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Ashley Graham an American plus-size model and a big Body Positivity promoter often called by people she is “Promoting Obesity” recently seen on the red carpet of Oscars 2023. After seeing her at the event Ashley Graham weight loss becomes a matter of the talk on the internet.

The curvey plus-size American model Ashley Graham has a big list of followers. Ashley was always a promoter of “Body Positivity” and has gained a lot of fame through her body positivity advocacy. She was the first plus-size model to feature in Sports Illustrated’s Swimsuit edition.

There was a time when people accused her of promoting obesity. And now she has lost pounds of weight. Now, everybody wants to know the reason behind this sudden change in her fitness. What Ashley Graham did to lose weight, which diet she followed, which workouts she did, and if she underwent a weight loss surgery, etc are very common questions arising in people’s minds after seeing Ashley Grahm’s new fit avatar. So, let’s talk more about Ashley Graham weight loss.

Ashley Graham’s Weight Issues

Ashley Graham was always a firm believer in the concept of “Love Your Body“. No matter if you are fat, slim, bulky, or anything just love your skin. But after her first child was born in 2017, she put on some weight. But later after some continuous efforts, Ashely lost pregnancy weight.

But after losing weight she came under the radar of Netizens. Most of the people were questioning her about what happened to her Body Positivity movement. Why she has lost weight when she is a firm believer in Body Positivity? Her social media profiles were filled with negative comments.

Ashley Graham was always attacked for being a little overweight in the entertainment industry. Even before she joined the modeling industry, she was bullied by modeling agencies. Discussing her past days, Ashley Graham told People,

“I had agencies telling me that I had to lose weight. I had one that waved money in my face and said, ‘If you lose more “lb’s” – pounds – you can make a lot more of this,’ and he was waving $20 bills in my face.”

She further added more details in the interview about her early day in modeling and said,

"That wasn’t even a motivator for me to lose weight. I was peaking at a size 18, and in the plus size fashion industry, models go from a size 8 to a size 16/18. So if you’re on the smaller size or the bigger size, you’re not going to work as much as if you’re in the middle. So he was trying to encourage me to lose weight but it didn’t work, because I was that person where if you told me to go on a diet and lose weight, I’m just going to gain weight."

Graham was constantly bullied due to her weight. In her school days, other kids always tease her with various inappropriate names like cottage cheese thighs and thunder thighs. But her mother Linda Graham always supported her and motivated her to be positive about her body shape.

But things went worse when Ashley shifted to New York from her hometown in Nebraska at the age of just 17. Her mom was not with her she was not cooking for her, and even Ashley was not working out after reaching New York, and that all added to her weight gain. She gained a lot of weight after shifting.

Ashley started hating herself. Whenever she looks at herself in the Mirror she thought how ugly and fat she looks. Confessing about her downtime in the same interview Ashley said,

"I started to really hate myself. I would literally just look in the mirror, and I would be disgusted. It was a constant degrading of my body. You’re fat. You’re ugly. You’re worthless. I’m surprised you’re a model. Are some of the things I would say to myself."

And constantly self-degrading went on for years for Ashley and slowly it became a reality for Ashley Graham. And she really started to believe all that about herself. And gradually her work projects started to get reduced and she reached on point in her career where she was not going any further.

But later Ashley started to take care of her body. She started affirmation to take care of her mind and soul. And gradually, she came out of that negative phase.

Ashley Graham Weight Loss Diet

Ashely is no different from other celebrities in the entertainment industry. She also likes to eat a lot of veggies, healthy fats, and fresh fruits in order to maintain healthy fitness. Green smoothies, salmon, and quinoa bowls are always there in Ashley Graham’s diet. Here is the detailed chart of what Ashley Graham’s diet looks like

Breakfast:Fresh smoothie juice made of Kale, cucumber, spinach, apple, and ginger.
Lunch:Brown rice with Quinoa and veggies, and tahini.
Snack:Chocolate Tree chia crackers
Dinner:Sweet potato, arugula salad, and baked salmon
Drink:“Green Giant” from Juice Press
Guilty Pleasure Foods:Mac and cheese.
Favourite Healthy Dish:A kale paste pasta sauce with gluten-free pasta.
Favourite Healthy Snack:Rayo de Sol raw, organic, vegan rye bread with vegan Cheezehound blue cheese.

