Brittany Mahomes Plastic Surgery. Speculations About Her Lip And Breast Surgery Affects Her A Lot.

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A lot has been talked about former soccer player Brittany Mahomes plastic surgery. It has been noticed that her look has changed a lot in recent years. From her lips to her breast, her appearance has changed and many have been giving credit to the cosmetic procedure for this change.

Brittany Mahomes is a famous American social media influencer, fitness trainer, businesswoman, entrepreneur, and former soccer player. If you are an NFL fanatic, you might also know her as the gorgeous wife of NFL team Kansas City Chief’s star quarterback player, Patrick Mahomes II. 

Brittany is an accomplished athlete herself; she used to be a professional soccer player in Europe and now successfully runs her own empire of fitness and sports. After completing her graduation in 2017, she signed up with UMF Afturelding/Fram in Iceland as a professional soccer player. Later, she returned to the USA to pursue her fitness career. She is also known to have played soccer in Tyler at the University of Texas, where she earned recognition as an “All-East Texas Forward“. 

Patrick Mahomes one of the NFL’s all-time brilliant quarterbacks, has achieved outstanding fame and popularity in a very short time. It does not matter when one plays during the off-season or regularly – a popular player in America’s biggest sports league means fame is always closely followed by scrutiny.

And not to mention, dealing with massive fame can be pretty difficult for his wife Brittany, for, their personal lives are almost always in the public spotlight. As such, she is currently the target of the public suspecting her of going under the knife.

Did Brittany Mahomes really get plastic surgery? Let us find out in this post today.

Brittany Mahomes Plastic Surgery. People Are Speculating That She Underwent Surgery For Lip And Breast Enhancement

Those who follow or have seen Brittany Mahomes will all agree that she looks stunning and possesses a physique that many women can only dream of. However, in some recent photos and videos circulating on social media, she appears quite different, when you compare her earlier photos. It all started when Brittany posted her selfie flaunting the makeup that she was wearing, but Netizens took it rather negatively and began bombarding her picture with comments and suspicions.

Brittany Mahomes Lips Transformation
Brittany Mahomes Lips Transformation Image: Instagram / Brittany Mahomes

While some said that she looks like those creepy AI robots, another comment asked what Patrick sees in her, referring to her star NFL player husband, while someone else commented that they believe that Brittany’s makeup artist must secretly hate her. 

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Fans and followers of Pat Mahomes also took to social media to bombard them with comments, when an image of the couple went viral. In the photo, they were seen watching a playoff game of their hometown team Dallas Mavericks, held at the American Airlines Center. But something about her face struck their followers, and someone randomly commented whether Brittany’s lips always looked like that, slyly implying that she had got a lip job done. Though we all know that it does not matter at all, such comments easily draw more similar comments and soon the public seemed confident that she had got something done to her lips.

Brittany Mahomes And Husband Patrick Mahomes At Met Gala 2023
Brittany Mahomes And Husband Patrick Mahomes At Met Gala 2023 Image: Instagram / Brittany Mahomes

According to many sources, Brittany’s lips appeared much fuller and larger, when compared to her previous photos, which led people to spread rumors that she must have resorted to lip fillers. Her lips seemed to be somewhat “strange” too, as per many online users, who started mocking her saying things like she has large gums, and speculating that she must have done cosmetic surgery to get that look. 

While some comments were a tad cruel, others sounded a bit more sympathetic as they wondered what might have triggered her to make cosmetic alterations to an already pretty face, given that Brittany and Patrick had been together since their adolescence. Someone else commented that Pat already treats her like royalty, so she does not require lip injections – indicating that she might have some feelings of inadequacy that prompted her to get lip fillers.

Brittany Mahomes With Her Kids
Brittany Mahomes With Her Kids Image: Instagram / Brittany Mahomes

Anyway, speculations of her lip job are not alone, for the public has also accused her of getting breast implants, after seeing a photo of her sunbathing in blue bikinis. In that photo that Brittany posted on Instagram, her bust line appeared to have enhanced significantly, which triggered rave comments from her millions of followers, who suspect that she must have gone for breast augmentation surgery. 

Now, although Brittany has not yet addressed speculations regarding her lip jobs, she did reply to those speculating her about getting breast implants. She posted another photo of herself in a bikini and her infant child sitting beside her, indicating that she was a nursing mother at that time and that enhanced busts are a natural outcome of breastfeeding her baby.

Brittany Mahomes And Husband Patrick Mahomes
Brittany Mahomes And Husband Patrick Mahomes Image: Instagram / Brittany Mahomes

Brittany’s Reaction To The Speculation

Going by Brittany’s reactions, it is clear that continuous speculations about plastic surgery did affect her to an extent. Previously, she had addressed comments on her alleged “Boob Job“, but there are no comments from her now when people are accusing her of a lip job too. She knows that haters will continue to hate her, so she is currently focusing on her fitness organization and living her life to the fullest.

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