Keisha Lance Bottoms Husband Illness. Health Update On Derek W Bottoms.

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Recently many have wanted to know about Keisha Lance Bottoms Husband Illness. Derek W. Bottoms suffered from COVID-19.

Keisha Lance Bottoms is a lawyer and politician in the USA who became the 60th Mayor of Atlanta and served in the role from 2018 to 2022. Before she was elected Mayor in the year 2017, she represented a part of Southwest Atlanta as a member of the City Council of Atlanta. But she did not seek a second mayoral term in 2021, after her first stint.

53-year-old Keisha Lance Bottoms has an impressive career in the public services domain. Much after she had served her term as Mayor, US President Joe Biden appointed her as Senior Advisor to the President for public engagement, where she served from June 2022 to February 2023.

In February 2023, she returned to the White House in a new role; she became a member of President Joe Biden’s Export Council. As of today, she is a political commentator on CNN and lives in Washington DC. 

A Democratic leader, Keisha Lance Bottoms was the first mayor of Atlanta to have served in all of the three branches of the government – first as a judge, then as a member of the city council, and then as Atlanta mayor. She received her Juris Doctor degree in 1994 from Georgia State University College of Law, after which she worked as a prosecutor, representing children in the juvenile court. She made substantial contributions as the Mayor of Atlanta and gained immense respect and recognition for her work. 

The ex-mayor of Atlanta met her husband, then fellow student, Derek W Bottoms when they were in their first year at Georgia State University College of Law. After three years they got married in Atlanta in the year 1994. 

Keisha Lance Bottoms Husband Illness Rumors.

Derek W Bottoms is the vice president of Employment Practices and Associate Relations for The Home Depot, Inc. which is an American multinational company. Before joining Home Depot in 2000, he had worked with Powell Goldstein, the legal firm, for over 5 years as an attorney and also functioned as a board member for multiple foundations. Derek Bottoms is also mentioned as a member of the board of the East Lake Foundation which was established in 1995 to look after the welfare of the area. 

He is also associated with various philanthropic initiatives and organizations, such as the Grady Health Foundation, where he is on the board of directors, and the Georgia Justice Project which offers legal rehab, counseling, and defense to clients.

Keisha Lance Bottoms With Husband Derek W Bottoms

Keisha Lance Bottoms’ husband, Derek, has been suffering from a mysterious and challenging health problem. During the pandemic, in October 2020, she tweeted that her husband was scheduled to go for an MRI scan that day because even 2 months after recovering from COVID-19, he still experienced unbearable headaches after waking up. 

The coronavirus infection has wreaked havoc across the world impacted our internal organs, and altered the immunity responses of hundreds and millions of people who were affected. Consequently, there have been widespread complaints about different kinds of health symptoms arising in individuals, which they had never experienced before. Many of these symptoms or conditions, referred to by scientists as “long COVID“, are often said to be an after-effect of the dreadful viral disease.

Did She Resign From Her Job?

In February 2023, Keisha Lance Bottoms, the former Mayor of Atlanta, declared that she would be stepping down from her position in Joe Biden’s administration after more than 6 months of working as the key advisor, being the Director of the White House Office of Public Engagement.

She said that it had been an “extraordinary season” for her, and she planned to step down soon and travel back to Atlanta to be with her family. On her Instagram handle, Bottoms said that she had no plans to join the office at the White House but had agreed to a short-term assignment that eventually turned out to be much longer than what she had expected.

Keisha Lance And Derek W Bottoms

She also wrote, “It has been a privilege to work alongside @potus, @vp, and an extraordinary team in making a difference. I am grateful for the sacrifice my family has made and for the opportunity to represent all of who we are and all our ancestors believed we could be“.

In one of his statements, President Joe Biden said that Keisha Lance Bottoms functioned as “the connective tissue between our Administration and everyday Americans who may not have a voice to reach Washington otherwise.”

“I have leaned on Keisha as a close advisor with exceptional instincts, and I am grateful to her for serving our nation with honor and integrity,” Biden said, “I wish her the best as she returns home to Atlanta to be with her family.”

But after that, in July 2023, the White House officially announced that Bottoms would be returning to the White House assuming a new role within the President’s administration. She has been appointed as the President’s Export Council member.

The Export Council serves as the chief national advisory team about international trade. After the announcement by the White House, the former Mayor of Atlanta also announced from her social media handle, that she has been appointed and will be joining in her new role in the President’s Export Council.


Keisha Lance Bottoms was the successor of Cedric Richmond in her role, and filled assumed a vital position at the White House during a time that was of high political significance. That was the time just before the run-up to the November elections that could play an important role in deciding the fate of the agenda put forward by President Joe Biden. Incidentally, Bottoms features in the list of 500 Americans who are debarred from Russia.

She has been referred to as a “visionary leader” in various White House statements and press releases for contributing to bringing rightful outcomes in front of the government. As the Mayor, Keisha Lance Bottoms has efficiently handled unforeseen challenges, from cyber-attacks to a ravaging pandemic, and navigated with a focus on the resilience of Atlanta.

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