Dolores Catania Weight Loss And Ozempic Use. RHONJ Star’s Confession.


Dolores Catania weight loss details as she confirmed using an Ozempic-like diabetes drug Mounjaro for weight loss.

Dolores Catania, the famous cast member of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey,” has impressed fans and fellow castmates with her significant weight loss transformation. By following a mix of various methods like supplements and medical treatments, she was able to accomplish this. 

In this article, we’ll explore the details of her weight loss journey, including the programs and procedures she underwent, and see how her fans reacted to her recent use of medication for weight loss.

Initial Transformation

In the summer of 2019, Dolores Catania underwent an impressive weight loss transformation by participating in a six-week program at Elite Health Center in New Jersey. The program included an HCG diet that combined HCG hormone injections with a limited-calorie plan. Throughout the program, she had already lost eight pounds within just one week. After 28 days, she was down 18 pounds; after 45 days, Dolores had lost an incredible 25 pounds.

After completing the program, Dolores shared some stunning before and after photos on Instagram and expressed her gratitude to Elite Health Center NJ for helping her achieve her goals. Fellow Real Housewives castmate Margaret Josephs congratulated Dolores on her incredible transformation and stated that she had always been a “hotty with a body.” Dolores herself wrote on Instagram Stories, “Love my results. I feel amazing,” indicating that her hard work had paid off.

Even after completing the program, Dolores has maintained her healthy diet and lifestyle. When asked about her approach to maintaining her new physique, she responded that Elite Health Center NJ had provided her with all the necessary tools and guidance to help her continue on her path to good health.

Did She Undergo Any Weight Loss Procedures?

In an interview with Fox News in 2018, Dolores Catania spoke candidly about her struggles with weight gain during the show’s hiatus. She revealed that she gained over 20 pounds due to her tendency to eat when anxious and not working out. Her busy schedule filming the show and running several businesses made eating healthily and maintaining a consistent exercise routine challenging.

Being of Italian descent, Dolores had difficulty controlling her portion sizes and had a problem with portion control. She realized she needed to take action when her clothes felt too tight on her while preparing for a scene. Dolores decided to try Obalon, which seemed the right fit for her.

Dolores Catania Weight Loss
Source: Instagram/Dolores Catania

Obalon is a weight loss tool that helps to prevent overeating and extreme weight gain. Dolores did not swallow balloons, as some critics had suggested, but rather a capsule about half the size of her thumb with a catheter at the end. Once the capsule has been ingested, a confirmation X-ray is taken to ensure proper placement, followed by inflation with air via the catheter. This process is repeated thrice, with the entire procedure spanning over six months.

Dolores claimed that Obalon was the best thing she had ever done, and she had no regrets. She could pace her eating and increase her mindfulness about how much she consumed. As a result, she could finally reduce her food intake to just a few quarters of what she used to take before. This change made her feel more comfortable with her body, acknowledging that overindulging will only lead to discomfort and bad health. 

Is Dolores Catania On Ozempic?

Short answer – Yes And No!

During the April 4th episode of “Watch What Happens Live,” host Andy Cohen remarked on Dolores Catania’s appearance, noting that she looked thin and inquiring whether she was using the popular medication, Ozempic, which has been approved by the FDA to treat Type 2 diabetes and has become a popular drug for inducing weight loss in Hollywood.

To the surprise of many, Catania candidly responded with a “yes.” However, she later revealed that she was taking Mounjaro, another Type 2 diabetes drug that can also induce weight loss, according to manufacturer Eli Lilly.

When asked about any side effects, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star claimed she just feels “not hungry.” Cohen jokingly said, “What housewife isn’t on Ozempic?” referring to the numerous Bravo women who confessed to using the medication for weight loss. Catania humorously replied that she wouldn’t appear at the reunion “looking any bigger than anyone else.”

However, it remains unclear whether Catania has any medical reasons for taking Mounjaro. Her admission has sparked a debate about using medication for weight loss and the message it sends to fans.

How Fans Reacted To It

Soon after Dolores Catania admitted using Ozempic, a medication used primarily for diabetes, as a means of weight loss, she received a lot of criticism from the netizens. While the drug has gained popularity for its weight loss benefits in Hollywood, Dolores’ confession has sparked criticism from fans on social media.

Many have expressed their disappointment in Dolores’ decision to use the drug, with one Twitter user stating, “Dolores saying it’s #Ozempic so proudly just took me out lol smh #WWHL.” Some have even gone as far as to accuse her of promoting dangerous and potentially life-threatening behavior. One user wrote,

Despite the accusations against her, many fans on Twitter promptly rushed to Dolores’ defense. @BravoBabyMama thanked Dolores for being open and honest about using Ozempic, writing, “Thank you to Dolores for being open and honest about taking Ozempic #WWHL #RHONJ.” Another user, @BossAssBravo, joked about following Dolores’ lead and trying Ozempic for herself, writing, “Damn! That’s it! I’m getting Ozempic 😂 shout out to Dolores for being so honest! #RHONJ #WWHL”


Overall, Dolores Catania’s weight loss journey has been marked by a series of highs and lows, with various approaches to pursuing her desired weight. While some of her methods have drawn criticism, her story demonstrates that anyone can achieve their goals with persistence and determination. Nevertheless, her journey has generated heated discussions about medication use for weight loss and its impact on her fans, provoking a mixed response from the fans!


Is Dolores Catania Used Ozempic For Weight Loss?

NO, Dolores Catania Has Not Used Ozempic Instead She Has Used The Same Type Of Drug For Weight Loss Known As Mounjaro For Weight Loss.

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