Is Megyn Kelly Sick? Details About Her Weight Loss, Plastic Surgery, And Facelift Rumors.


Is Megyn Kelly Sick? Megyn Kelly shot to headlines in world news almost 8 years ago when she confronted Donald Trump about his record of misogynist comments in front of 24 million Fox News viewers. She was moderating the debate there, and this act immediately triggered a highly publicized feud and instantly catapulted her to tremendous levels of fame and recognition, garnering her an association with the NBC channel.

However, about 5 years ago, her on-air racist musings on NBC, about whether white folks could wear blackface for the event of Halloween, led to NBC revoking her show. Since then, Megyn Kelly, whose confrontational and punchy approach found less appreciation, gradually resurfaced garnering huge popularity as a conservative radio and podcast host. After her re-emergence, back in 2021, Kelly signed up with SiriusXM and her shows have been featuring in the top 10 charts for booking big-shot guests and news podcasts. 

Megyn Kelly has very recently made a splashing comeback on brand new cable network, NewsNation, and has been hogging the debate spotlight once again. She is noted for expressing strong viewpoints and is generally considered much more opinionated – somewhat contrasting to the others’ straightforward enthusiasm. NewsNation is a fledgling cable news network that many Americans are still unaware of, so they are targeting some of Kelly’s old audience to watch her on their channel and capitalize on her popularity.

Is Megyn Kelly Sick?

In an interview, Megyn Kelly said that she regrets going for her COVID-19 vaccine shots because she believes that this vaccine had triggered an auto-immune ailment in her body. She commented that she does not think she needed the vaccine, she would have been quite fine without it and added that she contracted the COVID-19 infection “many” times. During her annual physical checkup, for the first time, she tested positive for an auto-immune condition, the name of which she has not yet mentioned. 

Megyn said that she consulted with the best rheumatologist in entire New York, and asked her if the booster shots could be responsible for causing an auto-immune disease, to which the doctor said that yes it could be possible. Her doctor also added that Kelly was not the first patient she came across, who had that condition.

However, there is no evidence, as yet, to suggest that the COVID-19 vaccine can lead to autoimmune disorders though there are reports in journals such as “The Lancet“, about people developing such health conditions after getting the vaccine. Studies conducted specifically around this matter and published in leading medical journals like “Rheumatology”, said that they did not find any link between COVID-19 vaccines and autoimmune ailments. 

According to researchers’ studies published in Yale and “The Lancet“, COVID-19 infection is itself a risk factor for human beings to develop a variety of health disorders, including autoimmune conditions. This suggests that Megyn Kelly could have developed her unspecified autoimmune disease owing to the “many” times she has suffered from COVID-19 infections. 

As for her getting “sick“, this refers to the public’s comments about the first primary Republican debate where she confronted Donald Trump – Kelly tweeted that she probably got a viral stomach infection on the day of the debate, and was not “poisoned, refuting such hints in her memoir. 

Has She Opted For A Facelift Or Any Cosmetic Surgery?

Jane Fonda, the legendary Hollywood actor who starred in various hit movies over many years, is also a notable feminist and activist, who once said that she would never go under the knife in her life. She, along with Robert Redford, once appeared in an interview with Megyn Kelly on the show titled “Megyn Kelly Today”, for the promotion of their film “Our Souls At Night”. 

The chat was going breezy and light, with both Hollywood veterans Fonda and Redford talking about their years of experience working in films from their youth to when they were almost about to turn 80. But at some point in time, the course of the interview veered wildly off the track, when host Megyn Kelly asked Jane Fonda about her plastic surgery.

Jane Fonda has been pretty candid when it comes to her getting plastic surgery, and she even talked about it openly saying why she considered going for it as she became older, despite saying that she would never get one. Now, though she has been open about her plastic surgery, there are times when Fonda would choose not to discuss this – one such event was during the interview with Megyn Kelly.

Kelly broached the topic of Fonda’s plastic surgery and complimented her on how gracious and amazing she looks even at her age and softened the impact of her plastic surgery question with more compliments. 

But Jane Fonda clearly expressed her outright disappointment and shut down Megyn Kelly with elegance and poise, attributing her amazing appearance to “good attitude, good posture” and taking care of herself. She quickly added and changed the direction of the interview saying that she was more interested in talking about her movie “Our Souls At Night” rather than her plastic surgery. Later on, Fonda said in an interview that she was shocked at the question since it was a weird topic brought up at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Rumors About Megyn Kelly’s Weight Loss

Changes in body weight seem to be a matter of great curiosity when it comes to eminent personalities and public figures. The slightest loss or gain in body weight is enough to set the rumor mills rolling and people speculating all kinds of reasons behind it- starting from pregnancy to plastic surgery. Going by this trend, the public has not been spared – Megyn Kelly too – social media has been rife with comments and discussions on how the 50-plus former Fox News correspondent manages to maintain her enviable physique. 

In interviews, when asked about her workout routine that keeps her in shape, this is what Kelly had to say – and you will be surprised to hear it. According to Megyn Kelly, she does not have enough time in her hectic days to hit the gym, so working out daily is certainly not how she maintains her figure. In her autobiography titled “Settle For More”, which was launched back in 2016, she described how she stays healthy and in shape, and no, the workout is not a part of her wellness strategy.

She says that she gave up working out after she gave birth to her children, and since then she has been following the F-factor diet which she came across in the 2006 book by famous dietician Tanya Zuckerbrot. Kelly mentioned that she started with it right after she gave birth to her first child, and that helped her shed the baby weight she gained during pregnancy.

The F-factor diet stresses the importance of adding loads of fibers to your diet, which keeps you full and prevents overeating, plus it does not add or remove any of your existing food items, which means it is easier to adopt by anybody.

Final Take!

Megyn Kelly will be making her comeback to primetime TV with her debut on NewsNation, and her followers could not have been more excited about it. She is quite the “uncancellable” persona who rules the debate stage like no one else.

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