Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery, Then & Now Pics, And Details About Heart Attack.

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Susan Victoria Lucci is a famous American actor and television host, a celebrated best-selling author in the New York Times, and an entrepreneur. She earned immense recognition for playing the role of Erica Kane on “All My Children”, a popular daytime soap drama aired on ABC. There have been a lot of rumors about Susan Lucci plastic surgery.

Owing to Susan Lucci long-time association and contribution to this TV series, Susan Lucci earned a Drama Series Emmy nomination in the Outstanding Lead Actress segment nearly every year starting in 1978. Susan was born in December 1946 in Scarsdale, New York, to parents Victor and Jeanette Lucci, who have been instrumental in laying the foundation of Susan’s successful career since her childhood. As such, she became one of the most versatile artists in the entertainment industry in America, known for her portrayals of varied characters in films, TV shows, and theatre productions. Loving known as “The Queen of Daytime Television”, Susan Lucci was also a part of many notable films.

Whether it is intense drama or rib-tickling comedy, Susan has never failed to captivate her audiences with her acting skills. Her venture into entrepreneurship, philanthropy, and fashion have also grabbed headlines and earned much awe and respect among her fans and followers. Susan Lucci has been the talk of the town again, this time for allegedly undergoing plastic surgery. Has she gone under the knife? Let us find out in this article today.

Rumors About Susan Lucci Plastic Surgery

For decades together, Susan has been gracing and wowing her audiences with her drop-dead gorgeous looks; she had always been blessed with a figure and face that most women would die for. But she has also made it a point to maintain herself well enough to keep up with her appearances and is rumored to have been under the knife not once but multiple times.

A close comparison of the 77-year-old actor’s before and after photos, clearly suggests that she has cosmetically altered several features on her face, starting with her eyebrows. In her recent photos, her brows look much more arched and stretchy, without any fine lines visible on her forehead, something that comes very naturally with aging. Her forehead looks like it used to 35 years ago – while it might be true that she has an expert makeup artist, possibilities of a “browlift” surgery cannot be ruled out either.

Susan Lucci Transformation

Next, if you compare her older pics with more recent ones, you will also notice that despite her age, her face strangely does not have the slightest sagging skin. Drooping skin and wrinkles are the easiest giveaways of aging, but Susan Lucci’s face looks somewhat too tight for her age and therefore strikes as unusual to her audience. While we cannot deny that Susan is genetically gifted when it comes to her enchanting beauty and glamour – no plastic surgery can gift that to anyone. However, zero laugh lines, fine lines, or even the slightest wrinkles are very likely from a facelift surgery with Botox injections for cheek fillers, to endow that youthful glow and fuller face.

People are also suspicious that along with a facelift, brow lift, and Botox, Susan Lucci has likely had breast augmentation surgery too. The way her gowns fit her like a dream, making her every bit the style icon she has forever been, the possibilities of breast implants cannot be dismissed altogether. 

However, the iconic actor has never addressed these rumors or commented anything about them.

Susan Lucci Then And Now Difference

Her Health And Heart Attack

In an interview, The Queen of Daytime Television got candid about her heart attack and health, saying that she had experienced chest pain and intense pressure in her chest area way back in 2018. But she had ignored it since she was always into working out daily with a strict routine of Pilates and a healthy diet. However, when a scan revealed that there were almost 90% and 75% blockages in two crucial arteries, she realized how close she had come to a fatal heart attack. 

She underwent a heart operation upon this diagnosis, and her doctors implanted two stents. Then again recently, during last year, i.e., 2022, she had another health scare, as she felt shortness of breath followed by pain in her chest and jaws. She was about to ignore it again, but her husband called their cardiologist home, who confirmed after tests that her coronary artery had 80% blockage. Susan Lucci again underwent an operation wherein a stent was inserted again to keep her healthy.


Today Susan Lucci looks all healthy and vivacious like always; she says that she feels lucky to be alive, and how vital it is to never ignore the symptoms. A little awareness and promptness can save many lives – with this belief, she became an ardent advocate of women’s heart health. She joined the “Go Red For Women” movement by AHA to share her life experience with people and generate greater awareness about heart ailments.

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