculations and if they are true.

Who Is Maria Bartiromo?

This famous American TV host spent most of her childhood in the Dyker Heights area of New York and went on to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in journalism and economics from the New York University’s Washington Square campus. She graduated in 1989, following which she interned at CNN. She continued working for the company for five years before joining CNBC News, where she continued to work for twenty years. Maria now works for Fox News.

Maria hosts several shows such as Mornings with Maria, Maria Bartiromo’s wall street, and Sunday Morning Future with Maria. She is one of the most successful journalists who has bagged two Emmy Awards for her exceptional work. Working in the media industry, she often airs on TV and is frequently found making headlines for her reporting and impressive work. However, recently, she has been hitting the tabloids for various other reasons. 

Is Maria Bartiromo Sick?

Although it is an unwanted consequence, chronic illness often causes a significant drop in weight. Certain deadly conditions leave people severely malnourished. Hence, when people started noticing a change in Maria Bartiromo’s appearance, they quickly suspected that she was suffering from a medical condition that was taking a toll on her weight. 

It is important to mention that Maria Bartiromo has never publicly spoken about her weight loss on social media. However, many of her fans think making healthy dietary choices is at the root of it. Despite the lack of credible information from trusted sources, few people speculate that this media personality suffers from an illness that caused her to lose weight.

However, these are merely rumors, as she has never confirmed these speculations. Moreover, she looks as fabulous as ever, leaving no reason to believe she suffers from any ailment. 

Maria Bartiromo Weight Loss

But what had caused such rumors to arise in the first place? A few online critics say there have been noticeable changes in her appearance. Her cheeks seem to have put off some fat, highlighting her jaw, and she also appears skinnier than earlier. While we do not have access to Maria’s diet and exercise routine, we believe that weight loss is usually achieved by following a healthy and balanced diet and daily physical exercise.

These factors inevitably boost one’s overall metabolism and help in shedding excess fat, as must have been in the case of Maria’s case. Dietary modifications, stress management, and getting in those hours at the gym are the most favorable factors for weight loss

Maria Bartiromo Transformation

How Does Maria Bartimoro React To Comments About Her Weight?

Although she leads a relatively private life, she did speak to Business Insider about her weight management. 

“When you are in the public eye and live in a fish bowl like I feel like I do, people will always have commentary about who you are, what kind of person you are, what you look like…” Said, Maria. 

She also revealed how she would receive comments from people about her pregnancy, while in reality, she was never pregnant and had only put on five or ten pounds. She recalls such incidents to be mortifying. 

“People just feel like.. Because they wake up with you, they go to sleep with you, you’re on their TV or in their living room that they’re your buddies and they could say whatever they want.”

From her statements, it is quite evident that she is often the subject of multiple rumors about her weight. This trend has only been increasing in the past few months; hence the need to differentiate legitimate news from baseless rumors becomes all the more important. 


Maria Bartiromo is a popular American TV anchor, financial journalist and author. Her journalism expertise and commendable work have made her a recipient of several awards, including the Emmy Awards. Due to her original and strong reporting, she is often making headlines, and this time, rumors about her alleged weight loss are going about on various social media platforms. 

Although few people claim that they are noticing significant changes in her appearance, Maria has never spoken about her weight loss, nor has she mentioned taking any measures to achieve it.

She has never opened up about suffering from illness, which is also one of the main causes of unexplained weight loss. Maria Bartiromo looks as fabulous as ever and maintains things private regarding her personal life.

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