Chris Evert Plastic Surgery. Tennis Star’s Ovarian Cancer Update And Before-After Pictures.

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Everyone wants to know about the former Tennis Player Chris Evert plastic surgery. The tennis star never has never confirmed anything about her plastic surgery rumors.

Not only being the tennis superstar, Chris Evert has always been the finest fitness star too! Of course, fitness is never an option for those wanting to build a sports career. That being said, even after announcing her retirement from women’s tennis, Chris Evert still stood her ground to stay as fit as a fiddle.

Not only eating healthy and staying fit, Chris Evert also went the extra mile by working out every day to maintain her personality even after her retirement. Though there are speculations and rumors that the tennis rockstar has undergone plastic surgery to maintain her beauty, there is still a need for direct evidence. 

Why Is the Tennis Star, Hitting the Headlines Now?

The 68-year-old former tennis player is appearing to look younger with each passing day! While her fans are quite unsure about what could be the reason, there are a few who are suspecting that the tennis star underwent plastic surgery.

While there could be many possibilities as to what could have made Chris Evert contemplate surgery, the most apparent reason could be this.

Her years spent undergoing tennis training exposed her skin to direct sunlight. For prolonged hours, bathing in the sun could have eventually led to irreversible damage to her skin. That contributed to her aging and naturally reduced the tonicity and elasticity of her skin.

Beauty Procedures That the Tennis Star Has Undergone, if Any? Chris Evert Plastic Surgery.

While beauty is always an asset, a lot goes into grooming and looking a certain way. There is still no direct evidence that Chris Evert has undergone all of these procedures. Her fans are making the noise and cheering up to see Chris grow younger every day. 

Her fans believe that she has undergone beauty treatments like Botox fillers and facelifts. Lip-biting looks good as many women do, however, as Chris was seen pursing her lips often, her fans suspected that she must have undergone a botox filler cosmetic procedure.

There are other speculations that the tennis star has undergone breast augmentation surgery. Her feminine features were prominent and elegant which provided room for her fans to give a remark about her breast augmentation. 

Her eyes glowed with beauty and were seen sparkling brilliantly. They were quite unnatural to how they were before. Did Chris Evert do something with her eyes too? After careful observation, her followers concluded that Chris might have undergone blepharoplasty for her eyelids. 

Chris Evert Plastic Surgery
Source: Instagram / Chris Evert

How Did These Affect Chris Evert as She Was Aging?

It is accepted that periods are tough on women and especially during menopause, they need all the more support. Chris makes an open statement that she was unable to open up about her menopause. That phase seemed to be extremely challenging for her.

Though she has a lot of recognition, fame, and accolades for her professional achievements, that can never be on par with her feminine side. She has won 18 major single titles. This also includes a record-setting seven French and six US Open titles (which she shares with Serena Williams).

She was the world’s best singles player for 260 weeks, and at the end of seven years, she was the world’s best singles player.

Despite all of these achievements, she was never an exception to her femininity and womanhood. After giving back so much to the world, Chris Evert took time out during her menopause finally to relax and rest!

Was Her Beauty and Charm Affected During This Time?

No wonder menopause is actually like a roller-coaster ride! There were major life decisions that were going on with Chris too! Divorces are painful and often they put our lives on a pedestal. One feels like one has to start living all over again.

It was during this time that she ended her marriage with her first husband. She was married to the former Olympics skier – Andy Mills. Their marriage lasted for 18 years before they mutually decided to end their marriage in 2006. 

The couple has 3 children from the marriage. Soon after ending the marriage, Chris Evert decided to marry the golf superstar Greg Norman, but their marriage did not last long. They were together only for about 15 months but eventually their marriage didn’t last long.

Talking about her experiences, Evert says that there was both passion and love. But, they wanted two different things from their marriage.

Evert says,  “Was there passion? Yes,” Evert explained how her marriage with Norman didn’t even last at least two years. “Was there love? Sure,” she further told Elle in a 2011 interview. “But we had two big worlds.” 

“I don’t want this to be a slam on Greg, but our lifestyles were different,” she said further in the interview with the international magazine. “My priority was my kids. His priority was to build his business and travel.” 

After her divorce, Evert stayed single and is only focussing on what is keeping her happy now. Above all, it is always one’s experiences that shape our personality.

How Is Chris Evert’s Health Now – Ovarian Cancer?

While it is inevitable that beauty somewhere takes a backseat when illness settles like a cloud above our shoulders, Chris Evert still tried her best and prioritized her fitness despite battling cancer.

Talking to ESPN, a year after fighting cancer, the tennis rockstar shares her experiences after being diagnosed with stage 1 ovarian cancer. She immediately went ahead with 6 rounds of extensive chemotherapy and always kept her health in check. She feels fortunate for having been diagnosed early. 

My doctor said if left undiscovered, in four months’ time I would probably have been Stage 3 like my sister, Jeanne, with very few options. Instead, I was diagnosed with Stage 1 ovarian cancer, and I immediately began six rounds of chemotherapy. Today, I’m cancer-free, and there’s a 90% chance that ovarian cancer will never return.


Aging is beyond our control but being happy and receiving it with immense positivity certainly is! Chris Evert’s life was nothing less than a roller-coaster ride but her sheer determination and the ability to bounce back to life regardless of the external circumstances, always make her the winner in handling life’s situations.

Yes, there have been speculations and talks about her plastic surgery and her appearance. That being said, while the tennis superstar did not reveal anything about it, neither has she responded to these comments, it is wise to leave things at this.

Everybody has the right to look a certain way and what one does with their body is totally up to them.

Chris Evert’s fans should understand her basic need for independence and simply live and let live! Keeping the talks about her plastic surgery aside, it is high time we agree that she is a strong and bold woman. Undeniably, bold is beautiful, and brave is beautiful!

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