Alasdair Nichol Weight Loss 2023. Is He Sick?


Alasdair Nichol weight loss is in news lately. He looks fit than in his previous appearances. But nothing has been announced by him officially on his weight loss. All these are just assumptions until we get some strong words from Alasdair himself.

Alasdair Nichol is the chairman of fine arts at one of the oldest auction houses in the USA, known as Freeman’s auction house. He grew up in Edinburgh, Scotland, and graduated with a degree in fine arts in Aberdeen as well as a master’s from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland. It was only in 1985 that he entered the auction world. After working in different parts of the UK for a while, he moved to New York in the late 90s. In 2017, he was awarded the Mark Twain Award.

Recently, Alasdair Nichol weight loss attracted a lot of interest from the public. Although not drastic, he seemed to have lost a few pounds and surely looks like he enjoys being fit. 

Alasdair Nichol weight loss 

Pictures of Alasdair Nichol started surfacing the internet recently and people are speculating about some definite weight loss. Although he hasn’t publicly shared his weight loss journey, we’re predicting certain factors that could’ve enabled him to achieve his weight loss. A few such factors include: 

  • Diet: It is a no-brainer to believe that diet plays one of the most important roles in weight loss. It could not have been very different for Alasdair Nichol either. There exist many meal plans, weight loss diets, and intermittent fasting patterns that can all contribute to weight loss. While dieting plays an essential role, it doesn’t necessarily mean one has to starve oneself to achieve their desired weight. Most often, replacing your daily meals with healthier alternatives can do wonders with minimal compromise on your routine. 
  • Exercise: Exercise is yet another important factor that can affect your weight loss. People who are active and regularly try to break a sweat, as must have been the case of Alasdair Nichol, find it easier to stay fit. Weight loss can be accelerated with proper diet and exercise depending on your requirements and fitness goals. If your objective is to remain fit, getting a few thousand steps on your step counter or working out for 30 minutes a day is helpful. If you’re looking to lose a considerable amount of weight, your daily exercise will have to be more rigorous and longer. However, one must not overindulge in it in an attempt to see quicker results.
  • Medication: With advancing age, chronic illnesses begin to surface. Most of these illnesses require regular use of medication that can have an impact on the weight of the body. However, one shouldn’t use such medication primarily to cause weight loss.
  • Illnesses: One of the factors that cause weight loss include undiagnosed medical conditions. Most of these conditions might not be serious and tend to go away after treatment but few of them could be life-threatening. Hence, drastic weight loss should never be ignored. 
  • Stress: Stress has a peculiar impact on the body. While it can cause weight gain in some, it has the opposite effect on others. Hence, being calm and getting the right amount of sleep helps one stay fit. 

Is Alasdair Nichol Sick?

Since there was no public statement issued by him or his close ones on his behalf, there is no reason for us to assume that he is sick. Moreover, Alasdair Nichol seems to be the kind of person who enjoys being fit and indulges in a bit of physical activity to maintain good health. 

His Health Update

As per the pictures he released recently, Alasdair Nichol seems to be healthy and fit. Despite being a busy man, he seems to take good care of his body and tries to be active. Moreover, there isn’t any report claiming him to be sick or going through any treatment. Hence, it is safe to presume he is a healthy man who has managed to cut down on some fat to get into a better shape than before. 


Any of the above-discussed factors could have played a role in Alasdair Nichol’s weight loss. As he had not revealed anything publicly regarding his weight loss, we cannot zero down on things for certain. However, most weight loss journeys include the proper diet and fitness (both mental and physical), hence, his weight loss regime could not have been very different from it. 

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