Rosanna Pansino Plastic Surgery And Weight Loss. Diet And Workout Revealed.


If you are a fan of food blogs and channels, you must already have watched Rosanna Pansino’s channel. Rosanna Pansino is a hugely popular American YouTuber, author, actor, and singer, with around 14.4 million subscribers on her channel. Recently many people online have been speculating about Rosanna Pansino plastic surgery and her changed look.

Rosanna is one of YouTube’s top-paid content creators who runs highly acclaimed and hugely popular cookery shows and has also released two cookbooks as well as her own line of bakeries. She played host in the web series “Nerdy Nummies” since the year 2011, and won a Shorty Award as well as five nominations for the Streamy Award for her role in the series. She is also a talented singer with a classical training background, but is more extensively recognized for her cooking shows and books, which earned her first place in Forbes’ 2017 list of “Top Influencers: Food“.

Rosanna has judged countless baking and cooking shows on television and has also donned the hat of executive producer of some shows. Her acting stints include the latest 2023 production “NCIS: Los Angeles”, where she plays the role of a wedding planner.

Rosanna Pansino Plastic Surgery. Has She Really Gone Under The Knife?

Rosanna has millions of followers and fans who are dedicated to watching her shows – and after years of watching her, they have noticed that her appearance has gradually changed over time. This, in turn, has given rise to speculations that she must have resorted to plastic surgery, like Botox injections and implants, to enhance her looks. 

Many of her fans believe that the 38-year-old YouTuber’s face looks unusually more youthful nowadays, with exceptionally smooth skin without any trace of sagging. At this age, it is natural for a few wrinkles to appear, but it now looks smoother than ever, which has raised speculations of her going for Botox fillers for that ultra-smooth, flawless skin and fuller cheeks.

YouTuber Rosanna Pansino

Rumors about her getting Botox injections or cheek fillers, however, have never been addressed, nor is there any evidence to support such claims made by the public. 

But there is news that Rosanna Pansino got her breast implants surgically taken out after 13 years, and she shared the news with all her fans, explaining the reason behind her decision to do so. So in other words, it means that she did undergo a breast augmentation procedure more than 13 years ago. She said that after a long time, she realized that she was no longer enjoying being “large”, and wanted to be able to slip into her original dress size – she is petite. She missed being able to lay flat on her tummy, which was difficult with her breast implants. 

What About Her Weight Loss Transformation?

Many people believe that changes in her appearance are mainly because of the fluctuations in her body weight as a result of changes in her diet and workout routine

As per some news sources, Rosanna said somewhere that she has a sweet tooth, so people can assume that her weakness for sweets means that she might be overweight or have such a tendency. But that is far from the truth, for, Rosanna Pansino has that perfectly fit and flexible body – she has a petite frame but she is extremely fit.

Rosanna Pansino Showing Her Muscles

A few years ago when the whole world went into lockdown, Rosanna said that she had gained a lot of excess weight, around 20 pounds, and that she finally shed all of it to regain her pre-pandemic shape. She was also able to let go of her body fat which had increased during the lockdown period, to get back to her svelte and petite shape.

What’s Her Diet And Workout Routine?

In one of her interviews, Rosanna Pansino shared her daily workout regimen and added that a part of her daily exercise regimen includes going for a walk with her pet dog to accompany her. She also goes for a run and jog every day to stay in shape, because these are intense forms of workout that help her keep fit and flexible and keep her energy levels up and running.

She also has a home gym where she works out regularly and practices various exercises for strength training, cardio, and toning. Rosanna also goes for Zumba, cardio fitness, and boxing classes – a combination of all these exercises helps her stay active, healthy, and in shape.

As for her diet, Rosanna makes sure to include lots of fruits, veggies, and lean meat to stay in shape. She is a baking expert and loves sweets – but she restricts herself to eating sweets just once a week. She does not miss out on her protein shake in the evening or a healthy green juice for snacks in between but likes to keep it light for dinner with chicken or turkey along with vegetables. 

Rosanna Pansino

The talented Rosanna Pansino, with her dedication to staying fit and eating healthy, is definitely an inspiration to all her fans and followers.


  1. Has Rosanna Pansino lost any weight?

    During the Covid-19 lockdown period, she gained 20 pounds of weight and after her balanced diet and daily workout routine she managed to lose her excess weight.

  2. Has she ever undergone any cosmetic surgery?

    About 13 years ago she went for breast implants and that has been removed surgically now.

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