Jennifer Fessler Weight Loss, Plastic Surgery, Before After Pics, And Ozempic


Jennifer Fessler weight loss became a trending topic after Jennifer’s secret revelations about her weight loss and makeover on Any Cohn’s show. RHONJ star Jennifer Fessler revealed that she took some peptides for weight loss.

Recently after appearing on Bravo TV’s Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Tuesday, Jennifer Fessler weight loss became a trending topic on the internet. She was a guest star on Andy Cohen’s show. On the show, Jennifer revealed a lot of things about her surgeries and the use of Ozempic for weight loss.

As a women’s health promoter, whenever we see a woman celebrity getting into shape or starting her health journey, we get excited a lot. We just want to dig deeper and present the hidden parts of the health journey of a celebrity woman. So, let’s get started with details of Jennifer Fessler weight loss in deep.

Jennifer Fessler Weight Loss And Ozempic

Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Fessler looks quite different in her new avatar. She has lost a lot of weight and even has undergone some plastic surgeries for better facial features.

While talking about her weight loss on the show, Jennifer Fessler said that she used peptides for weight loss and that medication helped her in losing a lot of weight. To clarify more about what Peptides are Andy Cohen asked Jennifer if she is talking about a diabetes medicine Ozempic that has been helping people with weight loss.

In response to the question, Jennifer Fessler replied,

"You said it, I didn't. But … whatever works, here I am,"

Earlier this month, Jennifer was in an interview with Dailymail. And in her interview, she revealed that when she went to her doctor for treatment of her Menopause, her doctor put Jennifer on Ozempic for weight loss without telling her about the medication. She further told in the interview that she was given a mix of peptides that she later found out that her medications are similar to the diabetes drugs ozempic and Wegovy.

Jennifer Fessler Talking About Her Weight Loss And Cosmetic Surgeries

Ozempic is a medicine for treating Type-2 diabetes but unintentionally also helps people in losing quick weight. Recently it has become a lot popular name in Hollywood. Many celebrities from Mindy Kaling to Kayle Richards to Kardashian Sisters are accused of using Ozempic for weight loss. But no one has accepted anything like Jennifer has about her weight loss and Ozempic connection.

Jennifer Fessler Cosmetic Surgeries

On the show, Jennifer revealed many other details about her new look. Jennifer Fessler told she got a glow-up when asked about her new look by Andy Cohen. Jennifer revealed that she had a facelift and a nose job. She took the help of one of the top facial plastic surgeons in New York Dr. Sam Rizk.

Explaining more about how good and honest Dr. Rizk is Jennifer told New Beauty that she went to Dr. Rizk thinking that she needed a blepharoplasty in addition to a facelift and Dr. Sam Rizk said no. He did point out that her nose was droopy, which has bothered her for quite some time. She had considered rhinoplasty in the past but didn’t ever follow through. So for her surgery, she opted for the deep-plane facelift, neck lift, and a rhinoplasty.

Jennifer Fessler Before After

Here are some images of Jennifer Fessler’s before and after her makeover. Images show how she looked before and after losing weight and how her look changed after cosmetic surgeries.

Jennifer Fessler Weight Loss
Jennifer Fessler Before After Weight Loss
Jennifer Fessler Before After
Jennifer Fessler Before After Nose Job And Facelift


Jennifer Fessler is not like other celebs who deny the claims of using the medicine for weight loss such as Ozempic instead, the RHONJ star openly accepts she took the help of cosmetic surgeries and some peptide medicines for faster weight loss and some makeovers.


How Did RHONJ Star Jennifer Fessler Lost Weight?

On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen Jennifer Fessler Revealed That She Lost A Lot Of Pounds Of Weight Using Peptide Medicines.

Did Jennifer Fessler Take Ozempic For Weight Loss?

She Didn’t Accept That Clearly But Hinted At Using Ozmempic For Weight Loss. Previously She Revealed That She Was Using Ozempic Unknowingly That Her Doctor Prescribed Her For Treatment Of Her Menopause.

Which Cosmetics Surgeries Did Jennifer Fessler Undergone?

Jennifer Fessler Took Help Of Nose Job And Facelift.

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