Ashley Graham takes great care of her body. She even confessed that she always keeps healthy food and stores it in her fridge. She always keeps Fresh garlic, tahini sauce, and honey in her kitchen.

Ashley Graham Workout

Apart from eating a balanced and healthy weight-loss diet, Ashley also keeps on track with how active she is. To stay active she workouts. Her favorite workout is Kickboxing. Kickboxing helps her in burning more calories and strengthen bones and muscles. Apart from kickboxing, Ashley also does some other exercises, like jumping, squats, Push-ups, barbell squats, resistance band hip thrusts, lunges, burpees, ball smash, scissor legs, and jackknifed.

Ashley Graham workout with her personal fitness trainer Darwin Pena. With Darwin, Ashley does High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) cardio exercises. HIIT workout is quite popular among Hollywood celebrities for maintaining a healthy weight. HIIT is a workout routine in which you start the exercise with high intensity, complete one exercise and rest for 20-30 seconds, and then again start a new exercise with high intensity.

this helps in saving time and is also very beneficial for weight loss and muscle building.

Ashley Graham Before After

When Ashley appeared at Red Carpet of the 95th Academy Awards, people noticed that she might have lost some pounds for the event. But when we researched and went deep into the matter, we found nothing much about Ashley Graham weight loss.

You might notice some little changes in her body but not a big amount of weight loss. Here is a picture of her from Vanity Fair after the Oscars party and one from her Instagram account.

Ashley Graham Before After
Source: Instagram/Ashley Graham

There is a clear visible difference between these two pictures. Ashley Graham has definitely lost some weight but not that much weight but in moderation amount.

Ashley Graham Weight Loss Surgery

After her appearance at TRed Carpet Oscars 2023, various speculations and rumors started doing rounds on the internet. Ashley Graham weight loss surgery is also one of them. There is no proof or any official statements from Ashley Graham about her weight loss surgery.

Ashley has lost some pounds in moderation amounts but not by any surgery but with a balanced healthy diet and her HIIT workout routine.

What A Woman Can Learn From Ashley Graham’s Health Journey

Ashley Graham is a big inspiration for women. She is focused, dedicated, and even stubborn in her desires. She made a huge impact by becoming the first plus-size model in Vogue. She is a big promoter of body positivity. Here are some motivations that a woman can include in her health journey.

Always Love Yourself

The world starts with you. There is nothing more important in this world than caring and loving yourself. Ashley always loved her curves and her body and she always tells others to do so.

Have A Balanced Diet

Without eating healthy foods, you can not continue your health journey. A healthy food diet is a must for a healthy body. Ashley follows a healthy diet routine in day-to-day life to maintain health.

Workout Regularly

Apart from eating the right food, staying active is also very important for weight loss. If you don’t move your body then it is impossible for anyone to stay healthy and fit.

Don’t Ever Let Others Change Your Mind

This is the biggest strength of Ashley Graham. She is a rebel. What others say about her doesn’t matter to her. She always follows her heart and does whatever she wants to do. That’s how she managed to make it big in such an industry where beauty standards are bound by slim figures.


Being a plus-size model Ashley Graham faced a lot of difficulties in her career. She was even forced to lose weight but she didn’t and made an impact in the modeling industry with body positivity. Recently when she appeared at the Oscars 2023, it was noticed by many people that she might have lost some weight and that is also visible in her after-before pictures.


What Is Ashley Gram’s Current Weight?

Ashley Graham Currently weighs 200 LBs Or 91 KGs

Did Ashley Graham Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

No, Ashley Graham Didn’t Undergo Any Weight Loss surgery.

What Is Ashley Graham Dress Size?

Ashley Graham Dress Size Is 16.

What Is Ashley Graham’s Diet?

Ashley Graham Mainly Eats Only Healthy Foods Like Smoothies, Quinoa, Salads, Salmon, Etc.

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