Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery! What’s The Rumor About Her Lips And Nose Job?

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Lana Del Rey plastic surgery is a trending topic right now. There is clearly a difference in the American singer’s before and after looks. People talk a lot about her nose and lips, but the singer-songwriter hasn’t accepted anything about any cosmetic surgery.

While stunning looks and super-impressive facial features can get the job done in the limelight industry, there is no wonder that celebrities are jumping at plastic surgeries. The need to have well-defined facial features turns out to be the need of the hour. The same urge knocked on Lana Del’s door too!

This American singer-songwriter called for plastic surgery too. Even if the songwriter has been in the industry for more than a decade now, it still looks like yesterday. The heated discussions about Lana Del’s plastic surgery are still on the rise amongst her fans.

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery Details.

Let alone plastic surgery because that is a huge decision to make. Lana Del also changed her name after entering into the media industry. She was born Elizabeth Woolridge Grant on June 21, 1985, in Manhattan, New York but later became familiar to her audience as Lana Del.

While still doing great in her musical career as a songwriter, the appearance of her nose really bothered her. It was less defined with a minor bump on the bridge and also a downward tip. She took that bold step in getting it corrected.

The ‘after’ version of her nose post-surgery looked slightly slender and the bump on her bridge was gone. It also restored the lost balance on her face and got the facial symmetry back. It enhanced her nose shape and redefined her beauty.

What Is The Difference In Her Lips?

On clearly noticing every minute detail of Lana’s lips, one can appreciate the difference in her lips. They were initially unequal and thinner but now they make way for a perfect pout. This makes the audience curious to know if she got her lip shots done. Her lips appear more pumped and complete now! But nothing has been accepted by the singer yet.

Lana Del Rey Plastic Surgery

Did Lana Del Join the Bandwagon in Getting Her Botox Fillings Too?

While it is still unclear if Lana Del has stepped into the botox zone, by scrolling through her latest pictures, one can easily appreciate the fullness in her face. Surprised by her appearance, her fans commented that she has a ‘doll-like’ face.

While these were just the one side of the coin, Lana Del had perfectly aligned teeth. She had a captivating smile that could draw her audience in even before the talks of her plastic surgery cropped up. Her teeth looked straight and perfect and she never needed smile designing, veneers, or braces. 

No wonder that with her stunning smile, the celebrity has more fan page accounts across social media.

Let Us Tap Into Her World of Music – Her Journey to Become a Songwriter.

Lana Del was sent to a boarding school at a young age and probably that could have acted as a catalyst in her music journey. She enjoyed music as a child and showed interest in it while she was growing up. At the age of 19, her life took a turn when she enrolled at Fordham University for her education. She majored in philosophy with a focus on metaphysics because she believes that would probably bridge the gap between science and God.

In 2005, while still in college, Lana Del registered for a seven-track extended play with the United States Copyright Office. ‘Rock me stable’ was the application title. Her first public performance was in 2006 for the Williamsburg Live Songwriting Competition. She submitted a demo castle of her acoustic recordings and was finally offered a recording contract for $10,000. She was still a senior at Fordham then.

So Is This News About Lana Del’s Plastic Surgery Also Just Rumors Or….

While Lana Del has personally not responded to these rumors, it still appears to be that she neither confirms nor denies them. In an interview with one of the media outlets the singer said,

 “I haven’t had anything done at all. Everyone who has ever known me will agree with that. Sorry, but I lived in a trailer park for a few years. I didn’t have enough money for Cocoa Puffs. It’s not like I got out from under the bridge and went to the hospital. I’m a little grumpy. When I sing, I look just like that.”

When she was asked if her famous lips were fake, Lana replied,

“They’re real lips, I mean.” In real life, my lips aren’t that big. Things look exaggerated in the video for “Video Games,” which I think is because I made myself look like a cartoon character in the video.”

That being said, it is wise to leave things there, instead of flooding our thoughts about what is true and what is not!


While it is still unclear if these speculations are real or not, what is of crystal clear certainty is that Lana Del hasn’t done anything wrong. Everybody has a right to look a certain way, and if they are unhappy with their appearance, it is totally on them to change it.

We should simply let people live the way they want to leave as it is not harming anyone. So, for now, it’s wise to accept these speculations and not probe deep into this until official statements are made. That also helps in restoring peace and balance! 

Lana Del is an amazing songwriter and her work speaks for herself. Let us appreciate her for her amazing creations and hope for the best songs to come in the long run.

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