The Real World Barbie Cindy Jackson’s 52 Plastic Surgeries’ World Record.

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It is a world record. Yes, Cindy Jackson holds the world record for 52 plastic surgery including 14 full-body surgeries, fillers, facelifts, botox, eyelid surgeries, etc.

We all are aware of the fictional character of Barbie, However, there is a real-life Barbie living among us. Cindy Jackson, the pioneer of aesthetics and beauty, is a well-known name in the cosmetic world. After numerous surgeries and cosmetic procedures, she is helping others achieve a flawless look

Although she is in her sixties now, the cosmetics help her to maintain a younger and more appealing appearance. With a world record in cosmetic surgery, what are the surgeries she has completed till now? We will cover everything about Cindy Jackson in today’s article. 

Who Is Cindy Jackson? Not Reel But Real Barbie

Cindy Jackson is a beauty consultant who has been in the business since 1987. She helps people to get aesthetically appealing with the help of cosmetic and anti-aging procedures

Cindy grew up in the rural areas of Ohio, and the reason that initiated a desire to change was her strict father. She was surrounded by several insecurities about her looks and appearance, which motivated her to make everything about herself perfect and precise. She moved to London and after getting the inheritance money from her father, she started a complete makeover. Cindy wanted to be a model, which motivated her to look absolutely stunning on camera. 

Cindy Jackson Real World Barbie
Cindy Jackson Real World Barbie

Cindy is now running a cosmetic consultancy firm where she helps individuals. She is also an international speaker as she has an experience of over three decades. With the help of her expertise in the field, she created a perfect anti-aging treatment by mixing several high-tech procedures.  

She has transformed thousands of people with the anti-aging formula. Cindy believes in transforming a normal person into a superstar. 

The World Record Of 52 Cosmetic Surgeries

Cindy Jackson, also known as the real-life Barbie holds a unique world record. She was included in the Guinness Book of World Records for Undergoing the Most Number of Cosmetic Surgeries. Till now she has spent over $100,000 on her 52 cosmetic surgeries. It includes 14 full-body surgeries, fillers, facelifts, botox, eyelid surgeries, etc. 

All these surgeries have helped her achieve a look like Barbie. However, some people mock her for these choices and consider them as a “material beauty”. There’s a huge debate about the unnatural ways of getting a desired look. The orthodox section still believes that surgeries are for high-class people, hence it is considered as a waste of money and resources. People suffer from low self-esteem and have self-presentation issues that help the cosmetic world to thrive. 

In today’s time, celebrities are not shy of going under the knife to match the high levels of beauty standards. Although the outcome is appealing and alluring, the procedure sometimes is scary. Let us now discuss the benefits and downsides of cosmetic surgery. 

The Potential Risks And Benefits Of Plastic Surgery

Celebrities nowadays are encouraging the usage of unnatural means to get a flawless appearance. However, here are some of the potential risks that might make you rethink the decision. 

Psychological Edge

Although it might sound appealing, any cosmetic procedure is not too healthy for your mental state. These surgeries are a way to fix a flaw, however, the individual might start noticing too many flaws in them making them depressed. It is also a psychological disorder known as body dysmorphia.

Cindy Jackson Facial Features
Cindy Jackson Facial Features

Health Risks

Any cosmetic procedure comes with plenty of health risks. There are several side effects that could be lethal in the long run. The threat of an infection and blood clot is a common sight during the surgeries. Below are a few benefits of Plastic surgery:

Confidence Boost

Any type of look-enhancing surgery will fill you with immense confidence. There are numerous patients who experienced an increase in their self-esteem after a successful procedure. When the problem or a flaw is fixed, it makes them feel a little less insecure about their appearance. It alleviates the social anxiety and makes them feel more confident. There are endless stories available online where cosmetic surgeries change the life of an individual. 

Better Life

Overall with an increase in confidence, the quality of life also shoots up. 

Risk-To-Reward Ratio

Although cosmetic surgeries are still a debatable topic in most parts of the world, their effects are everlasting. The risks involved in a cosmetic procedure are not that high and people usually don’t regret the decision. The only downside is that a good quality procedure might take a toll on your bank account. However, too many cosmetic procedures like Cindy’s are still not acceptable in society. On this, Cindy said that she is completely satisfied with her transformation and that this is how she wanted to look. 

At the end of the day, it depends on the individual whether they are willing to spend a chunk of their earning to look better and feel more confident.

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