Ayesha Curry Weight Loss 2023 & 5 Tips That Helped He Lose Weight


Ayesha Curry weight loss is motivational for many people. Her 35 pounds of weight loss is a result of her constant efforts over three years. Eating a healthy diet, working out 5 days a week, and controlling her eating portion helped her in losing weight.

Last week Ayesh Curry was present at Forbes 30/50 International women’s day summit for Women in Abu Dhabi. She shared some of her event pictures on her Instagram. Her new pictures got a lot of positive feedback from her fans and followers. Ayesha Curry was flaunting her 35 pounds of weight loss in these recent event pictures.

After Ayesh Curry weight loss pictures, fans and the internet people became curious to know more about her health and the reason behind her drastic weight loss. Even some are speculating that Ayesha Curry is also on Hollywood-Favourite weight loss drug Ozempic. So, let’s just talk more about NBA star Stephan Curry’s influencer wife Aysha Curry’s weight loss.

Ayesha Curry Weight Loss

Ayesha Curry lost 35 pounds of weight during the Covid lockdown time in 2020 and still continues to build lean muscle and maintain her skinny body. Ayesha was trying to lose some extra weight for the last three years. In January 2023 while talking about her weight loss and fitness goals, Ayesha told People that she is starting her new year with new health goals.

While sharing her thoughts about fitness and health resolution, Ayesha told that she is more like a “monthly resolution type of girl“, because it is easier for her to track her small wins throughout the years that way. Ayesha was quite open about her weight loss and her health journey in the interview. She further said,

"One of my big resolutions for January is going to be to build a little bit of lean muscle," Curry adds. "I've lost 35 lbs. over the past year, which I'm really excited about, but now I want that definition and I want to feel strong in my skin."

How Ayesha Curry Maintains Her Weight

Ayesha Curry has partnered with a fitness app, MyFitnessPal. She is taking part in App’s two-week Jumpstart Your Health Challenge. The fitness app helps the user in tracking meals and fitness goals and also provides new healthy habit tips.

To provide more information about how the program is helping her in her health journey, Ayesha said,

"When the new year comes around every year, everybody's going all in, balls to the wall and wants to do the most, and you almost always end up failing, and so with this Jumpstart Your Health Challenge, it just makes it easy. It's not overwhelming, it's approachable."

Ayesha also said that she never compares her health with others like her athlete husband Stephen Curry. Because as a woman who was pregnant and has delivered babies three times in the last 10 years, she learned not to compare her health journey and goals with others and try to be happy with what she has achieved in her fitness.

Ayesha Curry never does high-intensity workouts as she feels that those workouts never work for her. Instead of doing aggressive workouts, Ayesha likes to hike and be out in nature for her health. She also thinks that normal jogging is good for her and working for simple 20 minutes better works for than working out for 1 hour. She prefers to be gentle and kind to herself when it comes to maintaining a healthy body.

5 Weight Loss Tips From Ayesha Curry’s Weight Loss Journey For You

Ayesha Curry’s 35 pounds of weight loss journey is amazing and motivational. Ayesha follows certain sets of things in her life to stay motivated and maintain her amazing figure. Here are simple 5 tips that you can also follow from Ayesha Curry’s weight loss journey to help you and motivate you in your health journey.

Ayesha Curry Transformation

1. Don’t Compare Yourself With Others

Problems start when you start to compare with others in your head. Everyone is built differently and has different bodies. You just can not compare yourself with others. Competition with others will only make you demotivated in the long run. The same thing Aysha did in her health journey. She never compares herself with others.

2. Don’t Punish Yourself

You have to first accept and love yourself. You can punish your body by doing high-intensity workouts. Running miles on the treadmill, lifting heavy weights, and sweating yourself for hours in the gym in the hope to lose some weight is just not good healthy habit. The health journey starts with healthy habits and the first healthy habit you should learn is to be gentle on yourself in your health and weight loss journey.

3. Track Your Food

Calorie counting is good for weight loss. If you are rocking of foods you eat then it becomes easier to calculate how many calories you have to burn to achieve your goal. Tracking food also provides you the data about how much protein, carbs, fat and other nutrients you have to take to provide your body with enough of them. So, your body can function properly.

4. Control Your Portion

You can not lose weight if you are not controlling your eating. It is not about starving but posting controlling like Ayesh controls. For Ayesha how much she is eating is more important than what she is eating. She keeps track of the foods she eats on her fitness app. And calorie counting is her daily routine. She always likes to have nutritious and delicious healthy foods but in moderation.

5. Exercise

Exercising regularly is also very important for weight loss. Ayesha Curry workout regularly. She does a full-body workout. Jogging and hiking are her favorite type of outdoor exercises but she also likes to do some gym workouts, too. She at least workouts 5 days a week.

What Ayesha Curry Eats In A Day


Losing weight is a kind of deep inner desire for almost every woman and man. When we see people we see on TV losing weight, it motivates us. We become curious to know more about the secret tips that helped them in losing weight. Ayesha Curry weight loss is also a motivational thing for people who wants to lose weight. We can learn a lot from her weight loss journey.

Unlike other Hollywood celebs who are using and promoting medicine culture for weight loss, Ayesha Curry on the other hand lost weight gradually in years using healthy and easy on her tips.


How Much Weight Did Ayesha Curry Loss?

Ayesha Curry Lost 35 Pounds In 2020 LOckdown After The Constant Efforts Of Three Years.

How Ayesha Curry Lost Weight?

Ayesha Curry Lost Weight Using A Healthy Diet, Portion Control, And Regular Exercising Routine.

Did Ayesha Curry Lost Weight Using Ozempic?

No, Ayesha Curry Didn’t Use Ozempic As It Took Her Years To Lose Weight Unlike Using Ozempic Which Is Known For Quick Weight Loss.

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