Bert Kreischer Weight Loss: The Weight Loss Journey Full Of Motivation For You.


Lately, Bert Kreischer weight loss is trending a lot on various social media platforms. Even there were some rumors about him suffering a heart attack all these rumors have been denied by Bert himself using his Twitter.

Losing weight has now become synonymous with a healthy life. Celebrities are sweating it out in the gym to achieve a slimmer body. With access to professional coaches and dieticians, it must be pretty easy for them. Well, that’s not the case. Even tho celebs have the luxury to hire the best coaches out there, in the end, it is all about hard work. 

A recent transformation by Bert Kreischer, well known as “the machine”, caught everyone’s attention. His efforts to lose a few extra pounds have certainly helped him to look better. But what was his fitness routine of Bert and what diet did he follow? We’ll discuss everything in today’s article while shedding light on his recent surgery and health concerns. 

Who Is Bert Kreischer?

Bert is a renowned comedian with almost 3 million followers on Instagram. He caught everyone’s attention by delivering hilarious jokes in his style- being shirtless. Bert is also famous for his podcast and is a regular guest on other podcasts. However, he got his fame way back in 1997 when a Magazine named him “the top partyer at the number one party school in the country.”

Bert Kreischer Weight Loss Transformation?

However, the recent reason behind him being a trending name was due to his weight loss. What started as a banter between Bert and Tom Segura ended up being a life-changing experience for him. Both were competing against each other to find out who could lose more weight in a given time.

During a podcast episode (Your Moms House Podcast), Tom and his wife took a toll on Bert’s belly, calling it a look-alike of Gerard Depardieu. Fans of the couple went on to take a dig at Bert on the online platforms. The appearance of Bert became a meme material and people were finding it funny. 

Both of them decided to start a weight loss journey on The Joe Rogan Experience, and the loser was forced to bear the complete expense of the winner’s trip to anywhere in this world. More excitement was added by Ari Shaffir who said he would send both of them on a trip if they manage to bring the BMI down the overweight line. They were able to bring it down and won a free trip. However, Segura was able to lose 6 lbs more than Bert. 

Apart from all the entertainment and clout, Bert told how he was not happy with his weight and wanted to change it for a very long time. He said:

You know you have a weight you’re comfortable with? I remember being like 245 for whatever reason was fine, and then at 255, I remember just being like that yeah it’s just 245. If someone would ask how much you weigh at 255 I would have said 245.”

Kreischer had a severe fluctuation in his weight while hosting the third season of Travel Channel’s Trip Flip and he went up to 240s. Later when he sustained an injury while playing tag football, the sedentary state caused him to gain even more weight. 

During the weight-loss period, Bert was not eating processed food and additive sugar. His diet consisted of healthy and lean protein, low fat, and carbs, fruits, vegetables, and avoiding alcohol. He used cardio and strength training to lose fat and gain muscle mass. 

Bert got the reward for his persistence hard work and determination. His friends surely motivate him throughout the journey to get to a healthy weight

His Recent Surgery And Health Update

Another trending topic about Bert has been his Instagram post. In that video, Bert can be seen immediately after surgery. In the picture, one arm looked comparatively larger than the other which spurred up some rumors about his health. 

He spoke about the past surgery in one of the episodes of 2 Bears, 1Cave along with his co-host Tom Segura. “I’m not going to say much, but I fell” Bert concluded. “Then, one day, I did even more harm. Three pops were heard, and 59% of the tendons connecting my tricep to my left elbow were torn.” He underwent surgery in July and posted the picture on his Instagram handle. Thus, the surgery was because of an injury and it was nothing too serious. 

Speculations of Bet having a heart attack were seen on certain social media platforms. Since Bert used to be obese and was overweight, people thought he might be struggling. But, it was just a rumor and far from being true. Also, there is no proof of Bert being diabetic. Although his belly and fat might make you think otherwise he is healthy and doing completely fine. 

The weight loss process certainly helped him to live a healthy life and add a few more years to his life span.

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