Know About Hollie Strano Weight Loss And If She Is Fired From The Show?


Hollie Strano is a famous American meteorologist and weather forecaster who gained widespread recognition and fame for her contributions to WKYC-TV. Recently she was in the news due to her car crash. After her car crash and her being charged with OVI, people have been asking questions about Hollie Strano weight loss and if she is still on the show.

She is a well-known TV personality whose association with the WKYC channel goes back 20 years, and she has been hosting the “Go” morning news show on WKYC Channel 3 every weekday. She is also the host of the show titled “It’s About You” which broadcasts at noon on weekdays, on the same channel.

Hollie Strano earned her certification from the USA’s National Weather Association, which catapulted her career as a weather forecast specialist, not to mention her profound expertise in meteorology. Her charismatic presence on the screen, versatility, and compelling delivery made her a cohost of the news and lifestyle show called “Live On Lakeside”. From completing her studies at Notre Dame Cathedral Latin and then John Carroll University, to playing her role as an eminent weather forecaster, Hollie Strano is noted for her expertise, dedication, and commitment to her work.

Details About Hollie Strano Weight Loss

Strano is known for her gorgeous looks and stunning physique – she might have lost or gained a few pounds over the years, but that is not something we can call dramatic. Technically, she does not have any weight loss story of herself – the reality is that she hosts this WKYC morning show called “Live On Lakeside“, which shares the weight loss stories of others. Once she shared the story of a lady from Cleveland who lost more than 100 pounds and credited Facebook for helping her achieve her weight loss target.

Now, we also know of the time when Hollie Strano took a zero sugar diet challenge of 10 days, along with Maureen Kyle who is the cohost of that show. Maureen and Hollie share a joyous rapport and are true partners in crime, which the audience of “Live On Lakeside” will certainly agree with. 

In February 2019, the “Today” show’s Hoda Kotb tagged Maureen in 10-day no carbs, no sugar no dairy diet challenge. This challenge became insanely popular after it was endorsed by the iconic pop star Jennifer Lopez herself, and she tagged Hoda to join in this challenge. As easy as it may seem, this challenge is genuinely tough, and came to be known as the “JLo Challenge” or, as per Hoda Kotb, the “no fun challenge“.

When Maureen was challenged by Hoda, and was wondering how to go about it, Hollie chipped in and said that she would assist her and join her in the challenge. As both of them carried out this diet challenge, they found out how fun it became, and they enjoyed it together a lot. Throughout the 10 days of this challenge, they kept sharing with their fans on social media every time they ate and even included the recipe of that food item. Their diet challenge menu included a “Weight loss vegetable soup“, which they had on the first day of the challenge.

Is She Fired From The Show?

Recently, news about Hollie Strano being involved in a case of drunk driving has been hogging the headlines, catching her fans and followers in worry about what might have happened to her. 

As per the report, police at Cuyahoga Falls received alerts about an intoxicated driver at about 7:32 PM on November 30th, 2023, and found that it was Hollie Strano. Strano was driving a 2023 Cadillac XT5 SUV and had crossed her lane when the highway patrol car started following her, they found that she was racing at 70 mph speed where the limit is bound to 35 mph, and was moving towards the border of Akron. While veering the highly-speeding SUV, she hit a utility pole on the side of the road.

After carrying out sobriety breath tests, the police found that Strano had a blood alcohol level that was 3 times higher than the legally permissible limit. Strano was charged with OVI did not seek any medical treatment after her crash, and could finally avoid jail time after pleading guilty. 

When WKYC Studios was contacted for comment, the General Manager, Mr. Micki Byrnes said that it was entirely a “personal matter” and they would not be commenting anything on it then. But Strano is still with the WKYC channel – she has been taking time off after the accident and has not been appearing on TV. 

When the report of the accident was published it was not mentioned anywhere if she would cease to be an employee of Channel 3 of WKYC. 

Final Words

While Hollie remains off air and away from the prying eyes of the public, we can never say when things might change paths. So it is best to stay tuned for the latest updates to find out what happens to Strano.

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