Will Poulter Plastic Surgery. Amazing Superhero Transformation Glow Up Myth or Reality.

Key Takeaways

There have been a lot of searches about Will Poulter Plastic Surgery. Will has neither accepted nor denied any speculations about plastic surgery. But all the changes and glow-up in his appearance seem more natural changes than surgery.

The famous inter-galactic franchise of MCU- “The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” was loved by the fans on screen. However, an anti-hero, part villain waiting for his debut for ages, caught everyone’s attention. Marvel’s character of Adam Warlock is in a jaw-dropping shape during his appearance. 

The character was played by the British actor- Will Poulter, who is widely known as a meme guy from the 2013 comedy classic We’re The Millers. After his strong performance in the movie, an online debate was incited between his fans and haters on social media, questioning his transformation. In this article, we’ll look at the change in Will Poulter and try to find out whether it was plastic or bombastic. 

Will Poulter Plastic Surgery. The Rumours

The beauty standards in Hollywood are sky-high. We often see actors going under the knife to achieve a godly appearance. We can’t deny the fact that there are plenty of megastars that went for plastic surgery.

Usually, female actors are in the news for their transformation after plastic surgery. However, even male counterparts can feel the stress to appear with perfection both on and off the screen. The surgeons help these stars to look charismatic, and with paparazzi all around, even the slightest change can not go unnoticed. 

Recently the spotlight was on the young magnetic actor, Will Poulter. The new Marvel Studios recruit had to face trolls online because of a transformation. Earlier, people made fun of his eyebrows and called them “weird.” 

The debate broke down in Poulter’s comment section after he revealed his look for the movie. On one side, where his fans were praising him for his hard work, on the other hand, the trolls were questioning his new look. 

The actor’s comment section was full of negative remarks like “a botched plastic surgery job.” The opinion of an expert was saying a different story, keeping the sentiments of these users.

The speculations were brought to an end when the experts did a thorough inspection of Poulters before & after look. The final verdict was that there was no clear sign of plastic surgery. Even Poulter never said anything about plastic surgery.

Will Poulter Transformation From Kid To Adult
Will Poulter Transformation From Kid To Adult

It means the entire hocus pocus was based on illogical speculations and was nothing more than rumor. Just because a Hollywood star looks appealing; doesn’t necessarily mean he went under any cosmetic surgery. 

But the question arises- How did the actor make such a transformation, and is it possible for anyone else to do the same? 

The Real Work Behind Will Poulter’s Transformation

Adam Warlock’s transformation was possible because of the actor’s sheer willpower, discipline, and persistent grind. 

In an interview with GQ Magazine, Dr. Benjamin Carraway- a Chiropractor turned Trainer, gave an insight into the godly transformation. Dr. Carraway was Poulter’s trainer for almost two years and was the main man to make the actor look like a Greek god. 

The first hurdle for Dr Carraway was pre-existing injuries of the actor, thus, he made a personalized workout regime to get maximum gains. A team of professionals was keeping an eye on the actor to make sure he was putting forth his utmost efforts with minimum risk of injury. 

Let’s look at the process that transformed Will Poulter into Adam Warlock.

Convalescent Approach

With prior injuries making the process a hornet’s nest, it was crucial to see through these obstacles. The training began with rehab for Anterior Cruciate Ligament back in 2015. But the injuries were barring him around as he damaged the rotator cuff in 2019. 

Mind-Muscle Connection

One of the significant aspects of lifting weights is to create a connection between your mind and muscles. In this approach, our sixth sense plays a vital role. Lifting heavy weights is not the only prerequisite for hypertrophy and strength. Muscle size usually depends on the lifting techniques, body placement, comfort level of the joints, and form. The chances of an injury rise if any of the factors is lagging.

Mind muscle connection enables you to feel the specific muscle that is working. It’s important to do slow and controlled repetition To train with higher intensity. Dr. Carraway was inclined toward the factors like grip and range of motion.  

He also revealed the actor’s dedication as he gets deeply absorbed during any workout. Results are just a byproduct of consistent efforts. 

Workout Regime

One of the most popular workout routines; Push-Pull-Leg, is an approach to train similar muscle groups. For example, while performing chest exercises, the tricep and shoulder get trained indirectly, thus; during the push routine, the target muscle groups are- Chest, Tricpe, and Shoulders. 

The training regime for Poulter was a hybrid of resistance and calisthenics. 

Posture Can Make Or Break The Look

A slouched posture gives off a timid and insecure vibe. Even the greatest rulers from the past had formidable and upright postures. Since the role of Warlock is very intimidating, Poulter’s posture needs to be on point.

Dr. Carrway made him practice an erect posture with his chest puffed out, giving off a regal aura. According to Dr. Carrway, posture was one of the most crucial parts of Poulter’s transformation. 

To create a strong posture, the upper back consisting of- lats, traps, and rear delts, needs to be strengthened. Thus, the routine had a Supine straight leg posture bridge. Dr. Carrway says; this exercise directly strengthens the upper back and legs. 

Other exercises were:

  • Dumbbell Rows with Bench Support
  • Barbell Bicep Curls
  • Leg Press
  • Tricep Rope Pushdowns

Final Take On Will Poulter Plastic Surgery

If you’re willing to transform your fitness levels, you can learn from Poulter. However, professionals guided him and, his approach was pretty straightforward. Start lifting weights with proper form and technique. 

Consume a high protein diet to create more muscles, and take ample rest so that your body is ready for the next day. You can follow the ancient Mediterranean ritual to boost the weight loss process. 

In the end, the final words would be that the transformation of Will Poulter was solely because of his persistent efforts.

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