Kylie Jenner Weight Loss 2023. Diet, Workout & Ozempic.


As a model and a big influencer, Kylie Jenner weight loss is a huge news and trending topic on the Internet. Kylie has gained and lost weight twice during both her pregnancies using an amazing weight loss diet and her favorite workout routines. After the delivery of her first child, she lost 25 pounds, and after she delivered her second child, Kylie Jenner lost 40 pounds.

Kylie Jenner, the American media personality, has always been in the spotlight for her beauty and style. However, she has been getting attention for her remarkable weight loss transformation in recent years. Her fans have been amazed by her dramatic weight loss journey, and many have been curious about her diet and workout regimen. 

This article will explore Kylie Jenner’s weight loss journey and her strategies to shed pounds. From her diet and workout plan to possibly using weight loss drugs like Ozempic, we will uncover the secrets of her impressive transformation. So let’s dive in and discover how Kylie Jenner achieved her stunning weight loss results.

How Did Kylie Jenner’s Weight Loss Journey Start?

Kylie Jenner’s weight loss journey began shortly after the birth of her daughter Stormi in 2018. Like most new mothers, Kylie’s body had undergone a significant transformation and was determined to return to shape. However, for Kylie, it was more than just looking suitable for the cameras. She knew her body had been through a lot and wanted to regain her health and vitality. 

In a candid conversation with her best friend, Jordyn Woods, Kylie revealed that the experience had been physically, mentally, and emotionally challenging. “At such a young age to see your body go through such a change… I really need to tone up and start working out just for health,” she confided.

Despite having access to the best cosmetic surgeons and an army of personal trainers, Kylie did not take the easy way out. She was determined to achieve her goals through hard work and dedication. She refused to consider liposuction or crash diets and sought the guidance of her older sisters and experts in the field. 

Kylie Jenner Transformation
Kylie Jenner Weight Loss Transformation Source: Instagram / Kylie Jenner

With their help, she developed a plan that included a balanced diet and a rigorous workout regimen. It was not easy, but Kylie was committed to her goals, and soon, her efforts began to pay off. In just a few weeks, she had lost an impressive 25 pounds.

Kylie’s weight loss journey was about shedding pounds and taking control of her body and health. She had learned to appreciate her body at every stage and was determined to take care of it. Kylie’s weight loss journey is an inspiration to those who are struggling to achieve their health and fitness goals

Kylie Jenner Gained Weight And Lost Again

After losing her pregnancy weight that was gained during her first pregnancy, Kylie again put on weight when she was pregnant a second time in 2022. Last year the Kardashian sister revealed she gained 60 pounds during her second pregnancy.

Kylie Jenner posted a video on her Instagram revealing her weight gain and weight loss journey. In her Instagram story, Kylie revealed that she gained 60 pounds during pregnancy and later lost 40 pounds. And she is just trying to be healthy and patient. She also revealed that walking and pilates are her favorite exercise combo for losing weight.

Kylie Jenner Weight Loss Instagram
Source: Instagram / Kylie Jenner

Diet And Workout Details

Kylie Jenner’s diet and workout routine has been the key to her successful weight loss journey. Before her weight loss journey, she loved to indulge in pizza, pasta, and burgers, but she knew she had to change her eating habits to achieve her desired body shape. 

Kylie Jenner Weight Loss Diet

Thus, she embraced a strict weight loss diet based on organic food. The significant change that Kylie made to her diet was preferring home-cooked meals. She knew how to cook, making it easier to maintain a healthy diet. She also ensured people didn’t eat junk food in her presence.

Kylie struggled to make her breakfast enjoyable and ate the same thing daily. Kylie started her day with celery juice and waited about 30 minutes before consuming anything else. Celery juice is known for its essential nutrients.

In addition to celery juice, Kylie drank coffee made with a coconut milk-based collagen creamer, which was good for her skin, hair, nails, and joints. She also consumed detox teas throughout the day to eliminate bloating and water weight, effectively aiding her weight loss journey.

Her Workout Details

Kylie Jenner may not have been as fitness-obsessed as her sisters, but she was determined to regain her pre-baby body and reach a healthy weight. Initially working out only twice a week, she ramped up her routine to include at least five days of exercise per week.

Kylie’s workout routine was a combination of cardio and weights, with a preference for HIIT workouts that challenged her to switch between moves. Her workout included squats, push-ups, and running. Kylie often exercised with her sisters, Khloe and Kourtney, to keep things fun and even turned their morning sessions of workout into a family event.

In addition to her gym routine, Kylie followed a specific workout plan that included side lunges, forward lunges, skater lunges, bicep curls, lateral dumbbell raises, crunches, planks, ball throws, stability ball leg curls, wood chops, and mountain climbers. 

Kylie Jenner Diet

Did She Use Ozempic For Weight Loss?

There has been speculation in the media that Kylie Jenner may have used a drug called Ozempic for weight loss, although there has been no official confirmation of this. Ozempic is an FDA-approved medication used to treat type 2 diabetes, but it has also been shown to aid in weight loss in some patients.

While it is true that some individuals have experienced weight loss while taking Ozempic, it is essential to note that the drug is not a magic solution and should only be taken under the guidance of a medical professional. Additionally, it is unclear whether Kylie Jenner has used Ozempic for weight loss or any other form of weight loss aid.

Regardless of whether or not Jenner used Ozempic or any other medication for weight loss, it is essential to remember that weight loss should always be approached healthily and sustainably. Fad diets, crash diets, and other extreme measures may lead to short-term weight loss, but they are often ineffective in the long run and can harm one’s health.

Instead, it is essential to focus on maintaining a healthy and balanced diet, staying active, and being patient with oneself throughout the weight loss journey.


Kylie Jenner’s weight loss journey is an inspiring story of overcoming her insecurities and focusing on leading a healthy lifestyle. She worked hard and consistently towards her fitness goals with cardio, weights, and an active lifestyle. While there have been speculations about her using a weight loss drug, the reality TV star has not confirmed it. 

We know she achieved her desired results by following a balanced diet, regularly exercising, and practicing self-love and patience. So, let’s take a leaf out of Kylie’s book and strive towards a healthier and happier life, one step at a time!


How Many Pounds Did Kylie Jenner Lose?

In 2018, After Her First Child Was Born, Kyle Lost 25 Pounds, And In 2022, After Delivering Her Second Child, Kylie Jenner Lost 40 Pounds Of Weight After Gaining 60 Pounds During Her Second Pregnancy.

What Does Kylie Jenner Eat To Lose Weight?

Kylie Jenner Eats Healthy Home Cooked Meals And Avoids Eating Junk Foods. Celery Juice And Coffee Made With Coconut Milk Are Her Favourite Healthy Beverages.

Did Kyle Jenner Use Ozempic For Weight Loss?

Seeing Her Quick Weight Loss In A Few Weeks, Many Started To Speculate That Kylie Might Be Using Ozempic, But She Has Not Accepted The Use Of Ozempic For Her Quick Weight Loss.

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