Lisa Marie Presley Weight Gain. Weight Loss, Bariatric Surgery, Death, And Funeral.

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People are searching extensively on the internet about Lisa Marie Presley weight gain and her weight loss surgery after her sudden death from the complications from the bariatric surgery she underwent a few years ago.

Lisa Marie Presley, widely recognized as the daughter of the renowned music icon Elvis Presley, holds a prominent position within the entertainment industry of Hollywood. But what not many people know are the challenges she faced in her life concerning bad health and how it was always under public scrutiny. 

One of these challenges was her struggle with how she saw her own body and her weight. In this article, we delve into the struggles she faced with weight loss and explore how these challenges ultimately contributed to her tragic demise.

Who is Lisa Marie Presley?

Lisa Marie Presley, an esteemed American singer, and songwriter, holds a significant place in the music industry. As the sole child of the iconic musician Elvis Presley, she has garnered attention not only for her lineage but also for her remarkable musical talent. Hailing from Tennessee, United States, Lisa has always captivated audiences with her exceptional contributions to the music world. 

Lisa Marie Presley Weight Loss

If you stay updated with the latest in the entertainment world, you might have already heard that the songwriter sadly passed away. The news is everywhere over the internet and any other media but a lesser discussed aspect of her life has been the weight loss journey she was on right before a couple of months before her death.

If we closely look at the entire information that the family sources TMZ reported to the public, it becomes a piece of clear evidence that there was much more to the story. Her motivation for shedding pounds was to appear her best during the awards ceremonies celebrating the “Elvis” movie.

Approximately two months before the Golden Globes, Lisa Marie underwent plastic surgery and began taking weight loss medications. Over six weeks leading up to the Globes, she reportedly lost between 40 to 50 pounds. It is also reported that she was once again grappling with opioid addiction, which had been a long-standing struggle for her.

Lisa Marie Presley Before Bariatric Surgery

Lisa Marie Presley Weight Gain. Lawsuit Against Daily Mail Over Weight Gain Story

In 2008, she filed a complaint against the Daily Mail, a prominent British newspaper due to certain conflicts around falsely fabricated stories concerning her health. The article suggested that she had an unhealthy appetite and gained significant weight, which all points to the similarities because her father went through the same. 

At that time she was 40 years old and around the same time, she also decided to open up about the real reason behind her weight gain in an interview with PEOPLE magazine. She also responded to the media backlash on her MySpace Celebrity blog, expressing her frustration. 

In her blog post, she stated, “I have had to show my cards and announce under the gun and under vicious personal attack that I am in fact pregnant.”

Addressing this issue, her lawyer even had to issue a press release detailing the filing of a libel claim. Smith expressed the deep upset and offense felt by his client due to the article’s publication, especially considering that it coincided with a time when Presley and her family were meant to be celebrating her happy news.

Response from Daily Mail

A spokesperson for the Daily Mail responded to the situation by stating that they became aware of Presley’s complaint on Friday night when they were served with a write without prior warning. The newspaper spokesperson mentioned that an investigation into the matter was being conducted.

Commenting on the potential outcome of the case, Mark Stephens, a leading media law expert at the London-based law firm Finers Stephens Innocent, explained that England has a tradition of treating certain forms of vulgar abuse or opinion as serious slurs on a person’s reputation. 

Lisa Marie’s Death and Cause

The singer, unfortunately, passed away this year on January 12 due to small bowel obstruction, as reported by The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner. The obstruction was a result of strangulated small bowel caused by adhesions that developed after bariatric surgery years ago, according to the coroner’s report obtained by PEOPLE. 

Dr. Juan Carrillo, Deputy Medical Examiner, noted that this complication is a known long-term effect of this type of surgery, with TMZ being the first to report this news.

Lisa Marie Hospitalization

If we go to the details of everything that happened on the day she passed away, it becomes important to know that the paramedics had to rush to the 5900 block of Normandy Drive in Calabasas, California. Lisa, in her 50s at the time, was found not breathing. 

Paramedics initiated CPR and, upon detecting signs of life, transported her to a local hospital. However, she passed away at the hospital.

Soon after her death, there was tension within her immediate family regarding the control of her trust. Priscilla Presley, Lisa Marie’s mother, sought to secure control of the trust for daughter Riley Keough. In January, Priscilla’s attorneys filed a petition in Los Angeles questioning the authenticity and validity of a 2016 amendment to Lisa Marie’s trust. 

The amendment removed Priscilla as a co-trustee and appointed Keough as the new trustee. The petition claimed that certain factors, such as a name misspelling and failure to deliver the changes to Priscilla, rendered the amendment void.

Update on Memorial Service and Tribute

On January 22, a memorial service was held for Lisa Marie at Graceland. The service featured remarks from Priscilla, Riley (read by her husband), and others, along with performances by Axl Rose, Alanis Morissette, and Billy Corgan. The event honored Lisa Marie’s memory and largely celebrated her life.


Lisa Marie Presley’s life story teaches us that famous people often face difficult challenges behind the glamorous façade. She struggled with her body image and weight, just like many others around the world. When we remember her, we should not only celebrate her music and famous family but also acknowledge her struggles, which make her story relatable to all of us. Let’s look up to her as a reminder to talk openly about body image, weight, and the pressures faced by public figures.

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