Lainey Wilson Weight Loss 2023: How She Looked Before Losing 70 LB. Some Before-After Pics. Speculations About Ozempic Use.


Yellowstone star Lainey Wilson was recently seen at the CMA Awards 2023 in November. She looked elegant, extremely beautiful, and skinny. Her new look has fueled a lot of speculation about Lainey Wilson weight loss. A healthy lifestyle has helped her in her health journey, not Ozempic or any gummies.

Lainey Daney Wilson is an American country music artist and an accomplished singer and songwriter, who is known for popular songs like “Things A Man Oughta Know”, “Heart Like A Truck”, “Never Say Never”, “Watermelon Moonshine”, and more. Born in the tiny town of Baskin in Louisiana, Lainey Wilson started performing as a musician from a very tender age, and later on shifted to Nashville, Tennessee, to pave her career as a country music performer.

After moving to Nashville, the early years of her career were very difficult and she had to experience major struggles to make it big in America’s music industry – she said that she learned perseverance. Several years after performing small shows, Lainey released two music albums of her own, and her second album titled “Tougher” garnered quite an audience and was featured in 2016’s “Billboard Top Country Albums” list.

Following her rise in popularity, Lainey Wilson signed up with the recording label BBR Music Group in 2018, and released her first EP “Redneck Hollywood”, with a major label.

She also launched her major-label single track titled “Dirty Looks” in 2019, which gained her extensive fame and recognition and she went on to do various radio and TV shows as well as live programs and recordings. 

Her smash hit radio single, “Things A Man Oughta Know”, was also released by BBR Music Group in August 2020, which brought tremendous media attention to her and Wilson has been riding the wave of success and popularity ever since.

Lainey Wilson Weight Loss: Losing 70 Pounds

Lainey Wilson fans cannot get enough of her talent, and now they can only talk about her dramatic physical transformation after she lost a whopping 70 pounds of body weight!

Wilson has been flaunting her brand new physique following her 70 lb weight loss in a body-hugging corset top paired with skinny-fit snakeskin pants in her signature bell-bottom design. She caught the attention of her audience while performing at “A New York Evening With Lainey Wilson” held at New York City’s National Sawdust, looking ravishing in her body contouring attire. But fans noticed her trimmed-down figure much earlier in January 2023, when a video showing her toned “booty” instantly went viral on TikTok. 

Though she went on to joke about the viral clip, saying that her booty was fat, she also acknowledged the fact that it introduced many more people to her music, though she was quite annoyed with it at first. Lainey seemed to have drawn some inspiration from the great Dolly Parton, saying that she would try to imagine what Parton would do in her situation. So she realized that she could use it as an opportunity and declared that she is okay with it if people started liking her music and stuck to it because of her butt or her music. To quote her words, Lainey said that she is “happy to have ya, either way. However you found me”.

Her Diet And Workout Routine

Lainey’s weight loss transformation began a few years ago when she said that she did not like the way she used to feel after wearing a pair of jeans. She was 31 years old in 2020 when she declared that that year would be her “year of health“, meaning she would focus on staying fit, healthy, and active that year. Lainey Wilson embarked on her weight loss journey, hired a personal physical trainer, and transformed her diet. The result is she lost a massive 70 pounds of unwanted body weight to gain a toned and stunning physique. 

Someone close to the country music star commented that, after the inches melted off, Lainey really loves how she looks in her clothes now. They added saying that she has also gained six-pack abs now, and flaunts her toned midriff wearing crop tops with great pride; she worked hard for it.

According to some sources, she had heavily cut down on salt, dairy, and sugar in her diet, substituting junk food and “fattening snacks” with healthier food options such as raw and fresh fruits and veggies. Instead of downing those sugary soda-filled drinks, she would sip on lemon water, and make sure to go swimming and hiking when she was not sweating it out the gym with her trainer.

Lainey Wilson wowed her fans with her drastically slimmed down and svelte look when she appeared at the CMA Awards in 2021.

How Lainey Wilson Looked Before Weight Loss: Some Pictures Compare

Has She Used Ozempic?

Lainey Wilson’s dramatic and rapid weight loss transformation has quite expectedly sparked speculations, with people alleging that she must have resorted to drugs and gummies to shed those extra pounds. However, in June 2023 she directly addressed these rumors saying that people will say or do just about anything to gain some footage or some dollars, even if it means spreading lies. 

In a video she posted on Instagram, we can see her shutting down her haters by saying that nobody had come to offer her weight loss gummies or drugs like Ozempic. She insisted that she was able to attain her weight loss target by working very hard at the gym and sticking to a very strict diet and exercise regimen. And, of course, performing at hour-and-half shows, touring frequently, and not getting enough sleep have also contributed to it.

Lainey Wilson And Yellowstone

Wilson was recently seen at the CMA Awards 2023 in November, rocking an all-black, slim-fitted outfit on the red carpet, looking absolutely stunning. She has won big this year at the awards, bagging four trophies and the award for the entertainer of the year.

She debuted in acting with the current season of the hit TV show “Yellowstone”, and quickly became the fan-favorite playing “Abby”. But her relationship with the show is much older – “Yellowstone” has featured seven of her soundtracks since its second season.

But now that we all know that “Yellowstone” will return with another season after the fifth one, we cannot wait to find out if Lainey Wilson will also be there as Abby!


  1. How many lbs did Lainey Wilson lose in 2023?

    There are speculations that she might have lost 70 pounds recently.

  2. Has Lainey Wilson used Ozempic for weight loss?

    These are just rumors, Lainey Wilson hasn’t used Ozempic or drug or gummies for weight loss.

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