Is Barry Manilow Sick? speculations About Cancer And Health Update 2023


Barry Manilow is a famous American pop singer and songwriter of the 1970s, who earned widespread fame and popularity for his extravagantly arranged romantic ballads.

Born in Brooklyn, New York in June 1943, Barry Manilow wanted to become an accomplished musician and started playing the piano and accordion when he was still a child. His father had deserted him and his mom, but Barry took after his stepdad and developed a taste for jazz and tunes from Broadway shows. In 1967, as he was working small jobs to support his own education, Barry got a chance to work as the music director for a talent hunt show.

He recorded his debut music album, “Barry Manilow”, in 1973, later renamed “Barry Manilow I”, which contained an assortment of songs. He shot to major fame after launching his second album “Barry Manilow II”, in 1974, and the song “Mandy” from that album became the chart topper of Billboard singles. Barry is well-known for being a talented entertainer and won many prestigious accolades including a Grammy Award, a Tony Award, and two Emmys. 

Is Barry Manilow Sick? Suffering From Any Illness?

When his highly-awaited and sold-out live show in Westgate Las Vegas was declared canceled, shocking and disappointing all those who were waiting in anticipation, fans naturally grew curious. They naturally wanted to know what had happened to the legendary singer – whether he was alright or not. But the news that they finally came to hear was that of concern; Manilow had suffered a health setback.

The show had to be canceled after Barry Manilow had to be admitted to the hospital for suffering from a bronchial infection. After all the preparations to claim his moment of triumph at the Westgate Las Vegas concert, the anticipation, elaborate plans, and arrangements were instantly disrupted by his health scare leading to his hospitalization. The singer had suffered from COVID-19 in 2022; his bronchial infection was likely an after-effect of the viral infection. 

COVID-19 was known to affect our lungs and lingering effects of this ailment were known as long COVID; Barry Manilow probably suffered from it, which only aggravated on the day his concert was scheduled.

While fans were initially shell-shocked and dismayed at the sudden cancelation of Barry’s sold-out live performance, they were relieved to know that he was under proficient medical supervision that would ensure his full recovery.

Speculations About Him Suffering From Cancer

In one of his recent appearances on TV, the audience was surprised to see a very slimmed-down Barry Manilow. While some people liked to believe that he looked much thin probably because of the outfit he was wearing on that show, or maybe it was the lighting or makeup that did the trick. But many people suspected that the 80-year-old iconic singer might be suffering from some kind of health disorder, which caused him to lose that much weight.

According to reports, the singer had lost a significant amount of weight which made his body weight range at a little less than 45 kg! As such, his fans and followers have expressed genuine worry about his health and well-being – what might have led to such a drastic loss of body weight.

Losing or gaining body weight is not an unnatural phenomenon and it happens to anybody and everybody during various phases of their lives. However, when it comes to celebs and famous people, changes in body weight always seem to happen for some underlying reason! At least that is what we like to believe – and it takes no time for the public to come up with rumors and set off suspicions regarding the causes of their weight loss or gain.

The same has happened with Barry Manilow – now there are rumors that he is probably suffering from cancer, which might be a probable cause of his weight loss. But there is no evidence or statement available that confirms or denies any of these speculations or suspicions raised by the public.

His Health Update In 2023

A lot of his fans and followers believe that many years of smoking might have led to the development of cancer, which in turn, severely deteriorated his health. The singer was also known to have a habit of smoking e-cigarettes and marijuana, which might also be the reason behind his health concerns, as per some sources.

But as of now, there is no evidence to back any of these claims – so these are largely unsubstantiated claims made by people. Besides, Manilow’s publicist has been prompt in letting the public know that he is not suffering from any illness or serious health condition at the moment. 

With the Christmas season in full swing, people are looking forward to listening to Barry’s evergreen hits. His songs have made the whole world go round, making him one of the most beloved pop singers of all time.

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