Charley Hull Weight Loss. Golfer’s Diet Details With Her Before-After Pictures.

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People are noticing Charley Hull weight loss more and more as she appeared in the US Women’s Open. She is looking way slimmer than she looked in her teenage days. The 27 years old golfer started her health journey in 2019 just before her marriage.

When a public figure tries to make a change to their life, it becomes news. Celebrity weight loss and fitness journeys are one of the top talked topics in today’s social media world. Whether it’s losing pregnancy weight, trying to get fit for an upcoming role, losing some weight for an upcoming sports tournament, or even embracing a healthier lifestyle, celebrity weight loss journeys are closely followed by fans and the media.

Recently people are talking more and more about the Female Golfer Charley Hull’s weight loss journey. We recently saw her in the US Women’s Open. In the tournament, she lost to Allisen Corpuz. Let’s find out about this beautiful athlete‘s weight loss journey.

Who Is Charley Hull

Charley Hull a young and talented female golfer from England has achieved a lot in her professional career. From winning Ladies European Tour to participating in the international Solheim Cup, Charley has seen huge success in her career.

She was born on 20 March 1996 in Kettering, England. She was first introduced to Golf when she was just 2 years old. She started playing Golf with her father at the Kettering Golf Club. She has won many titles in the USA and as well as in the UK and has put her name in the list of the top 10  World Amateur Golf Ranking. Recently she came in the second spot in the US Women’s Open after losing the first spot to Allisen Corpuz.

Charley has been married to a mixed martial art fighter Ozzie Smith since 2019.

Charley Hull Weight Loss

In 2019, Charley Hull lost more than 20 pounds. And she gave credit to her then-fiance for her transformation. Charley was little overweight in her teenage days. The female golfer said that she has lost around 10 kg of weight through a combination of diet and exercise. Charley further added,

I feel a lot healthier and sharper. I used to suffer badly from jetlag but now I get over it much more quickly, which is a huge plus; Mentally, it was strange at the start for Ozzie [her husband] coming into my world where, if you have a bad week, there’s always another tournament the following week. In his world you train for one fight and you put absolutely everything into it.

‘And being introduced to his world has helped me with mine, learning to focus and put more into each and every week. He talks about how he goes into the ring believing in himself so much that he knows he isn’t going to lose, and how I must believe in myself every time I go on to the course.’

As an athlete, it becomes very important for a person to stay fit and healthy. Charley Hull decided to lose some pounds and finally achieved it with the help of a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. And her husband Ozzie Smith helped her a lot in her weight loss journey.

Charley Hull Weight Loss
Source: Instagram / Charley Hull

Charley Hull’s Healthy Diet Routine

the first rule to lose weight and maintain a healthy body, you have to start eating healthy. Charley Hull followed the same. Her eating habits and diet schedules are full of healthy meals. Here is the list of what she likes to eat in her day.

  • Breakfast: Charley Hull starts her day with a healthy breakfast. She likes to have Cereal and some fresh fruit in the morning.
  • Lunch: For lunch, Hull likes to have some healthy and light food options such as salad.
  • Dinner: Charley prefers to have a balanced dinner like having chicken and vegetables.
  • Snacks: Charley eats a lot of fruits throughout the day. And peanut butter and jam sandwiches are also her favourite snacks.

Talking more about her diet routine, Charley said that she doesn’t know how to cook and her mother does all the cooking for her. And she also likes to have some cheat meals like Pizza. To take care of her health, Charley always tries to stay hydrated throughout the day. To do so she drinks a lot of water throughout the day and tops up with hydration tablets.

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It is always important for an athlete to maintain a healthy body and fitness to remain in the game. In her teen years, Charley Hull was a little overweight. Her husband Ozzie Smith who is also an athlete himself helped her a lot in losing some weight.

From changing her diet routine to healthy foods to regular gym workouts, Charley Hull finally lost 10 kgs of weight in 2019 before her marriage. We hope this female golfer’s weight loss journey motivated you to start your fitness journey.

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