Bebe Rexha Weight Gain 2023. The Reason And TikTok Trend.

Bebe Rexha is a talented singer and songwriter who has been dominating the music charts with her hit since 2014. It is very common that she remains in news for her music but this time she is news for a totally different reason.

Recently, Bebe Rexha has been making headlines for a very different reason. It seems that Bebe Rexha’s recent weight gain has become a hot topic of discussion for netizens, sparking numerous rumors and endless debates on various social media platforms. Regardless of the opinions, the Bebe Rexha weight gain controversy has become the talk of the town, with everyone voicing their opinions on the matter. So, let’s dive into the details of how and why the singer gained weight and what she has to say about the TikTok trend that’s causing a stir.

Bebe Rexha Body Measurements And Personal Details

Name:Bebe Rexha
Birth Date:30th August, 1989
Birth Place:Brooklyn, New York, USA
Nationality:US And North Macedonia Citizenships
Height:5 Feet 5 Inches
Weight:165 Pounds
Shoe Size:9 U.S.

Bebe Rexha Weight Gain

In 2021, Bebe Rexha made headlines when she opened up about her struggle with weight gain over the holidays. Despite her previous advocacy for body positivity and self-love, Rexha admitted feeling insecure about her body and was the heaviest she had ever been.

In an emotional video shared on TikTok, the “Me, Myself & I” singer revealed that she had weighed herself and didn’t feel comfortable sharing the number because she was embarrassed. Bebe Rexha with a sad heart confessed that she felt “disgusting” in her own body and had been struggling with body image issues for a while.

Rexha also acknowledged that her previous advocacy for body positivity and self-love may have stemmed from a place of “hurt and confusion.” She further added that her struggles with body image had affected her social media presence, too as she didn’t feel good in her own skin and didn’t want to post as much as she used to.

Her confession was already a stark contrast to a video she had shared just six months earlier, where she modeled lingerie and proudly revealed that she weighed 165 pounds. However, the holiday season and its accompanying feasts may have taken a toll on her body, making her feel insecure and uncomfortable.

Bebe Rexha’s vulnerability about her body image and weight gain and her honesty about what she is feeling about her weight gain have attracted a lot of attention and she has been getting an outpouring of support from fans and fellow celebrities. Many praised her for being brave enough to share her struggles with body image and reminding everyone that self-love is an ongoing journey that isn’t always easy!

How Did Bebe Rexha Gain Weight?

There can a different reasons behind Bebe Rexha weight gain. The reasons are changes in her diet, exercise routine, and mental health. “In The Name Of Love,” singer opened up about her struggle with weight over the holidays, admitting that she had gained more weight than she was comfortable with. She explained that her busy schedule led her to make unhealthy food choices and she also skipped her workout sessions. All these ultimately contributed to her weight gain.

The singer has also been vocal about her battle with anxiety, depression, and bipolar disorder which can also lead to emotional eating and a lack of motivation to exercise. She admitted that her body image issues stemmed from “a place of hurt and confusion,” suggesting that her mental health struggles may have significantly affected her weight gain.

Bebe Rexha Before After
Bebe Rexha Before After Source: Instagram / Bebe Rexha

Despite her struggles, Bebe Rexha has strongly advocated for body positivity and normalizing all body types. She has previously modeled lingerie in a TikTok video and proudly revealed that she weighed 165 pounds. However, her recent post on TikTok showed a different side of her struggle with body image, revealing that she’s been quieter on social media lately because of her inner struggles.

Clearly, her weight gain doesn’t seem to be a result of laziness or lack of discipline but rather a complex combination of various factors, including her lifestyle, mental health, and societal pressures to maintain a certain body type. This side of her vulnerability in sharing her struggles is a reminder that weight gain is not always within our control and that it’s important to treat our bodies with kindness and respect, no matter their shape or size!

Why Is Bebe Rexha Upset With The TikTok Trend?

Now let’s dive into what the ongoing fuss is all about and why Bebe Rexha is upset with a recent TikTok trend. The singer recently expressed her disappointment with a TikTok trend that revolves around her weight. In an April 16 tweet, the “I’m Good” singer shared a screenshot of a TikTok comment section where the trending search bar read, “bebe rexha weight.” 

While acknowledging that the search was true, Bebe said that seeing it was upsetting. She wrote, “I’m not mad ’cause it’s true. I did gain weight. But it just sucks. Thank you to all the people who love me no matter what.”

This is not the first time that Bebe has talked about her struggles with body image. In 2021, she posted a TikTok where she shared a message on how her weight impacted her confidence, saying that she felt “disgusting” in her own body. This led her to step back from using social media.

However, despite her vulnerability, Bebe’s message was met with fans’ outpouring of love and support. Many of her followers expressed their support and admiration for her honesty and bravery in sharing her struggles. One fan wrote that “You are a beautiful soul inside and out.

While she certainly acknowledges that she did gain weight, she hopes that people will focus on the more important things in life, such as kindness and compassion. The singer and her fans clearly seem to be upset with all the unnecessary attention this issue is getting, and that society still places so much emphasis on appearance!

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Body shaming is a sensitive and important topic that needs to be addressed with kindness and empathy. Bebe Rexha’s response to this whole issue is another reminder that body positivity is not just a trend but a movement that demands respect for everyone’s bodies, regardless of their size or shape.

Nevertheless, her honesty and vulnerability have sparked a conversation about body positivity and the harmful effects of body shaming. It’s important to continue this conversation and work towards creating a society that values all bodies and promotes self-love and acceptance.

Let’s remember to be kind and supportive to ourselves and others, and focus on spreading positivity and uplifting one another! 💗


Q: Has Bebe Rexha gained weight in 2023?

A: Yes, recently Bebe Rexha gained weight.

Q: How Beb Rexha gained weight?

A: As Bebe Rexha has confirmed that due to her busy schedule, she was not able to exercise and even made some changes to her diet, and she gained weight. And top of that her mental health has also added to her bad health and weight gain.

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