Is Chloe Fineman Anorexic? Is Eating Disorder Behind Her Weight Loss And Skinny Looks?


Chloe Fineman Anorexic. Chloe Fineman is an eminent American comedian, social media personality, and entertainer who shot to stardom with her masterful impersonation of celebrities via front-facing camera videos. Her spot-on imitations of notable Hollywood actors, such as Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon, Drew Barrymore, Timothee Chalamet, and others, made her a household name. As such, many stalwart American comedians and critics have regarded Chloe Fineman as one of the finest comedians in the country.

She gained major exposure and quickly garnered huge popularity after she joined the cast of “Saturday Night Live” in 2019, which is the smash hit long-running comedy show on NBC. From being a featured player, she was promoted to Repertory Status by 2021 right before the 47th season of this NBC sketch-comedy show was scheduled to be aired. The audience of “Saturday Night Live” has supported this decision to promote her as a repertory player, saying that she genuinely deserved it, being an immensely talented entertainer who never fails to make them laugh out loud.

Her impersonation of Britney Spears, however, was not met with much warmth and instead became a matter of controversy. This is because, at that time, Britney Spears had just come out of the 13-year restraining conservatorship she was in for many years. But apart from this skit that triggered a lot of controversy and buzz, the other thing that stirred the SNL viewers was how slimmed down Chloe Fineman appeared to be suddenly.

Is Chloe Fineman Anorexic? Why Is She Looking So Skinny?

People who have been watching “Saturday Night Live” cannot stop discussing Chloe Fineman and how she appears to have lost a lot of weight, dramatically. Her weight loss transformation is pretty much noticeable, they commented on social media, after watching her latest skit on the NBC comedy show. 

To many viewers, it was not really that drastic – she might have shed a few pounds only, but that was all too unnoticeable, according to them. On the other hand, many people have rubbished off such comments saying that it was probably her makeup or the lighting at the NBC studio that made her look like she had lost a lot of weight.

Some others have also attributed it to the outfit that she was wearing at that time – they said that even if she did lose weight, there was nothing drastic about it. Fineman has always had a very fit and lean physique, which surprised many of her fans who said that they did not even realize that she had fat that could be shed.

There is no clear-cut evidence or any statement available from Chloe, which might indirectly suggest how or why she lost weight. However, according to some news sources, she follows a strict diet regimen and also works out dedicatedly to stay in shape and active.

She also does Pilates regularly and makes sure to have a healthy breakfast when she is not working. She might be slender and slim naturally, however, that is not yet known since she has not talked much about it. But Chloe’s fans and followers will all agree to the fact that she has never been even slightly overweight – she has always been svelte and slender.

Is She Suffering From An Eating Disorder?

The fact that Chloe Fineman has always been slim and slender has sometimes triggered rumors about how she manages to stay in shape despite her hectic schedule. Curiously enough, we are also aware of the fact that she swears by her daily dose of cold brew. In fact, in some interviews, the American comedian has herself spoken about how she is addicted to cold brew.

Cold brew coffee has gained global popularity in recent times and is considered to be slightly better than normal hot coffee, owing to its lower level of acidity. Now, in an interview with “People” magazine, Chloe Fineman talked candidly about her diet and schedule and said that being on the “Saturday Night Live” show can be extremely challenging in terms of managing her hours throughout the day. As such, in keeping up with her tremendously busy schedule, she resorted to drinking cold brew and has been addicted to it since then.

She said that she loves her cold brew so much, that she can practically live on it for the rest of her life – and she even hates the taste of plain water now! Fineman added that she is an early riser, so it is doubly challenging for her to rise and shine after a late night of shoot for SNL, and cold brew is what helps her get through on time.

However, on days that she is not working, she makes sure to gorge on a healthy breakfast and go out for long walks with her favorite pet dog. And she also hits her Pilates sessions when she gets an off day in between hard work. 

Update On Her Being Anorexic

Anorexia nervosa is a very serious eating disorder that causes sufferers to get highly obsessed about their body weight and what they are eating. 

There is no report or news available anywhere on the internet that suggests a possibility that Chloe Fineman suffers from anorexia at present. However, she did talk about a certain point in time, when she struggled to conform to a conventional acting career that demanded her to slim down and get into the “hot girl box”. Owing to that, she went through a phase of anorexia, followed by a period of gorging on ice creams that caused to her gain weight substantially. 

However, that was a turning point in her career; it made her realize her worth by overcoming shame and stepping into her truest and fullest self. Her breakthrough career as a comedian, and making everyone laugh with her impersonations, is what helped her regain her sense of self-worth and authenticity. 

Today, Chloe Fineman brings comic relief and heals pains with comedy – her story of finding her way back to herself is truly inspiring and enlightening.

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